Now Reading: Working Like a Pit Crew — Day 5 w/ a sick kid…

Working Like a Pit Crew — Day 5 w/ a sick kid…

Sat 5:31am — I just got Kyle back to sleep I think…
At exactly 5am I got up to pee and wifey said “check him. make sure he’s dry.”
Cuz lately when Kyle has a cold/fever he has a potty training regression and has lots of pee-pee accidents… especially at night. 
This is day 5 of this “cold”. He’s wet the bed every night so far. 
So when I checked at 5am, he had again soaked thru. 2 pull-ups, and a pair of underwear over them couldn’t didn’t do a thing…(when you’re almost 11 you’re bladder is pull-up proof). 
So he was
SOAKED. But obviously he’s sick so he slept right thru being soaked. Who knows how long ago he peed?
So he was really gross and needed a shower asap. 
So at 5am I dragged my half asleep sick kid into the shower.  
And he’s at the stage in his cold/illness where the sore throat / cough combo has kicked in with a vengeance. 
So I’m showering him, he’d cough, which would aggravate his sore throat. 
So he was literally weeping in the shower. 
I yelled to wifey who was frantically cleaning his bed and putting new sheets on, “I haven’t heard him cry like this, really cry at all in I don’t know how long.”
(which in itself is pretty amazing considering all he’s been thru the past year with seizures, surgery, etc)
Anyway after the shower i put another 2 pull-ups on him + underwear and a fresh pair of pj’s. Then I blew dry his hair. 
When I was done with his hair wifey was just done with remaking the bed and I put him back into bed.
By this time it was about 5:10am
As she was heading downstairs to wash all the pee-pee clothes and sheets wifey said, “I wonder what our time was like. We were like a pit crew. We’ll have to try and beat our time tomorrow.”
He’s back to sleep now I think. 
It’s gonna be a long weekend…

Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. I know what a pit crew is. Some of the autistic like to watch car races on TV and that's me. I don't know if it's that fascination with letters and numbers that made them accuse me of hyperlexia or if it's sensory, what got me started on it as a kid. I do have some favorite drivers now. That started three years ago, when I was 21, like one of my favorites' number. After I was a toddler, I never peed in bed, but I did wet my pants a few times after that age. I haven't done even that since I was a kid.

  2. Sweet boy! I hope he feels better soon. You guys are doing great – you got this! 🙂

  3. High capacity washing machines should be a tax deductible medical expense.

  4. My two have done the same thing when they're sick since they were young, and they still do it – at 18 and 22. Keep a packet of those new adult wash up cloths near the bed, along with sheets and fresh pi's. Be sure your mattress is covered a full zippered hypoallergenic, waterproof cover. You will avoid the unnecessary shower, save the searching time, and cut your record time in half!! Love your page.

  5. Hope he feels better soon! My son wet the bed constantly and pull ups always leaked because the small size which fit wasn't absorbent enough and the next size up was to big and leaked. Finally he was prescribed Desmopressin and no more accidents at night. My husband and I ask ourselves why we didn't get the med sooner.

  6. I hope Kyle feels better soon…

  7. Awesome mom and dad !

  8. Anonymous

    My son is 11 and high functioning. He wears mens Depends every night and still soaks through. I keep a plastic cover on the mattress and a pad under him. He doesn't ever wake up and being soaked does not seem to bother him. I am hoping the bladder control at night time kicks in at some point. Love your page Autism Daddy!

  9. Anonymous

    My 7 year old has accidents nearly every night. I use Northshore online for pull ups, and I think I have tried every youth size/brand they have. The problem is no waterproof padding on the sides – the sides always are soaked.

  10. Poor little guy. 🙁 But the put crew reference made me giggle. 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Depends size Small. That's what you need. Our son was about that age when we switched over and it was Wonderful. They are made just like pull-ups but for adult size bladders. The cheaper brands might be tempting, but I can tell you from years of experience, Depends are the best. They work wonders. Sure hope the King gets better soon and life can go back to your kind of normal…

    1. As u know when you have a child that is autistic life is never (Normal) whatever that is

  12. Danielle Martino

    I just recently came across your FB page. I have to say I think you are awesome. Call it a secret crush if you will LOL. I am so impressed with how well you express yourself about your son. My son Joey is 16. He is my heart. He too is non verbal like your Kyle. My husband is still stuck with the diagnosis which Joey received at age two. He does the best he can. I have shed so many tears for Joey and as he gets older it gets more difficult. I can relate to so many of your posts as many of us can. I am definately going to continue following. Hope Kyle feels better ASAP!

  13. Anonymous

    We have the rapid bed change, shower, change, at night, there is just me to do it with a severely disabled teenager who has cp and autism, always worse when he I'll. Its hard but once you work out a system it gets a little smoother once you've done it a few times throughout a night