About Me

I’m a 47 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son
with severe, non-verbal autism (NOW ALSO WITH EPILEPSY, AN ADDED BONUS!!).


I created this Page to rant about
autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the
king” :-).


I LOVE my son, but I don’t love his autism. He was given a
raw deal. He has severe autism and it gets in his way with EVERYTHING. So this
page will be 75% comically ranting & complaining & telling it like it
is and 25% inspirational & warm & cuddly & feel good stories…


Ok, maybe more like 80 / 20… 🙂


All people are welcome on this page regardless of their
backgrounds or beliefs. And you are welcome here if your kid is low
functioning, high functioning, Aspergers, etc. But always remember the place
where I am coming from. Severe, low functioning  non-verbal autism. Just
remember this. I have an 11 year old son whose receptive & expressive
language are at an 18 month old level and they have been for years. So that’s
the autism that I am writing about.


I want this autism page to be (for the most part) free from
all the debates i see on alot of other autism pages about whether certain
vaccines cause autism, whether Autism Speaks is good or evil, whether this
treatment is better than that treatment (trust me we’ve tried them all),
whether using meds on our kids is good or bad, etc, etc.

The mission of my page has become to talk about and try to
laugh about all the unpleasantries of this crazy world of autism. I couldn’t
really find a FB Page or blog that wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I couldn’t
find a place where people actually bitched and complained about autism.

So, this is a place to tell it like it is, not to sugar coat
things… I talk about poop on here A LOT, and complain about my kid’s crazy
stims and bizarre sleep schedule. If you don’t like people laughing about poop
and shouting hallelujah when their kids FINALLY fall asleep, then this might
not be the page for you.

Also, please remember that this is my page and
on it I’m sharing my story of my life with my wife and my only child with severe autism. Sometimes I’ll write something in an attempt to
help/teach others in this similar situation. And sometimes you may not agree
with everything I write about, and that’s ok, but just remember that I’m posting
as a 45 year old dad, not some sort of autism expert…

For the full Autism Daddy experience “like” my Facebook Page at

39 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    May God bless you and your family.

    I have a 4 year old on the spectrum, and my, it is sooo challenging. I appreciate your sharing, particularly after a rough day, where some moronic adult mistreated my little one while playing at a toy store ("Teach him manners, educate your kid") At times, I feel so alone and despair about the future. It is comforting to know there are others with similar experiences. Kyle is lucky to have you, a loving and committed parent. Blessings and keep up the good fight!

  2. FuktUpDaddy says:

    You have a great blog. You are doing a tremendous job with helping others cope with the many difficulties of having an autistic child! You have helped me by just "being there" with your day-to-day experiences. I have left a small biography on your blog about me and my journey with special-needs children. I had a son who passed away with Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 23. I also have a normal healthy daughter who is married, going to school, working full time with a healthy grandson! I'm soooo proud of her! After my divorce to her mother, I remarried a Filipino (and virgin) who is 11 years younger than me. She's a devout Catholic and 37 years old when we married. She wanted a baby soooo bad and I didn't. I gave into her wishes. We had Kali. I was 51 and my wife was 40. I am now 57 and my wife is 46 and my Down's Syndome/Autistic daughter is 5. I just came back from Indianapolis today (110 miles from home) with a "formal" diagnosis of Autism on top of her Down's Syndrome. This diagnosis opens more doors for Kali. She can now get treatment (state-funded) that she wouldn't have gotten before. I'm ECSTATIC! We can have an ABA in home if we wish or take her to a private professional a couple times a week if we prefer.(with no cost to us).

    Kali's non-verbal autism is challenging, but I realize there are other parents with severely Autistic children (like you and your wife) who are even more demanding. I admire you and your wife for the strength you have. My 1st wife and I couldn't handle it with an MD child . We broke mentally. The lack of freedom was more than we could handle. Our love for one another was weaker than our challenge. I still had full custody of both children after all was said and done, but looking back, I can't blame my ex-wife for "snapping." It was very hard for both of us in the prime of our lives!

    Now I'm older. I'm less apt to long for the freedoms I did before. My wife is just plain WONDERFUL! She puts up with me AND Kali without asking for anything more. Life is good…for now. I have younger siblings who will look after Kali when my arthritis, dementia, and Alzheimer's kick in. So all I can do is my (intended best).

    MAKE Kyle go outside! It's the beginning of Spring for God's sake! A little sun on his milky-white complexion (vitamin DO) won't hurt a thing! I got Kali (and Me) a swimming pool and built a privacy fence. She LOVES it!! She will swim for HOURS on end and she used to HATE baths!!!!

    Love Ya Brother,

    Keep Up The Great Work!!

    -Joe R.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just decided to start finding some outlets online. Most of the time I am just so pissed off and/or exhausted. I am 35, had my first kid when I was 18 so I've been parenting forever, and then when my last daughter was born I was all excited to finally get out of changing diapers and actually having some free time. Nope, not happening since my last one is autistic. She's almost 6 and I'm still changing diapers, running after her, cleaning up her messes, trying to figure out what she's saying with her very limited speech, etc. Most days I'm just I mad at the world, especially when I look at my 3 older kids and know what she should be like.


    1. Anonymous says:

      I'm in almost the same boat, but with a new baby after my five year old daughter with autism. None of my older kids were non-typical, so it truly did not prepare me for this. I'm not sure anything would, but at the end of the day, I still count myself lucky to have my Abbey. She's a rarity, for sure. And even with the melt-downs, poopy pants, limited life, etc, I can still look at her sleeping at the end of the day with not just the sigh of relief to make it through another day, but gratitude for this kid. I bought a ticket to Paris, and ended up in Holland.

  4. Nice blog! I am Arjan Kuipers, a chiropractic neurologist and have been a practicing clinician for over two decades. I am the founder and chief innovator of Brain Building Company and ADHD & Autism Training, which provides easy to use training programs for parents and professionals that are developed to facilitate a positive lasting change in children with ADHD and autism. My clinical “TOBE” program has been used with hundreds of children with a diagnosis of ADHD and or autism. To date, I had helped over 10,000 people improve their situations with his knowledge of the interaction between the postural system and the brain.

    I would appreciate if you "like" my page and be updated with my latest studies. I will also have a new upcoming book which I will be happy to give out for free for the first week. I will be announcing it in my Facebook page as soon as it's out.

    Yours in health, development and progress,
    Arjan Kuipers

  5. Ram says:


    I came across your site doing a google search and it seems to be a useful resource for those with Autism. Thus, I was wondering if I can contribute to your blog by writing an article on how the parents of kids with Autism can apply for social security disability benefits? Many parents are unaware that disability benefits are an option!

    I am contacting your from Social Security Disability Help, an organization that works to promote disability awareness and help individuals navigate the Social Security Disability application process.

    Please send me an email at if this is something you are interested in.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Ram Meyyappan
    Social Security Disability Help

  6. Alan says:

    Hi just found your page after doing some searching, i am in the same boat as you and our son is 14 and is non verbal severe autism and your right about the girlfriend being a rockstar she has done it all on her own until to years ago when i moved in with her (her son is not mine btw but i treat him like he is)its good to read that we are not the only ones with this we love him dearly but at times is too stressful especially when we wake up and his room is full of poop. Thanks for writing this page and will definately be reading ore

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I prefer to remain anonymous. I am a Dr. and a scientist, a reproductive specialist and a genesist. I WAS autistic as a child. With 100% certainty I know the cause (singular) and the cure for autism. The frustrating part is that I can't tell you. I have read your stories and I feel for you but also I see that you (people as a group) are all over the board. All I see, (coming from the position that I KNOW the cause and the cure) is that I see snake oil salesmen everywhere and you have found them or they have found you.

    I have a website but right now I am limiting what I post until it can be done comprehensively and thoroughly with videos etc. So you may want to keep the site for future reference.

    Also, I have other things on my heart besides autism. I am concerned about the US Constitution and prosecution injustices like the Debra Milke case. These things are taking my time and taking my time away from producing the presentation on autism for you.

    But I can tell you this much, listen more than you speak. List all the possible causes of autism that you have ever heard and keep track of them. In all the posts that I have read here so far (to date) I have not heard the correct cause even mentioned although it's right there in front of your face in so many of the stories. It I had the time to explain it, it becomes so crystal clear and all the symptoms and characteristics of this condition are explained. The stimming, digestive issues, flapping, communication, social, regression, apparent genetic relationship, male to female ratio, increasing incidense all fall into place in the puzzle.

    Yes there is an cure. "A" single cure for "A" single cause.

    I can tell you that as with every problem, someone out there has the solution to your problem and your job is to find that person. This is why I'm not going to "offer" it to you. You need to find it for yourself. I have given you plent of clues in this post. You don't need me for the answer. If I could find it so can you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I am adding to my own post above. Yes, there are misspellings and that is one of the "clues". I forgot to mention the other symptoms such as seizures, sensory sensitivities, toe-walking, agression above. All of those things are explained by the ONE cause. They all tie together perfectly. All explained and all disappear with the correct treatment that is 100% effective in nearly all cases and even long-standing severe cases.

      As for current treatment: you have to do what you can until you get the cure. Meds help with the symptoms and are a "bandaid" but even wounds need bandaids until they heal properly.

    2. I have just had 2 sleepless nights with my 33 year old autistic son as well as a weekend of very aggressive head banging and self boxing!! I desperately need to find a cure – so if there is ONE cause then I beg you to share it with us desperate parents of autistic children!!!!

    3. Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the cure for autism tease, Doctor Anonymous. I suggest you let the lawyers fight it out over the Debra Milke case so you can devote more time on your cure. "List all the possible causes of autism that you have ever heard and keep track of them." Why do it if they're all wrong? You may as well ask us to write out our grocery lists instead.

      "I can tell you that as with every problem, someone out there has the solution to your problem and your job is to find that person. This is why I'm not going to "offer" it to you. You need to find it for yourself. I have given you plent of clues in this post. You don't need me for the answer. If I could find it so can you." So I should be looking for Master Yoda? Why look around aimlessly when you claim your cure for autism book and videos will be out soon? Your website could use some work as your agenda to abolish the sex offender registry isn't going to win you a lot of friends and cuts into your credibility. Until you collect your Nobel Prize in Medicine, I won't be holding my breath nor should Kyle. Sorry, AD couldn't resist a bad pun.

    4. Anonymous says:

      You sound like a freakin' psycho "Dr.". Crawl back into your hole with your secret cure. And I am really sure you're a doctor. God help us. Freak.

    5. Lindsey says:

      It might be a virus scam website

  8. Anonymous says:

    Astonished by the selfishness you display. You beg for money from the State to fund research but who is the State? It's us. It's me? So you just want other people to pay for research to help you? Debra Milke spent 25 years in prison and 23 years on death row solely on the word (lie) of a crooked cop. You want the State (us) to fork over money for your use. You expect us to care about your problem but you have no "give a shit factor" for this woman. You can't see the similarity between the SO registry issue and that of autism. Both are in a prison. You are willing to allow an 18 year old boy who had sex with his 17 year old girlfriend be branded with the SCARLET S forever, yet you whimper, cry and moan about your child carring the SCARLET A. How wonderfully hypocritical of you.

    As for the cause and cure of autism, I am 100% of it. It's been tried and tested. I was autistic and I know all about what it's like "in there". Autism is behind me. It takes time to write it up and present it with all the supporting studies and to do it right. I most certainly do not have to use my time that way. You don't "deserve" it and you aren't "entitled" to it and I don't give a flying flip if you ever access the cure. I can tell you this that in everything I have read out there, no one appears to be even close. So there, for your hope. Maybe someone will find what I did in 20 years from now. Good luck. I gave you the clues so that you could have something while I was using my precious time elsewhere. Those "clues" may now be all you ever get. Good luck.

    The sex offender registry is a tool for control. It's not for the protection of children. It violates all of rights. Men are now more afraid to date single women with teenage girls for fear that if they end the relationship with someone who is a little "off" or vendictive, they could get an accusation. Good men avoid coaching girls softball and soccer teams when the girls reach the age where the coach looks attractive to them for fear of having one of the "needy" girls make some false accusation. If Debra Milke can end up on death row based on solely on the lie of one crooked cop, anyone can end up on the SO list.

    Setting the captives free is a little bit more than just curing YOUR kid. Your empathy for others is called into question along with your integrity. Your world appears to be as small as that of your child's. Hummmm, I wonder where he/she got the autism from?

    Good luck on you finding your "cure".

    BTW, I just helped a man today who has a son with autism and he is most appreciative.

    1. admin says:

      Alright dude. Share the cure or stop leaving comments.

      Or stop leaving anonymous comments so I can properly block you from my site

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mette van der Merwe,
    You sound genuine. I do hear what you are saying. I will provide YOU with the info.privately and subject to a confidentiality agreement which I will send to you because you asked. It won't be in the final written up form but you will get what you need. Contact me through the website at and leave me your contact info. I may not have set up an email yet for that site so if it doesn't work then hit me up through a friend's website through the guest book section. I manage that site. I won't post what you send but I will receive it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hate how unfair life can be to some, and please don't bash me for saying this out loud.

    I read this blog and all I could think about wow at least in the US or European countries you can look for some sorts of therapy and try thing out, but were we live in Jerusalem Israel, and being an Arab Palestinian it really is a catastrophe to battle with autism for parents. And as everyone knows Arabs are not treated like Jews nor do Arabs have access to same attention or rights like Jewish autistic kids.

    Ahhh what can I say I know this woman who has 2 autistic children 6 and 5 years old, both are non verbal and have severe autism, the older started to show signs of aggression and hitting too and the younger is in total lost from this world and might have some other genetic diseases besides autism too as his case is more severe than the older. They don't get any therapy they just go to a school and there they sit in their own world and no one tries to teach them anything, so its more like a detention place where they spend no time learning anything or getting access to any therapy.

    Then both parents who work full time jobs with barely enough income to meet life demands come back from work to face unbelievable meltdowns and yelling and screaming of both children. For gods sake where is god in all that.

    Life is really really really bad painful, and I do not know how they can stand all this suffering, their families stopped visiting them, and no one welcomes their visits too. Its just painful to witness this and I ask please someone help me guide them as they are not well educated or even have money to do anything at all and they really really need help and guidance, and no one cares as being Arabs living in Israel is hard enough. What hurts me most is the pain I see on the parents and grandparents, I remember how joyful this family was and they never asked from life to give them wealth, and then how this autism destroyed each and everyone of them.

    I have many questions, what will the mother do as she is weak physically and can't even carry them anymore or control them, its just episodes of the kids yelling and aggression everywhere and every time, and the father needs to work alot to be able to spend on his family, so the mother is left alone many many hours facing this nightmare. Even her parents and family can't visit her anymore because of the yelling and meltdowns of the children, although they tried to help but they can't even get the kids to go outside. It is awful awful.

    I am afraid also the mother will will get hurt if this hitting continues, I suggested all what is written on the net to them from trying to remove the cause for meltdowns, even to timeout and nothing works, it seems their autism is severe that no communication lesson can work with them.

    God send them a person who can help them, if there is a kind soul out there and you want to save a family from destruction please contact me at

    1. Anonymous says:

      How is this family doing??

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry your site had to be destroyed by this snake oil salesman AD.

  12. Jenn says:

    I just happened upon your blog this morning and I'm so glad I did! Love it! Funny, "real" and heartwarming all at once. I've linked to your blog from my own so I can be sure not to miss any of your posts.

    My own son, Ashton, is 14years old and is probably what most would consider "moderately" autistic. He's verbal and becomes more so every day and while he's not acting like a typical teenager most days, he does have his moments "I hear you JEEZ!" is his favorite current phrase when we're trying to tear him away from his tablet to do something we've asked! LOL

    For us, what's really helped bring him out of his shell is finding SOMETHING he could participate in and that he would enjoy. For us, that's Team Hoyt of Virginia Beach (yes, as in "THE" Hoyts, Rick and Dick… if you don't know of them, google them and have tissues :)). My son met his best friend (yes, I said BEST FRIEND) 15months ago and even though his friend is now in college, they still chat on Facebook every day and Skype whenever they can. MY SON HAS A BEST FRIEND, it's been amazing. Yes he's not social like a "typical" 14yo would be but the young man who is his friend has really been patient and kind and caring (because he wants to be) and really learned about my son.

    I hope you have a great day! Nice "meeting" you in the blogger world

  13. Anonymous says:

    Glad I found your blog. I too am the father of a soon to be 4 yearl old autistic son. The challenges of parenting a child with ASD can be frustrating and alone at times. It's comforting to know that others are experiencing the same things and having the same thoughts that I find myself having.
    It was therapeutic reading through your blog, I saw a lot of my son in the entries that you've posted. Some posts hit critically close to home and caused me to pause and examine my thought.

    Thank you and Autism Mommy for being the committed parents that you are and sharing your experiences.

  14. Hi—

    Psychology Today magazine is hosting a free webcast tomorrow (11/12/13 at 12 pm EST), called "Love and Autism," that you might find especially interesting. An expert panel will discuss the unique challenges faced by the families of children with autism, which goes along perfectly with what you blog about:

    (Enter the promo code "PSYCHTODAY" for free access and please feel free to forward the link to others!)

  15. Anonymous says:

    This site you've created so REALLY awesome. I am not sure why folks are posting comments on casting spells…or why you'd want someone you'd have to cast a spell on…but none the less…I have a 4yr old son who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a year old. My husband FREAKED out. We knew he had problems and was in a lot of therapy right away but it took them a while to "make it official" and diagnose him. I have worked in a Psychology Dept and daily heard the struggles you are all experiencing with your beautiful children!! With a physically handicap child we get the REVERSE reaction to our son. People are so compassionate, patient and sweet. Autistic children don't look any different so people assume they shouldn't be acting any differently!! I know now, to NEVER judge someone's situation and there are always things going on that are none of our business to judge! I try to watch a friend of ours, Autistic son to give her a break and let her know that he is safe and happy. He surprised me with his very gentle and affectionate nature. He is only 4 and I know they have many struggles ahead to keep him educated, safe and progressing. I couldn't believe they classified this condition as Psychological because it is VERY neurological to me. I am NOT a doctor but these children are SMART and seemingly locked up in their own mind, being unable to communicate it in a normal fashion. Her little boy finds ways of showing ME, what it is that he needs through his persistent and yet calm nature. The severity of Autism can be so draining because just few hours with him and I am WHIPPED! I cannot even begin to imagine the hours and hours of worrying and sleepless night you have!! UGH!! I hope people and I had to learn too, keep their lips zipped and start to help those around them with these children! They are just starting to crack the surface on this issue, with getting more help and trying to find workable solutions. God bless all of you and I hope you don't find that offensive. You are daily warriors, seeking to protect your families and find that beautiful balance in your days.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i saw your post on line how can you help me financially i am sick of a heart diseases and i have spent a lot of money but yet avain

  17. Anonymous says:

    The only experts are persons with Autism or those who are having success by doing what Autistics have been telling us for decades.
    The blind teach us about being blind, the great atheletes train the newcomers yet nearly everyone writing books and gaining fame in the Autism world has zero first hand knowledge.
    It is simple. Would you read a book about performing surgery, walking on a high wire or flying an airplane and then attempt it? Would you observe it and then attempt it? Obviously observation would be far better. So let's get real. If you've DONE it then know. If you KNOW and you share it but no one listens then that's on them. Next to the actual experiences of those who have succeeded, everything else is a huge waste.
    All the degrees in the world mean NOTHING without first hand experience. NO ONE graduates from Med School without hands on lab work so why is Autism being given less respect? It is a medical diagnosis yet people are 'winging it'. We will soon look back and see the malpractice and gross negligence in all of this..
    Autism diets, books, myths and lies are now a BILLION dollar industry. BUT, next to the actual experiences of those with Autism or those who successfully learned and applied from those with Autism, there should be no one else you turn to.
    For years the speaker circuit has purposely alienated anyone diagnosed with Autism. Major Autism Organizations have refused to hire even one person in the spectrum. This tells the story. In EVERY OTHER FIELD, persons affected are always the persons who represent. Think, think, think.
    The glaring reason the truth is not getting out there is three fold. One is because you don't have to buy anything and free is a negative word to the medical, pharmaceutical and publishing world. TWO is that like one of the commentators above, those with Autism HAVE been telling us what to do for years but people have been too busy trying to sue, blame or find the overnight moiracle pill. THIRD is that actual scientific researchers don't write books. They publish scientific findings and the 'greed machine' reinterprets the findings to suit their current products.
    If the truth comes out, donations which pay huge administration fees(, and never get to the kids), would stop. Keeping the gllom and doom outlook is part of the money making scheme.
    With Autism affecting less than 1 in 30 globally, any linking feature is being used to sell garbage. I'm surprised we don't see "women with vaginas linked to children with Autism." That is how ridiculous the lame studies have become.
    That doesn't help get to what we need to know but it sells books and makes people rich.
    Try It is based solely infomation from those with Autism and successfully applied to bring about success with a child diagnosed as severe. The information is free. Nothing is being sold and no one is making a penny. The information on every cure of every disease or disability in the world is FREE so Autism should be no different. The hunt should be to find your child's unique talents and abilities and not to find correct information.
    Autism was treatable long before there were any fix it fads, DVDs or 'experts.'
    Blessings. Hope this helps.. Share+Care=Aware! ~ C.A. Curie'

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the typos above! Go by content and not spelling please.

  19. As an admirer of the few men who are staying in the Journey, I applaud you sincerely. Please take a moment to visit my site. A mother and son's incredible journey.

  20. Hi Autism Daddy,

    My name is Teresa Sabga. I am a freelance journalist studying at Syracuse University.

    This December, I found a mass the size of a cantaloupe in my lung. Knowing that my situation was uncommon, I began writing about my journey on the Internet. I didn't want pity. I simply wanted support. I used social media to express my feelings without having to burden my family and friends, while also subconsciously fighting stigmas against illness.

    I'd like to write a feature for Glamour magazine that explores the way the Internet has changed the way we view illnesses, both visible and invisible, by using examples of multiple case studies, and gathering different viewpoints from medical professors, professionals and doctors who study this trend regarding HIV/AIDS, autism and mental illnesses.

    I'd love to interview you sometime next week, if possible. It should only take 30 minutes (probably less) and I strongly believe that hearing your opinion would only benefit my story. ​

    Please email me at tmsabga @ syr. edu or call me 912 713 7079.

    Thank you for your time and patience. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    All the best,
    Teresa Sabga​​​​​​​​​​​​

  21. innatelykait says:

    I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for potty training tips. My step-son is nearly 11, nearly nonverbal, not potty trained and sounds a lot like Kyle. He's never been diagnosed formally as autistic but Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

    I met his father when the kidlet was not quite 6. It was a real wake up call having him dropped into my life. I adore him in spite of his autism. Yes, I may want to duct tape him to the wall so I can have a few minutes without him running around like the wild beast of the jungle but then he smiles this amazing light up the world smile and I forget all the frustration.

    It's really helpful to read your stories that are so similar to ours. Thank you for sharing.


  23. Tracy Adams says:


  24. Ranting aside, there is that much going on regarding autism worldwide, it would take 24 hours per day to read it all, the research, the arguments, the politicking.

    I like your blog. I think blogs have saved many parents from developing a heart attack. Though 5 parents might live on the same street, it seems each of our struggles requires us to re-invent our own wheel so to speak, we all seem to be having to go it alone (as do our children).

    I live in N.Ireland, check out my blog entry below to show you that the same rant worthy bunkum exists in the UK as it does elsewhere. Keep your chin up, inform as many parents as you can along the way. Our kids rely in informed parents and communities.

    best wishes

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am a psychiatrist, the same as my husband is. When we were getting married we did not know how much the God likes joking. Our only son has severe autism. When he was small, I did not realize how bad the situation was. I mean I had went through enormous grief but still I was thinking he would be OK, maybe strange, bizzare but almost OK if I work hard. And I had been teaching him for 12 years or more, teaching everything: speak out, look at, read, write, etc. He is verbal but his speech is extremely limited. He can read but he doesn't. And he hates me because I was the only person who was pressing him all the time, pressing herself, always thinking what else we could do. So he has become aggressive to me, and now he is 18. He pinches me badly so sometimes I am blue and black. So if I started everyting again I would not teach him, just be with him and make him feel comfortable. And never think of the future.
    I live in Moscow, Russia. My name is Luba.
    I like your blog. Best wishes to you and your child.

  26. Anonymous says:

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  27. Anonymous says:

    I came across your Blog last night, and have been reading your posts since. Having a couple of hard days….I suspect my husband has Asperger ( or other form of high-functioning autism; I think my mother-in-law is on the spectrum too, though in a more severe way) and he had a horrible meltdown yesterday…I'm speechless and drained. Your blog is making me feel less lonely somehow…I've been reading this kind of blog/ pages for some time now, but it's the first time I comment…does it mean anything. Thans, I think I'll keep following you

  28. Kim Hyder says:

    HI… I can't find a good place to send this question. I'm wondering if you've had trouble or know anyone who has, in getting a Handicap Pass with the new changes in 2015. Our Dr is basically afraid to write it because there isn't a walking issue… Unless of course you count that fact that there are times that it can take a lot of extra help to get an upset 40y/o to the car safely. Sometimes it can take more than one person in the assistant role. Anyway, wondering if you've had to deal with this yet.

  29. Karen Allan says:

    Finally somebody who voice exactly how I feel about my son and his autism. He is age 5 has severe autism and has never spoken a word. I am fed up of reading peoples blogs where they see it as a 'gift', it very definitely isn't in my experience. My son spends most of his day frustrated or confused, making him a very distressed child most of the time. How is that something to celebrate!!!!

  30. I love what you are doing! I just started my own blog a few days ago with the same intention. I want to relay the messages that I want to be heard, but am remaining anonymous because I don't want to associate the negativity and judgment with my autistic son, who is an amazing child! I commend you, and while I have only had my blog up and running for a few days so far, I hope that perhaps people can benefit from my words somehow.

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