Now Reading: Why My Son's Birthday Party Will Be 7 Weeks Late! Mostly My Fault…

Why My Son's Birthday Party Will Be 7 Weeks Late! Mostly My Fault…

I feel so guilty!

Kyle’s birthday was on May 12th.  We usually have his pool & pizza party at the Y the weekend before or the weekend after his BD.

We invite about 15-20 “special” friends and their parents and sibs.  And for us it is a true tag-team family effort.  Wifey’s sis, niece, bro, and sis-in-law come every year to help out and “serve” everyone so that the wife and I can tend to Kyle and just enjoy ourselves.

This year I was selfish and did that overnight running relay race on Fri May 9 – Sat May 10.  So May 10th was out.  May 11th was Mother’s Day so that wouldn’t work.

And every Sat or Sun since then either didn’t work for one of our family helpers or the Y didn’t have the date available…until this Saturday.

This Saturday, June 7th was FINALLY gonna be the king’s long awaited 11th birthday party.

The party means a lot to my wife.  It definitely means more to her than it does to Kyle.  She LOVES throwing parties and she is good at it and takes pride in it.  All month she’s been making lists and slowly stocking up on supplies and making the arrangements and planning out the goodie bags.  And all week this week she had our home office set up as a staging area with goodie bags and chips and cups all lined up and ready to go.  

And it’s not just pizza for the kids.  She makes a big salad and we get an Italian hero for the adults.

She throws a real good party.

And then today, Thursday June 5th.  2 days before the party.  Kyle woke up with what felt like a pretty high fever.  He’s been fighting a small cold for a week…but today was the first sign of a fever.  She took him to the doctor today and they didn’t find any strep or anything…

…but we can’t wait til the last minute to postpone, and we probably won’t put Kyle in the pool 2 days removed from a high fever anyway.

So she called the Y to cancel and see when the next date they had available was.

Sunday June 29th.

So almost 7 weeks later Kyle will finally get his 11th birthday party… and we have to go another 3 weeks without eating all the “fun size” chips & Doritos we bought for the party.

I feel so guilty.  If I didn’t run that race his party would’ve been in the books already.  Who knows what he’ll be like on June 29th?  Healthy?  Raging?  Who knows?

But I did have a great time doing that race!


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Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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5 People Replies to “Why My Son's Birthday Party Will Be 7 Weeks Late! Mostly My Fault…”

  1. Anonymous

    Last year we really wanted to have our turning 4 year olds birthday at a local pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, his birthday is October 28 and they don't do parties even remotely close to that. We ended up doing it 6 or 7 weeks early on the second weekend in September. Everyone had a blast and the pumpkin patch wasn't busy so all the kiddos got to play and do activities without lines. A little unconventional, but it worked and all of our special friends handled it so much better that way. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Birthdays are so hard. I'm kind of like your wifey – I'd like to do it up, get a nice cake, and do something that at least seems kind of normal for once. For my hubby, it's all very sad and hard and birthdays are just a kick-in-the-gut reminder of how far along our son SHOULD be but isn't. The first birthday was a huge failure because we were both approaching it so differently, but afterwards we talked about it, and now at least we both understand the other's feelings, and try to compromise. Now we usually do just a basic family get-together, usually with some other reason attached, and get a cake, but that's about it. For the record, we'll be 3 weeks late for his "party" this year because of family schedules, but who cares? We're doing it as a combined birthday/cookout at my sister's new home, so hopefully it won't be too hard on hubby! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    We gave our grandson his first birthday party this year at age 5 (well, after the age 1 one, before we knew he had severe Autism) and he didn't care at all…or maybe I should not say he didn't care. He was rather upset that there were other people there taking over HIS pool…it was not a success and I think it will be awhile before we do that again. I don't mean to be "anonymous" I am JD's Gramma and I love JD to death…he just doesn't like change and he would have been happier without all the hoopla.

  4. Kyle will be the same amount of HAPPY on the 29th, and you and wifey will be even more happy, having all the support you need in place. Glad you enjoyed the race, and can't waitto hear about Kyle's party (whenever it happens).

  5. Don't even worry about it, things will be okay. You know things are pretty much unpredictable when parenting. Support the wife during the planning piece and get the team ready for the party support. You guys will have a blast!!