Now Reading: The Mystery of the Friday Morning Seizures…

The Mystery of the Friday Morning Seizures…

What the F is it about Fridays? The king had another seizure this morning. The last 3 Fridays he’s had seizures.

It’s the only day of the week that he’s had them since they returned 3 weeks ago… The rest of the week he’s been fine. This week he’s been especially amazing behaviorally and seizureally.

seizureally new word, ™ ® ©  by AD 2013 🙂


And I know our autism parent instinct is to look for the “pattern” but there’s no pattern that I can think of.

The first Friday was during the holidays so there was no school that week. The second Friday came during a short 3 day school week after New Years. And this mornings were at the end of a full 5 day school week.

Again WTF?!

I honestly was expecting one this morning and almost “on cue” he had one… So freaking bizzarre & unreal.

But I guess the wife & I truly are getting used to these seizures or our Wellbutrin is REALLY working cuz we sent him off to school and off to a class community trip (supermarket & restaurant) without even blinking an eye…

You gotta live your life or the terrorists win, right…

Any experienced seizure / epilepsy parents have an answer for “The Mystery of the Friday Morning Seizures”?

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Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. DD missed a week of school being sick and then we missed the bus because it was 20 minutes late. Apparently I'm supposed to keep her dressed and waiting by the door looking out the window for the entire 45 minute "window" of pick up time.

    So we drove her to school she went off to PT and I left and my husband and I were 4 blocks away when the nurse called. Yep.

    Messing with her routine is not cool. She almost always has seizures even if it's something that shouldn't trigger a seizure [like riding to school in the car instead of on the bus] but it does.

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  3. The first thing that entered my mind was sundowner's syndrome.

    I am more familiar with that from my Dad's dementia. Maybe this is similar?

    Of course I get my M.D. from Kellogg's Corn Flakes so…..


  4. I just found your blog today. My son also has epilepsy, along with other health conditions. But he hasn't had a seizure for several months. I know that lack of sleep is a big trigger for seizures. Maybe he is staying up a little later on Thursday nights for a favorite show?

  5. Anonymous

    What does he do Thursday nights? Do you guys have a regular thursday night meal, or activity?

  6. Been there, done that, go the t-shirt, except Tuesday was our day. Frickin' Tuesday! 🙂 I have a little seizure prediction spreadsheet. I know that if she has one, the chance of one in the next 3 days are about 0%, in next 6 days 9%, etc. Ours always happen late afternoon or evening. This does let us plan some. We try to do things in the morning, schedule plane flights early morn, try to go swimming early in the day, etc. There are so many variables. Sleep is for sure a big part of the equation for us. Lack of or not good sleep = increased seizure risk.

  7. Anticipation for some weekend activity? I mean, we don't know how much he really understands or if he thinks ahead and anticipates things. That's the issue with non-verbal children. Who knows, they could be doing mathematic equations that make Einstein look like a loser, but we'd never know it because they can't tell us. But, the pattern looks like it is Fridays. Maybe back to the grind of recording every activity, every food, everything for a while to see if there's some better correlation than that?

  8. My daughter has seizures, sometimes a couple a day then we give Clonazepan to stop the clusters or maybe not for a couple weeks. We keep a log of the seizures, time, what she was doing when it began, where it occurred and the type of seizure. There are so manu different triggers. Usually occur when blood sugar is low, use of electronics, upset or extremely excited, or coming down with an illness.
    I recommend keeping a log and hope the seizures end soon.

    1. Michelle Buff

      It could be breakthrough seizures. Meaning it may be time to adjust his seizure medication.

  9. My son has autism and seizures (and a few other things just to keep things interesting). His seizures also seem to come in clusters but without any true pattern or clear trigger (other than illness/fever, but rarely is he sick so that isn't usually the culprit).

  10. my son is on the same meds as kyle depakote and onfi..since starting these new ones his seizures have gotten much better but he still has them almost everyday..recently we have been seeing less of his normal seizures and more of what look like absent seizures..staring little shaking and moaning..its weird

  11. I thought he was doing better, new meds, hadn't seen anything bad posted.I'm sorry to hear this, so stressfull ! Does your son's schedule differ on Friday ? or Thursday/nite ? Eat anything new, different,something new your doing that might trigger stress ? Any new school schedule for Friday? Different swim instructer, teachers, anything different? New glasses or need glasses, causes Josh to be dizzy.All these things cause Josh anxiety attacks, I know this is not anything as bad as a seizure, but these are his triggers. Another trigger is pain, (this is a friends child) if he gets hurt, like slamming your finger,twisting your ankle,breaking a finger, or kidney stone pain, he gets this deer in head lights look and sits down, where ever he is, because he has these mini seizures. His body's defense to the pain is to shut down, he used to pass out, now he has seizures instead.I wish I could help more, I've read about siezures and have a close friend whose daughter has several a week, but just like Autism, everyone is different, there is no easy fix, magic pill, or simple reason as to "why?" Prayers to you all, hugs to Kyle 🙂

  12. my son has seizures and he has no pattern either some days he has them some days he doesnt they are all at different times..its crazy because we cant figure out why he has them sometimes and not others

  13. Personally epileptic… so, they come in spurts… my last one was 6 months ago (really bad one too) but I might not have one again for another year of or so and then they strike again for a period of 4 month to 1 year. I do have cluster migraines which if that strikes (at any given time) bam I will be in seizure season sooner. Tomatos, Sour Cream, certain processed chesses, certain things on computers with certain light patterns, high high doses of lactose (which is also in tomatos)… increases my chances of having a seizure… I know you know this, but what has he eaten differently in the last 3 weeks that he wasnt eating prior as much… AND did he have it aprox 24 hours prior. Say- peanut butter and jelly?? maybe the brand hes eating needs to be switched…. Just a thought.

  14. Our 13 yo ASD daughter has seizures. Sometimes they can be triggered by chemicals or food. What does the King do on Thursdays? Is it always the same? I'd look into that. Good luck!

  15. Brenda Tobin

    We are new to this journey too. We JUST began in December, so I am learning from you and others. I wish I could help, but I don't have answers. Just thoughts with you and the family. We carry on just like you all, not allowing it to rule our daily lives!!!

  16. Anonymous

    I don't have a child with seizures..but is there someone that stresses him out that he sees only on Fridays? different aide, bus driver, sub, voluneer, schedule change of any kind even a normal one that is now wrong for some reason? …Beth S. Bollig