I was trying to figure out how to write an end of the year / best of 2011 post and I was struggling to figure out exactly which angle to take.  And then yesterday on January 1st I posted what i thought was an innocent, humorous question on my Facebook wall and based on your responses I figured out my angle…

TOP 5 AUTISM BLOG COMMANDMENTS I’VE BROKEN IN 2011…AUTISM DADDY’S MOST CONTROVERSIAL POSTS OF 2011… aka which topics to NOT talk about if you want to have a neutral autism blog.

What’s funny is that I never meant for this page/blog to be controversial. In fact in the info page / mission statement I even state

“All people are welcome on this page regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. I want this autism page to be (for the most part) free from all the debates i see on alot of other autism pages about whether certain vaccines cause autism, whether Autism Speaks is good or evil, whether this treatment is better than that treatment (trust me we’ve tried them all), whether using meds on our kids is good or bad, etc, etc.”

But I’ve learned over the last 9 months that controversy can come from the most innocent places…  So without further ado here’s all the autism blog commandments that I’ve broken in 2011 with links to the blog posts and/or FB pages so you can read and join in the controversy / debate….  cuz I’m learning in 2012 to Embrace The Controversy!   🙂

#4) Thou Shalt Not Write About Your Negative Experiences With GFCF & Biomedical Treatments

#3) Thou Shalt Not Post A Picture Of Your Sons
(posted on the same day as the post above “Should I Be More In Touch…)

Click Here For Pic 

#2) Thou Shalt Not Blog About A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes…

“Who Should Clean The Dirty Dishes??”

#1) Thou Shalt Not Complain About How Much Kyle’s Therapies Cost & Then Post A Foo Fighters Concert Ticket With The Price On It…

“I need a thicker skin — All about money, wives, jobs, priorities and dirty dishes…”


And the innocent little question I posted last night?  That’s my first broken commandment of 2012..

Thou Shalt Not Ask Questions About Your Son playing With His Youknowwhat….”

Facebook Link

That Is All… Peace Be With You All…

By the way, maybe some of you long time Autism Daddy followers can help me…  I remember posting a couple of controversial questions MONTHS back.  Here and there I would just post a status update saying where do you guys stand on this?  And it would start WW3… But I can’t remember the questions and with the way FB works I can’t scroll down 6 months and find them…  Can any of you remember any of them?

facebook comments 1/2/12 #1
facebook comments 1/2/12 #2
facebook coments 1/2/12 #3
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Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. Anonymous

    MMR MMR MMR batches of isolated contaminatef vaccines? why are all our children so similar??Proof? Virtually impossible! There's controvesey for you!x

  2. Anonymous

    No one can say anything to a parent who has a child with autism until they are a parent with a child on the spectrum themselves. And what works for one child will not always work for the other.each child is unique yes theres similar behaviors but not all can be corrected with the same treatments.

  3. I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We would never have any art we all worry about what people may think or how they will judge. Just do your thing. Tell YOUR story! Write YOUR truth. Screw the critics!

  5. hmmm…long time fan here (I think I started following you in June or July when I started Afton's Army) so let me jog my memory and see if I can remember any old controversy!?!

  6. Don't see anything wrong with anything you posted. You're real, honest, and care. You're fine in my book. I appreciate your blogs and posts.

  7. Wow…is all I can say. It always amazes me how we – as special needs parents – don't want to be judged but we can be the harshest critics of other parents.

    But I respect your honesty. Don't change!

    ~ Lisa

  8. Peace be with you too! I suspect we're all guilty.

  9. Sharon

    My motto has always been "Offend people, it makes them think". And by that, I mean that when people are affronted to the point where they react, it gets them involved. They are no longer just onlookers, they are PARTICIPANTS. They have a VOICE. By giving people a voice, you turn passive into active, and that is NEVER a bad thing. I like to take the other side of arguements, just to get people involved sometimes. (yeah, my husband doesn't like to take me out to work gatherings sometimes lol) Am I an instigator? Hell yeah, and I hope that you continue to be one as well. Offend people, make them think – get them involved. And Happy New Year! Keep that controversy going!

  10. Nice. All in one place! I like this. Followed it and everything. And all in one place! You and me could have something special.

    Check me out at Well, my wife and me, that is.

    Time to go before I get creepy(er)

  11. brilliant 🙂 our families are tooooooooo much alike!

  12. sherriy

    as true as some of your commandments may be; you can not avoid controversy when you are blogging about a controversial subject. sometimes you just have to take a stand on one side or the other. for example; you decide to start/ stop some sort of therapy and why…people are going to post their opinions in the comment section. you decide to post about a bad/ good day with your child. people are going to give you opinions about what they do or don't do, which can cause controversy. it happens. however, i do agree the spending of money on foo tickets was a good call. ; )

  13. We Autism Parents are by nature a passionate bunch. We are super passionate about our children and it we come across something that has helped (or harmed) our child, we will shout it from the rooftops. What I think can be missing in some conversations between autism parents is realizing that just because X worked for my child does not mean X will work for yours. We have done biomedical and my kids have come a long way (both on the spectrum). But I don't have all the answers by a long shot, and I am well aware that it does not work for every child. I also think it is easier for people to be judgemental on the internet where they aren't saying things to your face. I thought it was great that you posted the concert ticket. It means that you were doing something to take care of yourself. I think we could all do a better job of that. I love your blog, and if the overalls solve the hands in the pants thing please post it. I will run out and buy 25 pairs that day. I really don't think there is such and thing as a neutral autism blog. 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    Do a search on timeline then you can preview it. It changes on 1/8. I say all that to say then you can go back your full history on fb and find those ?. Of course you can do that if you get a free minute. lol By the way I have only been on here a week or so, but I love the honesty here. My husbands quote is "It is what it is" We have four special needs kids no offical Autism but we see alot of the things on here that look familar. All of our 4 our adopted and 3 were drug exposed in utero.

  15. I like your attitude. Anyone who doesn't needs a few doses of cement with their morning coffee so they can HTFU.

    I "accidentally" posted something about Australian Vaccination Network (and why aren't they called the Australian Ant-Vaccination Network) on my facebook… how badly did that go down???? VERY!

  16. Anonymous

    I happen to like ALL of your post! You are very honest and to the point…you dont "play" around whats really going on!!! We all have issues and need to vent and this is a good place to do that. If we cant tell the truth about whats going on we will never get the advice or opinions we are looking for:) sometimes your gonna step on some toes or offend someone but that s what we do in the real world everday lol I have seen my share of blog fights and even joined in but at the end of the day we choose to read or not read the blogs and post,,we choose whether or not to judge someone or not. Dont ever change because you are afraid of what someone will think about you…

  17. hahaha…love it. I post it all too. this shit is tough…keep doin' what you're doin. the God part…seriously. haha

  18. Anonymous

    Haha. I absolutely LOVE this! You're brilliant and I hang on every word:)))
    I've only been around for a mnth or so, and I'm sorry I missed the previous controversial comments!! Lol. I stand by your blog, fb page….and I wish I could have seen the Foo FIghters too-one of my faves:) Kate Wells