Now Reading: Is He Just Being a Jerk? Or Did He Have a Seizure?

Is He Just Being a Jerk? Or Did He Have a Seizure?

Is he just acting like a jerk?  Or did he have a seizure that we didn’t see?

Sometimes we don’t know… and sometimes the answer is quite obvious…
Take today for example…
It was late afternoon on a Saturday. We had plans to go over my uncles house later for a bd party for his 13 year old son (who is also autistic but that doesn’t matter for the purposes of this story) 
Anyway, wifey is cleaning up the house a bit and listening to the Beatles and watch old vacation photo albums on the tv…
Kyle is kinda ok with all this and she’s singing to him and reading him books along the way…
All is right with the world…
I go jump in the shower upstairs…
I get out 8 minutes later to hear wifey yelling at the king…
“C’mon buddy that is so not cool!  Why do you have to act like such a jerk sometimes?!!!  Why would you do that?  I didn’t give you my attention for 2 minutes and you do this!”
I yell down “What the hell happened?”
She says “I left him for 2 minutes to go downstairs and empty the dryer and while I was gone he peed all over the corner nook in his playroom!  Everything is soaked!  Blankets, books, the floor!”
I start walking downstairs saying “Calm down. Maybe he had some ‘activity’ that you didn’t see”
“Activity” is our code word for seizures. Sometimes when Kyle has a certain type of seizure he’ll pee himself. 
But as I finished that sentence “…activity that you didn’t see” Kyle comes running into the living room all dressed and goes to jump on the couch. 
“Are those clothes soaked?!  Are those the pee pee clothes?” I yell as I try to stop him from also soaking the couch. 
Wifey says “No. That’s the thing. I found him bottomless in his playroom laughing maniacally. Basically he took off his underwear & pants and peed all over the floor”
I said “Oh well that’s definitely not a seizure. That’s just him acting like a plain old jerk…”
And then I said to Kyle “why do you have to be act like such a jerk sometimes?”
But as usual he didn’t answer…
That big ol jerk…
That’s all I got…
The end… Just a jerky little Saturday evening slice of life post…

Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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8 People Replies to “Is He Just Being a Jerk? Or Did He Have a Seizure?”

  1. Anonymous

    This title is perfect…and so my life right now. Thank you for that.

  2. Yep. Been there, seen that!

  3. Anonymous

    We say that all the time! Is he just being a jerk or did we miss a seizure (or is one coming?) Your life sounsd very similar to ours, but we've been at it for 22 years. I love your responses when people try to give you "advice". I'm sure they mean well. I've tried to be gracious with all the " advice" I've gotten over the years; but sometimes I just want to say "really!?! Ive been doing this half of my life! Shut up!" But i dont because most people do mean well; some, however, are just Aholes! Enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say that I read your blog and Facebook page so I can better understand what a friend of mine with an Autistic son — a child who also experiences seizures — is going through. And my friend has posed this exact same question several times.

  5. Omg he so did that on purpose did you make him help clean it up I had a friend at camp that use to pee on her helper clothes when she was mad at her so not ok .did you all still get to the party

  6. Anonymous

    I started reading your posts recently and just love them as are similar to our experiences and you manage to put the right words in. Our son also suffer from seizures apart from autism. In some post which I forgot which one now, you wrote you give your son fish supplement (omegas). If it is so please note that our doctor has warned us that it is not good for epilepsy, you might want to check on that. Thanks for the lovely posts!

  7. Anonymous

    Man, I love your blogs…they always make me laugh because you are basically describing my son. There are moments that I'm like "oh God…is something going on with you that you can't control" or are you just doing what you can see what you can get away with??? My son is a little weasel and he KNOWS what he can and cannot do (or should I say he knows how to get mommy riled up). I feel bad sometimes because when I know he's being an a__hole I'll call him out on it but damn…there are those times he has no idea what he is doing or why and those are usually the times I think he's being an a__hole. I've never called him that, more like (under my breath "you little smart shit". And then of course it's something he couldn't help so it's a lose/ lose most of the time. I'm just happy I'm not the only one calling him names (under my breath of course).
    I hope nobody takes offense to this.

  8. Anonymous

    In a previous post you wrote that you do not have much hopes for the ESY. Have you worked with an education advocate? An education advocate will review your child's academic record and make recommendations for school. An education advocate negotiates for you with the school district and can often get them to provide more of the free and appropriate educational services that your child is entitled to under IDEA. There is an education advocate in Wilton, CT that I have used and strongly recommend. I am not sure if I can post the contact information here because I am not sure where you are from but if you look online, you can find one in your area.