Now Reading: A Thur Check In From AD… The king & I are sick… :(

A Thur Check In From AD… The king & I are sick… :(

Thur 6:18pm — Long time no check in!  How are y’all doing?
We’re still sick over here on Autism Avenue… 
Well Kyle and I are both sick. 
Wifey has been holding out somehow. 
Yes, that’s right Kyle has been sick and out of school since last Monday. 
He hasn’t been too miserable this week…no fever…but he’s got low energy and he’s been napping for long stretches throughout the day.  I kinda think he’s just got info a routine where he naps all day. I said to the wife “send him in for a half day! let him nap there!” 
But he’s still got a nasty cough too…
So when all is said and done he’ll probably miss 2 weeks of school and spring break is the week after next!
But when he’s awake he’s in great spirits and is extra cuddly and is doing great things on his iPad and is holding his breath less (wtf?)…plus no seizures… which all combined to make this illness (probably the flu) a lot easier to


The one negative?  
Major pee-pee potty training regression. 
But we’ll get that back…
Now me?  
I’ve felt like sh-t since Monday but work has been busy so I’ve been plowing thru and then crashing big time when I get home. 
So poor wifey has been stuck in all week taking care of two sick boys. 
She’s going stir crazy. 
I just sent her off to a 6pm yoga class and the king and I are lying on separate couches in the living room watching “Jack’s Big Music Show”
That’s about it.  Hope y’all are doing better. 
How was your Autism Awareness Day?

Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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8 People Replies to “A Thur Check In From AD… The king & I are sick… :(”

  1. hope you feel better soon, my lot are well but oh boy they are huge screamers these days

  2. Maybe I should stop commenting here. I may have that Asperger's diagnosis, but I could read (limitedly, talk and whine when I got that diagnosis about twenty years ago. I may not be typical but I'm high-functioning enough to be annoying.

  3. Our autism day was great at School but papa is sick and he is very important in our lives so we are taken good care of him 🙂 Hope Kyle and you feel better soon

  4. Benadryl – nothing works better to relieve the symptoms of Autism/ASD's better. Give it to the kid and he sleeps on and off and wakes up rested, but just groggy enough to tone down stimming and noise. Of course, these directions are in reference to dosage for the child…, Often it works for the parent as well!

  5. we haven't been sick yet this year and there is five of us thank god!!!! I have a newborn baby prematurally born and I don't need her getting sick. drink lots of water and lots of vitamin c!!!! My son is 7 years old and has Autism also and Epilepsy so I totally understand the struggles:) Hope ya'll get to feeling better soon.

  6. Anonymous

    Me and my asd boy sick too…during our Spring Break 🙁

  7. Maybe you and Kyle have the swine flu!

  8. Tonja

    Didn't do anything for Autism Day here, not even don a blue t-shirt. Trying to work at my son's school to help out the other & less fortunate, less informed special needs parents is my new mission, so Autism Awareness day every day here.