Now Reading: The wife took the king to the doctor today…

The wife took the king to the doctor today…

The wife took the king to the doctor today… Before you read any further…. Everything is fine. This is not a serious blog post. It’s more a “day in the life” blog post.

Anyway, he’s had a cough for almost 3 weeks. It wasn’t bothering him and he had no other symptoms so we left it alone.

We have a history of going to see Kyle’s pediatrician too early into an illness before it’s really shown up yet. Or we go and it’s nothing and we wasted a $25 copay. His pediatrician always says “Use your gut.  How’s he looking? How’s he acting?”

And he’s looking & acting fine. Fine for Kyle. 🙂 And he’s had enough Drs the past few months with the hernia and the seizures. So we left it alone.

Then yesterday he just looked kinda sick. The cough didn’t sound any worse…but his lips were all chapped, and he looked a little glassy eyed. So the wife pulled him out of school for a 10am dr appointment.

At 10:47am I texted her to get the report.  And we traded texts back & forth throughout the afternoon…

Here is our exchange.

That’s it.  I got home by 5pm.  And he seemed fine.  A bit more hyper than usual, and an old stim seems to be back….playing with saliva…but I’m gonna chalk that up to being sick & being extra “juicy”…and pray that when this infection is over, the saliva play will disappear too…

Kind of a strange blog post, but people seem to really like these kinda “slice of life” posts and y’all seem to like our text exchanges so I thought I’d give you a bunch…

Over and out…

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Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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8 People Replies to “The wife took the king to the doctor today…”

  1. So sorry….our prayers here at ZhLeet are with you…

  2. Sorry he is sick – my son gets extra "spitty" at times and I think it has to do with yeast – the yeast also causes crazy laughter (my favorite.) So, whenever he is on antibiotics (which seems like all the time since he has recurring Lymes) I try to step up some probiotics. Not sure if that would work for you guys at all (my son gives me a hard time taking medicine – I have to grind it all up and mix it in grape juice) – but thought I would mention it. (More advice, I know you need it, LOL.)

  3. Hope "the King" has a speedy recovery! I do the same thing,he has to be running a fever that I can't control or white spots on the throat, green mucus etc lol dragging them out while sick, the co-pay, or being told there is no infection so there is no meds they can give is frustrating, especially when your back there in 4 days with a full blown virus. Antibiotics do a number on Josh, it cancels out his ADD/Antiphyscotic meds. Really bad if he starts to vommit, I have 5 buckets, 1 for each bathroom, one for the livingroom and one I chase him with. I have a special(already stained) outfit for those days ! Thanks for your blogs, you and ur wife are a great team !! 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    ok AD you have now made me not feel so guilty about booking by Daughter in to the Dr Monday morning. I am using my gut and my gut says this is not right. She dislocated her knee a couple of days ago. All fine until she bangs it and then screaming in pain. Dr at hospital says nothing they can do. She was born with a dislocated knee (the left and this is the right)so I'm worried she has something wrong with her bones…she is 8. Thanks AD! just had to tell someone 🙂 Hope the King gets better soon 🙂

  5. thanks for sharing this 🙂 and hope the king gets better soon : )

  6. Anonymous

    Love the little insights in a typical 'day-in-the-life'. The humor in the texts are fun too. Glad to see that you guys can stay positive.

  7. Michelle

    I love your 'slice of life' posts. I often wonder what other families like ours do, and what is 'normal' for us. Your posts about ordinary daily events make me feel like we're not so weird and alone after all 🙂

  8. Amy

    I love the whole 'Rage against the machine' comment! Because that is exactly what it is. Hope Mr Kyle gets better soon!