Now Reading: A Report On Kyle’s 1st Day of School.

A Report On Kyle’s 1st Day of School.

 First day of school for Kyle is in the books.  This is the equivalent of 6th grade for him I guess. 🙂
I went with wifey to drop him off this morning.
Today’s school day consisted of a small seizure in the car on the drive to school.  And then in the classroom as we were overwhelming the teacher & staff 🙂 with info on his seizures and how to use the VNS magnet, almost on cue, he had 3 small seizures within the first 10 minutes he was there.
When I texted wifey after school to see how the rest of his school day went she said he had a 90 minute nap at school  (because of the seizures) but he was smiling when she picked him up.
That’s pretty much how an average day during the summer school went but it sucks when it happens on day one.
I got home from work about 6:15pm and of course he had plenty of energy and was climbing all over the couch when I got home.


I said to him…
“Dude why don’t you have all that energy during the school day and show them your true self and then take a 90 minute nap when you get home from school and give mommy a break?”
I’m not sure he understood me.
The other new thing we have to stress about lately is that the king’s appetite has been crappy the last few weeks coinciding with a new med and a med tweak / change.
He ate none of his lunch at school today.
We’ve had lots of feeding issues over the years with Kyle. Lots of weight loss and force feeding were in our past.
We haven’t seen his appetite this low in a few years… since before he went on the med depakote for his seizures.
Depakote has weight gain as a side effect which in the king’s case we welcomed with open arms.
But now his appetite is back down to pre depakote levels.
Anyway I just force fed him his dinner.
And that process back lots of bad memories.
Again it’s only been bad for a week or so. Hopefully it’s just a temporary phase and his appetite will be back very soon.
Otherwise we are probably only a few weeks away from wifey spoon feeding him butter to get the pounds back on.
I’m only half kidding.
So not the greatest first day of school to report unfortunately.
But what can we do?
It is what it is.
And behaviorally he seemed fine and happy when he wasn’t napping.
And as wifey said on the drive home from dropping off this morning…
“Let’s not freak our yet. It’s only day 1 of 180”
That’s it. The end.

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Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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8 People Replies to “A Report On Kyle’s 1st Day of School.”

  1. Hugs to you all. We had a great first week, and then things went down hill. He has even had two meltdowns in the last two weeks after months without one. I hope things go great and stay great for you guys very soon!

  2. Jake's mom

    Yes the first week,for us that's high school. For the last few years we have had to do both school and homeschool. For high school it will be the same. PE is big in California the state has rules. So yesterday was our first day at PE. As the teacher went over all the requirements football,basketball etc.. I said what about my child he has Autism what will he be doing. Yes he can walk,run and even play a mean golf game but contact sports not so much. In short I had to remind them that if he could do all the state requirements we would not be having this meeting.Goodluck Kyle and family and once again Thanks for the blogs.

  3. Yes, and thank you for sharing! Hope my suggestion helps someone.

  4. We've been told that kids on the spectrum "graze" ad have a hard time sitting and focusing. Not everyone would approve but we used gummy treats. It start out with one gummy for every bite of meat he ate. Later it became a few gummies at the end of the meal. Now we tend to give some sort of treat after dinner. It's definitely helped!

  5. Sorry you all had a rough first day. Hope the appetite improves too. Always a vicious cycle, isn't it.

  6. Wishing you a better tomorrow. As always I thank you for sharing so openly, and letting us all know we're not alone.
    Have a restful nite:)

  7. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about the bad things that occurred today for Kyle and your family alike. I hope tomorrow will be better. Here's to his appetite picking back up and having a better day for you all.