Now Reading: Who I'm Voting For For President & Why…(spoiler alert: it all has to do with autism)

Who I'm Voting For For President & Why…(spoiler alert: it all has to do with autism)

I’ve been avoiding writing anything political on my page and blog since the beginning. I know politics can be polarizing and I want all people to feel welcome here.

But I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my presidential choice for a long time now and today’s the day.

Here goes.

As you may know, we are a middle class family who live in the suburbs outside of NYC. A family of three. Me, my wife, a stay at home mom, and my severely autistic, non-verbal 9 year old son.

And with all the stuff going on in the world, war, the deficit, abortion, foreign policy, gay marriage, I care about only one thing: me and my family. I am completely selfish. I’m looking for the candidate that’s going to help me and my situation the most. The rest of you can worry about yourselves, but I’m looking out for número uno, me.

And the candidate that I feel is going to best help me and my situation and my autistic son is President Barack Obama.

Reagan ran on the idea “are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” And while many people may answer that question no, I can answer that question, a resounding YES.

My salary has stayed the same, my income taxes went down a little, my real estate taxes went up, but during this stretch my autistic son qualified for Medicaid supplemental insurance which has significantly lowered my out of pocket medical costs. Should Obama get the credit for this? Maybe not, but the funds seemed to open up while he was in office. And I fear that this will get cut drastically under a Romney administration.

We qualified for some respite services during these past 4 years and currently get 6 hours a week. Should Obama get the credit? Maybe not, but I fear that this may (will) be cut drastically under a Romney administration.

Now some might say why should you even qualify for these services? You’re middle class! That’s the kind of waste that Romey is trying to cut! To you I say “worry about yourself.” but I also say, hey I live outside of NYC and I pay some of the highest taxes in the nation and I got no problems with that, but I’m going to take advantage of all the programs that are open and available to me. I’ll take higher taxes and more programs over tax cuts and fending for oneself. I guess that’s kinda socialist, huh? I guess so…

My son goes to several after school/ weekend special needs programs that are partially supplemented by grants from the government. This doesn’t make the programs free for the parents, but it definitely makes them a lot more affordable. My tax dollars at work.

And let’s get into Obamacare, which is really called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. How will that help me? How will it help kids with autism? And I also hear what has Obama done for autism? Well dive into Obamacare!


The below is taken from the US Health & Human Services website at

–Job-based and new individual health insurance plans are no longer allowed to deny, limit, or exclude coverage to any child under age 19 based on a pre-existing condition, including children on the autism spectrum. Starting in 2014, these protections will be extended to Americans of all ages. 

–New health insurance plans or insurance policies must cover preventive services without cost-sharing, including autism screening for children at 18 and 24 months.
Insurance companies will no longer be able to impose lifetime dollar limits on coverage. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, many plans set a dollar limit on what they would spend for covered benefits during the time individuals were enrolled in the plan, leaving individuals on the autism spectrum and their families to pay the cost of all care exceeding that limit. The law also restricts annual dollar limits and will prohibit them for new plans altogether starting in 2014. 

–Young adults can remain covered under their parents’ insurance up to the age of 26. Already, 2.5 million more young people have been insured through this provision of the new law. For a young adult with autism or related conditions and their family, that means more flexibility, more options and greater piece of mind. 

–Starting in 2014, individuals on the autism spectrum and families of children on the autism spectrum will have expanded access to affordable insurance options through new Affordable Insurance Exchanges and improvements in Medicaid. 

–Also starting in 2014, new health plans sold in the individual and small group markets, including Exchanges, will cover “essential health benefits” to help make sure that health insurance is comprehensive. Health insurers will also have annual out-of-pocket limits to protect families’ incomes against the high cost of health care services.


All these things sound vitally important to me and my little autism family.

How will Obamacare affect the deficit? Will it increase insurance rates for healthy people? Is Obamacare constitutional? Is it Socialist?

My answer to all of these questions is I DON’T CARE! I don’t care if it makes us have a bigger deficit and owe China more money. I don’t care if it raises others insurance rates. I don’t care if it’s unconstitutional or socialist. As long as it helps my son, I don’t care how it affects the rest of y’all.

Yes I’m that selfish.

Now Romney hasn’t mentioned much about autism, at least not that I could easily find. But he has talked about tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, rejiggering the Medicaid program, and cutting unnecessary programs and grants. All those sound scary to me and my selfish agenda. Are some of my sons after school special needs programs unnecessary? Should the government be cutting the grants to his sports & swim programs? Is that unnecessary? Depends who you talk to. But in my world they are vitally important and I would be more affected by them being cut than I would with military spending being cut.

And I know you’re thinking that a small city program has nothing to do with who the president is. But in my humble opinion… If things get cut drastically on the federal level, and there’s less $$ passed down to the states for programs then it will slowly trickle down and affect my life and my son’s life.

Now I come from a long line of conservatism. I grew up in a Republican household. All my extended family were Republican. And I was quite conservative straight through til I graduated college. I slowly became more liberal throughout my 20s and them when my son was born in 2002 and when he was diagnosed with autism in 2004 I started my own party. The Me Party. I look out for any candidate that’s going to help me.

I come from an Italian background and I come from a long line of Republicans. Some of my relatives probably wouldn’t accept public assistance (like unemployment or food stamps) if they qualified for it. They wouldn’t accept it out of pride and/or a sense of “I don’t need anyone’s help. I can get out of this down period on my own”

I am the complete opposite of that. I will take any and all assistance that’s offered to me. Not only will I take it I will go out of my way to seek it out. Sometimes there are programs out there that have money or services to offer but you need to do your homework to find them. Go find them before they get cut!

So I will be voting on November 6th to re-elect President Obama. He has done right by me.

And I expect to get a ton of comments explaining about why I am wrong about this or that. And there will be lots of facts and figures and links as to why Romney would be a better choice.

But I will readily admit that I am not educated on all the issues or the candidates stance on all the issues. I have no time and no interest in getting more educated. I really don’t care that much. I don’t have the time and I really don’t like politics that much. Again I’m voting for my own selfish reasons and I encourage you all to do the same.

And I’m not naive. I know politics are evil and I know our government is broken and needs to be totally rebuilt from the ground up.

And I have friends that were huge supporters of Ron Paul and now the libertarian 3rd party Gary Johnson. These candidates want to radically change the way our government works. And I can totally see the appeal in that because I can see how our government is corrupt and evil. And I have some libertarian friends who say there’s really not that much difference between Romney & Obama. And if you look closely I can see their point. And I can see the appeal of tearing the system down and starting from scratch.

But it’s not realistic in 2012. And I feel that I can’t afford to throw away my vote right now.

So to my libertariam friends, while there might not be huge differences between Romney & Obama I feel Obama has more to offer me and my wife and my autistic son in 2012. And that’s how I’m voting.

I’m voting to reelect Barack Obama. 4 more years…

(wow I had so much more I wanted to say about this and I forgot a ton. I may revise this over the next few weeks leading up to Election Day so look for a revision or two)

Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. Anonymous

    I am a mom of a son who has autism. I am a registered Independent, formerly a long time registered Democrat. I have read over 800 pages of the new Healthcare law known as Obamacare. Before Obama became our President, our son received occupational therapy, speech therapy, Special Education services, Biomedical intervention, and ABA therapy through our private insurance by my husbands employer, and through Medicaid. There were some things that weren't covered, but we managed to pay out of pocket and then deduct the expenses from our taxes. Obama is not responsible for any miracle working here. Our son is recovering (slowly), and it is not because of our President's past or present…it is because of our hard work, and because we live in a GREAT country. I am not a Romney fan, or a Right winger, but I am also not an Obama fan. His policies are not well thought though, he is reckless and he is dishonest in so many of his promises and statements. He is protected by the press. I too, am a ME, MYSELF and MY FAMILY voter. However, I NEVER intend to rely on BIG government to save my son or any other member of my family. I will do that MYSELF. Give me the freedom to do so AMERICA and watch what I can do. I have done endless hours of research, found the best doctors, therapies and worked my TAIL off at my small business to pay for anything insurance or medicaid didn't. My son is HEALING because of ME. Not because of Obama or Obamacare.

    I AM shown here as anonymous…..because I don't have a GOOGLE account.

    ERIN (Mom to FIVE boys who are my life.)

    1. Anonymous

      102 comments mostly pro-Obamacare comments and one comment now that Obamacare has begun. My daughter is on the lower end of ASD and Obamacare means nothing to me because, I too, ended up paying because I already had a "Cadillac" insurance that paid nothing for any treatments and I'm not eligible for Obamacare anyway because of my insurance.

      The no pre-existing condition exclusion is BS as Georgia has it for years and still pay 100% of treatment costs. If they do cover it and every other illness, the program is going to be a huge drain.

      "Starting in 2014, individuals on the autism spectrum and families of children on the autism spectrum will have expanded access to affordable insurance options through new Affordable Insurance Exchanges and improvements in Medicaid." Not if you already have insurance. Good luck finding a specialist doctor who'll except the Obamacare reimbursement or take on hordes of new patients.

      "Also starting in 2014. . . Health insurers will also have annual out-of-pocket limits to protect families’ incomes against the high cost of health care services." I'll believe it when I see it. So far any reduction in medical costs is because of the weak economic recovery as there are no price controls in Obamacare. There's little evidence that younger and healthier will pay the jacked up Obamacare premiums so it's just a Medicaid expansion.

      Obama fooled millions of voters who really believe more people could by covered at a lower cost and with higher quality care. If he had told the truth the law never would have passed because people want something for nothing.

      The NIH listed autism research at 103rd out of 400 disease funding categories so your family members with autism will be way down the list of priorities and there's major no political movement so you are on your own so what's new?

      Lastly, Obama is great if own a lot of stocks or are very poor and on government assistance as the economic gap is growing. Middle class incomes are going no where and jobs created under Obama are largely low wage private, government jobs or energy sector jobs Obama tried to kill. I'm not waiting for help from Obama and I know his successor will only win by promising more handouts to more voters.

  2. I totally agree with you… I voted for Obama… I have 2 with autism, and third in college and a dead husband… I work, but let's be real… I have a huge hill to climb and without any help. I believe in universal health care… I believe it is a basic human right… why shouldn't it be… if we educate everyone for free until 12th grade, why not give everyone health care… I for one was horrified at the idea of Romney become president… something about him and his wife, and the way the said things made me believe that kids like mine, kids with autism, didn't even register on their scale of valuable life… for me that matters more than pay more taxes…

  3. Tyler's Daddy

    Autism Daddy, I just wanted to say I totally understand your positions and your reasoning.
    I completely respect your right to vote and applaud you for doing so!

    That would have been my position no matter who you voted for or why.

    Now let's get back to the reason we are all here in the first place. The love of our children!

  4. Tyler's Daddy

    So called "conservatives" are the most extreme bunch you'll ever hear from. Did any "liberals" run around claiming the end was near when Bush and the Republicans spent 6 trillion in 8 years on war? Did liberals run around making hate mongering films on Romney? No, but guess what, the "conservatives" are so into hate mongering and fear that they made films about each other. Newt made "When Romney Came To Town" about Mitt. With "conservatives", if you don't have their opinion, you have the wrong one. "Conservatives" are so certain that what's good for them is good for everyone. They have an absolute need to tell everyone else how they should live. Not one of them is even smart enough to figure out how to say, I'm against abortion but I can't decide for someone else. Every old man Republican who even mention rape got voted out yesterday and they deserve it. They've never been a woman and they should have the common sense to acknowledge that. "conservatives" are so stubborn in their all-knowing minds that they can't admit when they're wrong. They lost yesterday because all the black voted for Obama because he's black too. Not one black voted for Obama because they liked his positions more? Really? Blacks have always voted Democrat. And a bunch of whites voted for the black candidate too. Maybe "conservatives" should own to the fact that blacks voted against their guy because their guy offended blacks. Maybe they should own up to the fact that their guys offended Latinos. Maybe they should own up to the fact that their guy offended women. But I'm telling you right now, they won't. "Conservatives" are too extreme in their views to see the obvious.

  5. Anonymous

    My daughter has Down Syndrome. Under Obamacare, prenatal testing for Down Syndrome will be considered preventive care in an effort to "ELIMINATE" Down Syndrome. In essence the government will be able to decide who is allowed to be born. Obamacare sees the need to create a healthy State by killing off babies government considers "defective". So did Adolf Hitler. My baby girl, defective?. This hurts my heart deeply.

    1. Are you kidding me? It's called prenatal screening, and it was already considered preventative care, at least for mothers over 35. I was with my last child, and had my child screened for genetic abnormalities. It has nothing to do with "killing" your child, and everything to do with planning for a possible outcome. Stop listening to talk radio so much.

  6. Anonymous

    You don't care that these policies lean ever more towards socialism? You don't care? I also have a son with Autism and I couldn't disagree with you more! When we demand that our neighbors, next door and across the country, pay for our children, we open the door for those same neighbors to dictate who receives those precious services. It will work in your favor for now, but when you son is 27, 35, 40, you may be very sorry for your choice. Example: Canada's socialist health program dictates which programs and how many will be provided in each province. Parents there either have to put their names on waiting lists to participate in special therapies, or, if they live in the wrong place go without the service or move. That's what you want? Of course, you live outside of New York. Your choices will never be as limited as other areas. So, when you call yourself selfish, that is the most accurate thing you said. It's expensive to have a special needs child. I know this first hand, but I would never demand of my neighbors that they foot the bill. Rather, I myself volunteer time and money to organizations that are making a difference in the lives of me and my friends. I encourage other people to do the same. I do not want the government to save me. I choose liberty instead!

    1. what if we don't have money to give? Sorry but not everyone has the money to just hand out. I don't have money to give and I don't have money to pay out of the pocket for these services. Sorry but not everyone has the opportunity to pay for these things.

  7. I am of the "Me" Party too Autism Daddy. I voted for President Obama as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, our country is in the position because of people like you – The Me Party:( BUT let's fast forward 20 years from now – ok 10 years from now. Sooner or later our country and the economic system is going to crash – history has proven this. WHEN that happens, there will be NO programs to assist anyone and EVERYONE will be out for numero uno – the ME Party. Our kids and family then will get trampled. I am saddened to see people that feel they deserve and are entitled to everything and it has to be the best. I get the autism situation – I have 2 daughters and one is SEVERE also along with MR and bipolar. You are fortunate now that people out there like us have a heart to give you all these services, because at the rate you are running our country into the ground they won't be there when your child (and you) are older and really need them.

  9. ASDmommyuk

    Hi AD

    I live in the UK and I vote along similar lines I vote on what the best outcome would be for me and my little family so like you I'm selfish too because I don't care what cuts effect everyone else I worry about what effects me and my family it does help though to have a leader of a country that has experience of what it's like to live with a child with special needs. Personally I think Obama should be given an extra term to see if he can sort out the mess that Bush left you in lets face it 4 years is not enough time if it's not sorted after 8 years then yeah maybe it's time to change governments. That is why at our next general election I will be voting for Cameron again because he needs more than 5 years to sort out the mess of Blair/Brown. As the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day" Those of you who think that 4 years is enough time to turn things on it's head are walking around with dark glasses on.

  10. Anonymous

    Well in our current state of Florida a child with special needs gets next to nothing. In NC funding was cut so drastically that unless you are completely non-verbal you get no help. my son is high functioning and we have been left to either self pay for services (not an option on our income) or to try and deal with it ourselves. My son qualifies for medicaid – bu still gets no services.

  11. Anonymous

    All politics aside, any leader of this country should give it's citizens the ability to do what they can to provide the best care possible, at the lowest cost possible. At least if not at the lowest cost possible, then able to acquire the best services for the money they are spending.

    Political parties should be disbanded in this country. They dilute the issues, and just end up causing more chaos than providing resolutions for the hardworking (most of us) citizens of this nation.

    Thank you for this insight. I'm hoping that whatever assistance you were able to gain for helping your autistic child is not cut in any way shape or form. My soon to be sister-in-law has a beautiful autistic little girl, and I would do anything in the world to see that she is always able to receive the support that she needs. She is the most beautiful child I have ever seen.

    There is hope for all of us if we stick up for each other and what we believe in.

    I live in NYC, and healthcare can be expensive here.

    1. I wish the bestto you and yours.

  12. in my opinion hte fact that i am RELYING upon the SSI money i get inorder to make ends meet when i didnt need it when i applied. the fact that im going to food banks several times a year and the fact that i am currently appling for food stamps means that i will NOT be voting for the idiot tht put us in a WORSE position then we were in 2y ago when my son was diagnosed wiht autism.

    i res[ect you opinion but looking at it from a different point of view might make you realize that you may be in a slightly better position in some ways but if you didnt have the things the govt provides would you still be in a better position? or would you be in a hole. if you would be in a hole ask yourself do the benefiets i recieve really mean i am in a better position?

  13. Pam Howard

    As the parent, primary caregiver, and guardian of my adult son with multiple disabilities, I read your post with interest. (I'd never seen your blog before, but noted a link on FB.) I must say that I could not disagree more with your assessment of what one candidate might give you and what another might "cut" from you. The only way your family thrives is if this country thrives. So it can't be about "me," it must be about "us." I am deeply concerned about the future for my son. We do get some government services for him now, for which I'm extremely grateful. However, I realize that my gratitude must go to my neighbors, as it is their tax dollars that pay for the "freebies" my son receives. (Nothing in life is free, SOMEone is paying for it.) In my opinion, the only clear choice for parents of children with special needs is a vote for Governor Romney.

  14. Anonymous

    well you are right about 2 things. you are selfish and you aren't educated on political facts.

  15. Anonymous

    I don't have a child with autism. I would likely have your views exactly if I did as you don't have a lot of time to research. Consider the likelihood of the collapse of the dollar in the next 10 years and what you would need to do to care for your son at that point. You have to know that continuing to increase the deficit will not work forever.

  16. Hey Autism Daddy,

    Thank you for your honest, real life reasons for voting to re-elect President Obama! You are no more selfish than the next average guy looking out for his family.

    My wife and I are raising our autistic granddaughter and we are not only concerned about her much needed autism services (which we can't afford), we are also quickly approaching retirement age where the Social Security and medical coverage that we have paid into all of our working lives needs to be there for us.

    And just like you, we are now receiving services that are vital to our family and our autistic little girl. And YES, we too are better off than we were four years ago. I fear that under Romney-Ryan that would all change for the worse.

    My vote is also for Obama-Biden!

  17. Anonymous

    My sentiments exactly…autism Daddy. I agree 100% with all that you said about who will be better for children and adults with autism. I worry about what would happen to my grandsons if this doesn't go good. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Anonymous

    One thing I fear concerning future cases of autism is the delay in diagnosis people in Canada experience. Delay in diagnosis would mean delay in treatment. And that is horrid considering how essential early intervention is in autism.


  19. Anonymous

    I have to sit on the opposite side of the fence here. My kids would qualify for respite care and a variety of disability services but we only access educational services for my children. Qualified or not, we believe in reserving those services for people who genuinely cannot afford to access them.
    If everyone is accessing these limited services (and in our area you are wait listed based on funding) then people who don't have the ability to pay and need them won't get them.
    Contrary to popular belief, the government doesn't have unlimited funds and we are $16 trillion in the hole and rising. You say who cares but eventually those lines of credit will get cut and then we will ALL lose.

  20. Anonymous

    Hey Im glad you brought this up. I am a single (divorced) mom of a 3 year old girl with autism and I live in a very expensive city. I work 40 hours a week, and I am from a middle class background and I have a master's degree and I make less than 35,000 a year. I depend alot on help from the government. Im sorry I am not a welfare mom but without help from Social Security Disability we would not make it through the month! I worked part time before because of the extra cost of child care in my state if I worked full time and when I worked part time i needed extra help (food stamps and state medical care). I also understand that Mitt Romney is looking to cut early intervention services that were critical for my daughter getting enough early services so she went from grunting to actually talking in one year. So people can not afford to live with out some small assistance from the government. I was with someone who did not stick with us because my daughter had autism and I dont plan to continue to be in such a low tax bracket. I am hoping to go back to school and retrain in a profession that will hopefully be viable in the future. But until then I need the Earned income tax credit (I put that money away toward an account for my daughter) and I cant support anyone who will take these little supports away. So, as a parent of a special little girl I cant support someone who make take away some of the basic supports we need to survive…..
    Also, for those of us who may have adult children with special needs (who will most likely receive SSI and medicaid) what will happen to them? Will they not have access to healthcare or support programs.


    1. Anonymous

      For the SOCIAL WORKER above: Thank you, thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.
      – Robert –

    2. Anonymous

      Thank you so much for writing this, Anonymous. And thank you for doing the work you do. I personally think it's a sin and brings a shame to this country that we think so little of our teachers and social workers. I believe they (and you) are doing the most important work. I believe you all should be afforded the same respect (and salaries) that doctors are afforded. But you're not and I believe that's why our country is in the state we're in.

      And, according to Romney, you're definitely in that 47% who won't take responsibility and care for your life. The gall.

  21. Anonymous

    I am totally for Healthcare, just NOT this plan. A new one MUST be written that will NOT allow the government so many rights over YOUR care. The bill states that the government will have the right WITHOUT WARRANT to enter your home and inspect your family. You must be in compliance with them. WITHOUT WARRANT. and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Does that sound like the America our founding fathers fought for? NO. And I will NOT vote against America simply because I want things handed to me because I am exhausted from caring for my autistic son. I am, but I am the one caring for him, NOT the government. ANd I have the rights and choices, not them. I want to keep it that way. section 1177, "restriction of care for those with special needs" rationing is also mentioned. So you will NOT get all you need at some point. Probably when your child is older like mine and not deemed "useful" to society. Please don't believe the lies.

    1. Anonymous

      Help me out here. I'm looking at the act and can't find a section 1177 or anything that says "restriction of care". I also can't find the term "without warrant". Please let me know exactly where I can read about these things for myself.

  22. Anonymous

    Autism Daddy, I totally respect you and your blog. I have an autistic child who will be an adult soon. Unfortunately those of you with little ones do not see the full picture. You can't. You are way too busy and absorbed with getting through each hour of each day. I respect your decision, but I am a parent of an autistic child and my entire family is voting against the encumbant president. Have you READ the Healthcare bill? It is 2700 pages. My husband and I because our son has autism, actually read as much of the bill as we can. Section 1177 actually states a RESTRICTION of services to special needs individuals. I am NOT better off than I was four years ago. My medical insurance has sky rocketed. Our copays are horrendous. My son DOES not receive ANY government subsides for his disability. My city has forced my to go to court on several occasions to KEEP any services we have. My son will get a diploma this June and will HAVE no services funded by my state or my city. Socialized medicine is NOT for those who need long term and expensive care. As a responsible parent I would NEVER give the decision making to my government. MY CHILDREN, my decisions. Under government run healthcare, you WILL be limited. If you do not believe it, read the 2700 pages. It is very time consuming and hard to read if you do not have the ability to read through the double talk. Plus do you really feel under a socialized government our autistic child as adults will be permitted to live the same life with the same rights as non disabled persons? They will not. My dear friend grew up in Russia with socialized medicine and the government in her personal life. She is devastated that we Americans think so little of our freedoms and so much of "what we can get" that we would just hand it over without any thought. I totally understand your selfishness. I have fought very hard for services for my son. I gave up my career and we live a life with very little money because of this, but we are NOT better than we were and I fear for ANY autistic adult under this type of government. Trust me I am NOT a Romney fan. But I think four years of him will stop the bleeding until someone better shows up in four years. He is NOT going to cut all of the funding, you need to really read what Ryan's budget states. More of Medicaid will go with Obama care than with the RR budget. The 47% he spoke of was NOT our disabled and elderly it was the scores of people collecting Obama phones and stealing from we taxpayers. I live in a big city, I see the fraud all of the time, it hurts those in need on a daily basis. I see the healthy collecting SSI and SSD when I cannot get it for my son. Corruption is what has to stop. Obama has had 4 years to do something about autism. All I see is studies from our government. There is a push for better transition services from the feds for the older autistic kids. Guess what that was initiated SIX years ago, before this administration. I am so sad when I read the posts of people who do not believe that a socialist community will not shun and hurt their disabled child. I am the one shaking in my shoes about how much we are looking through rose colored glasses.

    1. anyone know where the LIKE button is?

    2. Anonymous

      Well said!! I agree.. I've already been reading what just started recently (within the past month) where kidney transplants are no longer given in order of waiting list, they are given in favor of "most useful life" or some other nonsense. The rules are changing..and not in a good way for us.

      And hospitals just this month have a new requirement where they will be fined if a sick patient is re-admitted within 30 days.

      Obamacare is NOT a good thing. Period. (not that there aren't good parts, such as the pre-existing condition coverage and extended child age coverage) – but Romney has offered to replace Obamacare with his own plan which includes these positives.

  23. I disagree with you, but that is what makes America great! I have a daughter with autism and a NT son. There is no way I can just vote to help one and not the other. I can vote for her to have everything handed to her on the hard work of others' backs, or I can vote to restore a free country, where my son can grow up and accomplish anything he sets his mind to. I choose the latter, because if he is successful, then he can help her.

    1. Anonymous

      thank you Stephanie. I totally agree with you. I work hard to care for my son without the supplemental income so many on this board have been fortunate enough to have. My son WILL go to college next year and WILL get a job. My city and state have fought hard to take away his services because they are indeed expensive. As someone who has had to fight the government for 11 years, I will NOT simply hand over my and my children's freedoms so I can "have" what other people have worked for. Doesn't anyone get socialism? It makes all equal. When everyone has the same amount, EVERYONE will be poor. Congrats. Lots of care your non verbal child (then adult) will get then because you wanted to HAVE now. Working hard for success works. My son is proof of it.

  24. Anonymous

    I'm voting for Romney because I'm selfish and want to have more money in my pocket to pay for my son's needs that government doesn't cover. (Special food, detox, special doctors, etc.) Romney is also going to help Lyme disease sufferers who are struggling to find doctors to treat them because of the jackasses that made up the useless guildlines to treat Lymes Disease (Which caused my son's autism btw). So yeah, call me selfish.

    1. We are all selfish because we are ALL looking out for ourselves. So 🙂

  25. Thanks Autism Daddy, for bringing it out on the table. I'm voting Obama for exactly the reasons you cited. I feel our position relative to services for our son has improved over the past two years, and I am definitely in favor of Obamacare. When I think of a Romney presidency, I tremble in my boots. Anyone who promises cuts, but won't say where those cuts will be, scares the bejeebus out of me!

  26. So earlier I posted Autism Daddys newest blog post. And I cam across someone who said he was being selfish. He was being selfish because he is choosing to vote for Obama, because he feels Obama is going to do more for his son. This lady went on to say that she can't believe she is following such a selfish and self centered person. And then went on to say Obama plans on taxing her and her family more because they are business owners and are successful people. Listen, everyone is enititled to their own opinion on who they are voting for and why. So aren't we all selfish? I have never met ANYONE who has specifically said "I am voting for ____ because they have done so much for this country, but NOTHING for me." At the end of the day we only think of how we can benefit as a man/woman and how are family can benefit. Is it selfish? Sure, but so are you…you are selfish because you are thinking how YOU are gonna do afterwards, not the rest of the US. So how can you call someone out on being selfish when so are you? You can't. So AD and everyone else BE SELFISH!
    Love, More Potatoes Please

  27. Just wanted to clarify about something I wrote…I live in NY and I make too much money to qualify for medicaid or ssi, but my son qualifies due to a medicaid waiver. What a medicaid waiver?

    "Medicaid will count family income and resources in determining eligibility. However, a person with a disability under age 21 may qualify regardless of parental income and resources for what is known as a "waiver."

    The name refers to the fact that Medicaid requirements regarding parental income are "waived" when the local Department of Social Services district is determining a disabled person's eligibility."

    Here's a link to a website that breaks down the types of waivers & services available by state…

    And I previously wrote about medicaid waivers in this blog post…

    1. melissa hill

      thank you! and I will be voting for Obama again! my life has gotten better in the last four years for my autistic children, with programs & grants and income.

  28. I can't actually vote–I'm a Canadian living in Tx– but believe that we vote loudest by being, and buying, what we believe in. A willingness to see exactly what we want and why we want it, combined with a willingness to change course and have open and honest conversation, is what I believe makes a great citizen. Your blog post is well written, thoughtful and honest! I believe that makes you a great citizen!! Regardless of which way we vote, passionate conversation is a necessary part of discovering truth and making a difference. Thank-you for bravely stepping up for this (mostly!) comfortable and important conversation!–by-Tsara-Shelton-120831-749.html

  29. Anonymous

    I love your blog. My family can honestly say we are not better off. In the past four years, my husband has been layed off more than he's worked. We have lost everything. I work seasonally for a tax prep company, & the changes in the tax laws because of Obama care are scary. Mortgage deduction, medical deduction, charitable giving deduction will be greatly reduced or phased out. The bureacratic mess it creates will suck funding away from an already red bottom line. Something will have to give to cover it. we all know social programs are the first to be cut when the government runs out of money. And I agree there isn't much difference between Romney & Obama. Our government is corrupt, & evil. Repubs & dems alike. Don't know that I will vote Romney, but I cannot vote another 4 years of the same for us. Regardless of who wins, I hope your family continues to do well. Hope the depakote works wonders for your son!

  30. Amen and agreed! With a metabolic disorder I deal with myself and three kids on the spectrum, we are voting for Obama too! :]

  31. I like the way you wrote this. Very candid. I hope to find some of these programs you mention for my 5 year old severely autistic, non-verbal son. We are low income but haven't qualified for a thing here in Washington State. Maybe a move to NYC is in order.

    1. Amy

      Susie, we just moved from WA state to PA last Feb. Best move we ever made. Our 8yr old with severe autism has since been enrolled in a private autism school, and is able to get medicaid based on diagnosis alone.

      AD, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  32. I guess I am selfish, too. I always vote with my family as a first priority and I have to agree with you. I am, and always have been, an independent voter.

    My husband works and I am a stay-at-home mom. I am deathly afraid of having all of our deductions (mortgage, children, etc.) cut. These are the things that are allowing me to stay home and take care of my son and get him outside therapy, which is partially covered by our insurance and medicaid picks up the rest of the bill. We pay a small fee for this in addition to our private insurance and it saves us so much money. Under Romney, Medicaid is something else that could be cut.

    If we lost these things, I'd be forced to go back to work and I wouldn't be able to afford the therapies I am already getting for my son.

  33. As a parent of a special needs child (too young yet for autism diagnosis but its very likely coming) I agree with you wholeheartedly. I honestly couldn't have written this any better myself.

    1. they have ways of diagnosing it at 6m and younger but yes a good definitive diagnosis cant come until he is older.

  34. Rangers lead the way

    While I absolutely disagree, I do respect your point of view. I still truly enjoy reading your blog (it's almost like reading about our son,7)!;)

  35. Yeah, your son will be way better off, not just immediately but also longer-term, like when he's a young adult. It might well take him longer to find a job, get established etc., so the longer period of coverage by your insurance policy will quite likely be of great use to him. Plus, once he *is* in the market for insurance of his own, he can't be rejected for having autism, even if he is otherwise healthy as a horse.

    I'm definitely sympathetic to your more radical friends, as I agree our political system is fundamentally broken, and I would much rather have had single-payer health care, but Obamacare is still an improvement.

  36. Anonymous

    I have a daughter with Down syndrome and autism. That is why I am voting for Romney. God forbid your precious son ever needs any life saving procedure. Obamacare's "panel" will deem him unworthy because he will not "contribute" to society. Try talking to some parents of children in countries that have socialized medicine. Disabled and elderly people are left to die. If you truly care about your child then please educate yourself. Your choice for president is not only hurting my child but your child too. Please educate yourself before you offer advice that endangers disabled children.

    1. Does anyone else feel like all the anonymous posters and aquawoefly are all the same person? So much hate spewing…

    2. thank you for letting the truth be known. everyone on this thread. but oleaase read the atrocity that is obamacare… all 2000 [page that say TO BE DETERMINED and all 2700 page that deal with the regulations reguarding obamacare] then get back to me that the cost effectiveness advisory board WILL not use thier power to limit care, or only provide certain care. pleaase get back to me about where all the magic money is coming from that will pay for obamacare. i do not see it working and i do not see anything that will prevent the 15 member board from taking action in their best interest and NOT yours.

      when unions first came into the picture 100y ago polititions DIDNT want public sector unions now they do all htey can to support the bullies. while being paid by private sector unions to boot.
      when anti discrimination laws came about polititions insited this will never lead to quotas and now businesses are given etra money for hiring people in disadvantaged groups.

      im sorry but i do not buy then whole everyone will be GIVEN healthcare i by into the peoeple who are older disabled or very young will be denied needed healthcare because it is not COST EFFECTIVE. i dont think it will go into effect right away but in no way deos 10y of taxes and 6y of spending equal deficit nuetral it only equals deficit postponed untill im out or office and cant be blamed for it because republicans are TOO honorable ot place the blame on the people who rightfully deserve it.

      BTW the people who rightfully deserve blame for the trouble we are in now is hte dems who refused to investigate madoff even after his own emplyees reported him dems who claimed freddie and fannie are OK when tey wernt etc. so dont even try to blame bush.

    3. Anonymous

      thank you. I also saw Obama 2016. I also have seen that the ring he wears on his left hand in place of a wedding band has writing on it that has a pledge to Allah. I did not want to believe it, I though it was lies, but the more I study, the more I am shocked. we have beem duped as a country and we continue to be. Radical Muslims do not like him because they feel he is mocking them. I too have read the Romney/Ryan budget plan and they ARE NOT cutting medicare to elderly this is all scare tactics. Plus we had a meeting here in my city not far from where AD is where parents of severly special needs adults were upset because many services had been cut. This is UNDER OBAMA. Autistic and other disabled adults. The parents are 60,70 and 80 and bewildered as to what will happen to their kids. This is NOW. not under Romney. Cuts are coming either way so I would rather keep my liberty, freedom and right to choose. Right to choose when and where I have surgery etc. My neighbor is from Canada btw and he says socialized medicine is awful. My friend is from a England where due to socialized medicine his teeth were never cared for. I am so more afraid of Obama/Biden than I ever was of any other candidates.

    4. Anonymous

      Please educate yourselves – anyone who said Romney/Ryan are getting rid of Medicare are feeding you LIES!!! He has said very clearly over and over again, you can stay on REGULAR FREE Medicare OR choose a private option, the funding of which depends upon your financial situation, with lower income getting complete aide and a sliding scale as income goes up–again, this is only OPTIONAL.

      That said, my primary concerns with the current man in office is: WHO IS HE? If you haven't seen Obama's 2016, YOU NEED TO. He intends to destroy America not only financially, but to turn us into the United States of Islam. If you don't believe it, look @ his actions, bowing to the Muslim world, etc. Believe me, I didn't want to believe any of this either, since I voted for him myself in 2008, but I have followed very carefully over the past 2 years, and he DOES NOT have America's best interests at heart.

      So, while he may help you in the short term, trust me, it's not to you or your child's benefit in the long run. I for one do not want to live under sharia law.

      Besides that, Romney has such a big heart, but doesn't flaunt it. He took no pay as governor of Massach., no pay as olympics president, volunteered years of his life for various things, funded a strangers college, I could go on and on.. look it up for yourselves. Don't believe the lies you see on TV. I believe he will do more for my boys than Obama, and I trust Mitt and Paul.

    5. Anonymous

      I did do my reseach thank you very much! and people like my parents would have to pay 6000 dollars (each) every year out of pocket because of this voucher program. They do not get raises like other people, they do not get overtime, it is a fixed income. I am NOT talking smack about other countries at all. I am just stating at the end of the day Romney/Ryan ONLY care about the rich. I am 1 of the 47% just like most autism parents. My parents are 1 of the 47% just like most elderly people. So I stand by what I said.

    6. Anonymous

      I'm also from that socialist country Canada. I have a nephew with severe autism there and he gets lots of healthcare services. In the 25 years that I have lived there I have never heard of anyone being "left to die" because they don't contribute to society. My elderly relatives were kept artificially alive well past the point where they could either contribute or get any pleasure out of life. If anything, the Canadian healthcare system errs on keeping people artificially alive too long. Please educate yourself before you talk smack about systems in other countries.

    7. Anonymous

      Just keep drinking the Obama koolaid. People like you that choose to listen to the liberal rhetoric because they are too lazy to do the research for themselves are beyond hope. If Obama wins a second term then idiots like you deserve all the misery you will get. As I am sure Romney is going to win because this country is too fed up with all the damage this lunatic Obama has caused I am not worried. Please do your self a favor. Do some research and educate yourself on the facts.

    8. Hi Anonymous, This is not an attack. (It will just sound like one. . .) I have heard the "Disabled and elderly people are left to die." many times, but I have yet to hear the names of the countries that have these policies and what they really mean.

      In Canada, you might not qualify for a procedure. For example, a heavy smoker will not qualify for a lung transplant, but will still be treated for cancer the same way as a non-smoker. Statistically lung transplants and smoking simply do not work and the lungs (limited supply) are made available to a non-smoker. Notice that this does not prevent you from getting the procedure, but it would cost and involve travel.

      Full disclosure, I am Canadian and had stent inserted withing 45 minutes of the onset of symptoms of a spectacular heart attack and a free triple bypass ten days later. The food was ok – well I didn't have to cook it so that qualifies as 'ok'.

    9. Anonymous

      I love how you said disabled and elderly people are left to die. Please educate YOURSELF WOMAN! My mom and dads medicare will be taken AWAY because of Romney/Ryan! So please don't act like they give 2 shits about people like us with disabled children! he isn't giving advice btw, he is stating his opinion! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    I'm one of those libertarian, Ron Paul supporters you mention. I believe that there is not much difference in policies between Obama and Romney, but Romney will surely cut funding for autism programs and redirect that money to more military spending. I personally don't want the government involved in anything related to my child's care (they bungle EVERYTHING they put their hands in), but I'd much rather my tax money go to help families of children with autism, and people with autism, than toward more warfare. I refuse to vote for Obama or Romney, but I totally understand your sentiment, Autism Daddy.

  38. Sara

    Very well said!!! I am voting for Obama as well; That will be what's best for my family & my daughter that is on the spectrum. I will do everything in my power to what is necessary to benefit her.

  39. AD, you are so right!!!!! I am a registered democrat, but not necessarily a loyal one (I will vote for candidates, NOT for parties). I think about how life would be under Romney, and I'm scared to death! I have 2 kindergarteners on the spectrum, and a 2nd grader who has been labeled "NT" and we have benefited from programs for all 3 of them. I'm not exactly thrilled by Obama (I have my reasons) but I'm not afraid with him in the top office. I wish I had better options, but I don't. My children come first, as do all of ours! And that means supporting Obama!

    1. Ty for truth annon

      Annon2 and annon3 please pay attention top the cost effectiveness advisory board please read the 2000 page nightmare of a law our the 27000 Pages of regulations.regarding the law. Then far back to me abbot.death.panels

    2. Anonymous

      It won't be panels deciding, it will be the insurance companies, as usual.
      – Robert –

    3. Anonymous

      No, there won't. Trust me.

    4. Anonymous

      if your children come first, why would you place their health and well being in the hands of our government who do not know or care about them? This thought process scares me a lot. "give to me and I will just deal with the consequences later." My autistic child is almost an adult. You don't know what you are doing to all of us. You are condemning your children. There WILL be panels to decide if their life is worth the expensive care they need when they are older. Trust me.

  40. You have every reason to vote the way you are going to. You have had great things happen for you. But is it b/c of the administration, or the label?

    My daughter is disabled. She has cognitive and physical disabilities and an IQ of 49. But because she is one of the possible 30% of kids who don't get a "qualifying diagnosis", we qualify for jack squat. The State of Michigan wouldn't consider her disabled as we didn't have a qualifying diagnosis, so we couldn't get on their state insurance for kids with disabilities. I couldn't consider those state/federally funded programs because she didn't have the appropriate label. I had to fight to get things for her at school b/c the special ed budget was cut so they tried to have my child with the cognitive age of a 3 yr old with a seizure disorder share an aide with another child in another classroom (and THAT child, who has severe autism, needed their own aide as well). We didn't qualify for anything because we either made too much or didn't have the right label. It has been very frustrating.

    I am better of than 4 years ago…but we're also better off than 8 years ago, and 12 years ago. That said, the only reason why my situation THIS year is better is because we moved to Ireland – where they don't require a Qualifying Diagnosis, they see my child has a disability and needs that need met.

    Am I saying you're wrong? NOPE. You vote the way you want to. This is working for you, so keep it up! You're also trying to make sure it works for everyone – maybe those people you vote for will listen to you and ALL our kids can get what they need, not just those in the right income bracket, with the right diagnosis, in the right state.

  41. Autism Daddy….YOU ROCK!!!!! and anyone who disagrees with you needs to go kick rocks barefooted. I've never commented on your blog before, but I follow you on fb; I wish I had known about you in previous years when I suffered with the blues. Your posts(along with those who follow you) have been good therapy. BTW, my senior citizen mom was listening as I read your blog; she says, "Tell him I said he doesn't have to revise a damn thing….HE'S RIGHT ON!!!" LOL

    1. More potatoes your mom does realize that the 700 million medicare ctr approved be obama would be returned once romney repeals ob&ma care right?

    2. I should have put this is More Potatoes Please, I was just in a hurry and put anonymous! 🙂 Anonymous no more lol

    3. Will do, anonymous!!!! :+)

    4. Anonymous

      Leggyladyus I am so glad you mentioned ur senior citizen mom. Both my parents live on fixed incomes (disability/socialsecurity and medicare) Romney/Ryan wants medicare CUT! Tell your mom to keep fighting the good fight 🙂

  42. Anonymous

    Totally agreeeeeee im on the same party!!!!!

  43. MWAHHHH!!!! Autism Daddy, thank you for confirming my own thoughts. Not only do I have THREE on spectrum, all needing as much assistance as we can get, I am a primary care physician. I see lots of folks who are way under-insured. The lifetime limit on my lady who wound up life flighted and intubated for 29 days. You think she met it? Yep. The guy who hates Obama and yet has not been able to get insurance due to his diabetes and related illnesses. These folks are both working and SHOULD be covered. I was socialist way before autism, but honey I'm way in the red now.

    1. LMAO!!! Color me red, too!! LOL

  44. Anonymous

    I agree with you completely! As a single special needs parent, who also happens to be a teacher, I have seen the last 4 years get progressivly better for my own 2 children and for the many children I teach. I'm voting for Obama, the president that supports all Americans, even the Americans under the age of 18!

  45. Anonymous

    I couldn't agree with you more. The "me" party should be called The "us"party. I think (even if you call yourself selfish) you're thinking of you AND your family's well being. Kudos to you AD.

    Julie W.

  46. Anonymous

    I so agree with you !!! my life is just as good today if not better, I tell people if your life was so great before 01/20/09 and you allow one man to ruin it in just 4yrs I'm thinking it was already f-up. Because I for sure didn't sit back and allow the Bush & the Dick to screw up our life in their 8yrs.There is no way in hell I'm voting for R & R I also like having total control of my body !!!

    1. Anon ty for your wise opinion

      Anon2 this coming from anonymous? At least you not pull an obama and BE that which you claim to despise

      debbie… Is toot real name debbie wasserman shultz? Please last off the koolaid

    2. Debbie Boyd

      Dear Anonymous, Is this why you have chosen "Anonymous" as your identity? Barrack Obama is the best leader for our country. I feel that its a real shame that racism and hatred is not a crime in this great country of ours. And if you would take ten minutes to do your research, you will find that all the allegations you have made in your statements are quite untrue. I know its easier to jump on the band wagon with the haters that to form your own opinion with research. Im praying that one day, you will see the true picture of what is in front of you. And if nothing else, We do not care to hear this kind of racist nonsense from you. Didnt your Mother ever tell you "if you have nothing good to say?" I am a grandmother and I love my family and President Obama is our candidate and we will work this election as we did the last to ensure that our country gets the best leader namely Barrack Obama. Thank you for your time…..

    3. Anonymous

      What!!! Another Troll??? "muslim communist"??? Keep it to the R/R facebook pages.
      – Robert –

    4. Anonymous

      Tell that to the 23,000,000 unemployed and/or underemployed, of which I am 1. And yes, he has by far made things worse, intentionally. He is trying to destroy America to put us on a level playing field with the rest of the world (make us a 3rd world country). Don't believe me, watch "2016: Obama's America" That'll wake ya up!! It's available now on dvd.

      I'm working hard trying to help save our country-from this muslim communist-for my children to enjoy the same freedoms we enjoyed all of our lives.

      This is the one election which WILL determine your children's fate. Vote wisely.

  47. Daniel M.

    While I strongly disagree, I respect ur right to vote for whom u wish. We both live in blue states so the candidates could care less about us. They only come to Ca and Ny for the almighty dollar. I value different points of view and I can relate to ur experience as a dad of an autistic son.

  48. Thank you. It's hard to tell people my side because well everyone has their own "My" side story about what they are voting for. I voted early 2 weeks ago but I voted like you. For what is best for my little girl.

  49. Anonymous

    I don't understand how any parent of a special needs child votes Republican. It's like shooting yourself (or your child, in this case) "in the foot." I feel exactly the same way you do and I love your term, "The Me Party." I've never comment on your blog before but I felt like I had to add my support since you're probably going to get thrown a lot of dirt. All the best to you.

    1. I don't understand how anyone with a brain can vote obama. he spent 2y of his presidency pasting a law that basically says TO BE DETERMINED, and has brought us deeper into debt 5trillion in 4y this coming from the same guy who said 4 trillion was unpatriotic. Obama said some wise things about bush but has gone and made those same demeaning statements apply to him. Obama says one thing and does the.opposite.

      If you like socialized medicine and being lied to I suggest you move to russia……. Oh wait I forgot thru tell the truth that msnbc won't report

    2. Anonymous

      Actually Anonymous, my doctor DID tell me to have an abortion. I was pregnant with triplets and it was suggested I have a "reduction" to reduce to pregnancy to twins for mine and the babies safety. Although politically pro-choice I am personally anti-abortion and my husband and I refused. The fetus they would have "taken" would have been the baby closest to my cervix, my daughter, K. She would have been the one I lost. As it turns out, K has autism. I can't imagine my life without her, she is my BEST FRIEND. So, asshole….guess what? You're an asshole.

    3. And if we were republican us as women wouldn't leave the kitchen? we are sluts because we choose birth control or accidently get pregnant? Republicans like you are idiots!
      BTW this is for the anonymous dumbass who obviously doesn't believe in womens rights!!!

    4. samantha

      Some republicans are so STUPID it is unbelievable !!

    5. Anonymous

      And there you have a true Republican. Just because a Democrat believes in a woman's right to choose in NO WAY means we think everyone everywhere should ALWAYS have abortions. That is true ignorance and short-sightedness speaking. Wake up! I'm not FOR abortions. I HATE abortions! But I don't think that it is in ANY WAY right for me or anyone else to tell someone else that they absolutely cannot have an abortion.

    6. Anonymous–you had to stay Anonymous because you know what a STUPID, INSULTING comment that was!

    7. Anonymous

      I don't see how a parent can vote democrat. After all, if they had their way, you wouldn't be a parent. You would have had an abortion.

  50. stacia

    You wrote out perfectly how my husband and I feel, for the same reasons , help for our son

    1. More potatoes apparently you didn't read anons post. Her me party was abut CUTTING socialism out of the nations budget.

    2. apparently aquawoelfly didn't read everything that Autism Daddy wrote. Because Autism Daddy said the "me" party thing first. and now ur agreeing with it.

    3. thats a good idea anonymous. i love it can i join your me party?

    4. Anonymous

      I love the Me Party. Right now I am a conservative who donates both time and money to a number of social causes, because I am lucky enough to have income, health, a home, a family, and no need of social services. But you have opened my eyes. None of those programs help ME so now I am going to vote for whoever helps ME the most by cutting the most social support possible. What a refreshing viewpoint!

    5. Nancy…to me the fact that I need ssi, I'm asking for food stamps and booing to the food bank struggling each.month to pay hospital bills etc is all the reason I ned to want obama OUT of office

    6. Eliana, if you disagree just say so, Just Disagree – but, you are out of line in calling what he wrote a "lie" – and Especially out of line saying he was paid. That's the sort of thing trolls write on Facebook – not such a blog as this.

    7. Karen

      How pathetic of you

    8. All he wrote is a lie ,paid by BO reelection office.