Now Reading: Nurse on the king’s bus quits after 1 day!?! Are u kidding me.

Nurse on the king’s bus quits after 1 day!?! Are u kidding me.

Watch me rant on my drive home from work this evening about how the nurse on the king’s school bus that we fought for and that our school district interviewed & hired quit AFTER 1 TRIP TO SCHOOL WITH MY SON!!!

Are you F–king kidding me?!

The only mistake I made in the video below is that I called her an RN but they only were required to supply an LN…

Anyway enjoy my exasperation as I’m stuck in traffic

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Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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17 People Replies to “Nurse on the king’s bus quits after 1 day!?! Are u kidding me.”

  1. Also if the school district can not provide an adequate and safe transportation system for the child they will pay the caregiver mileage to take the child to and from school. I also had to look into it when my daughters bus situation was not good.

  2. It is always anonymous people who leave the most vile comments on blogs.
    Not everyone can work with kids like the King. But learn that before you take the job!

    The family already was not happy with this arrangement for school as there are not many options for kids like the King in their area. For the first time ever these parents are having to put their child on a bus when Wifey normally drove him all these past years. If you can't feel their frustration, anger and anxiety over this you, and you can only think that he is insulting the nurse and not scared over what could happen to his child on this bus without adequate care than you have no clue.

    I'm not going to insult the nurse, I just know if she couldn't handle it, she couldn't handle it. This goes for anyone that applies to work with special needs kids. Not all are cut out for it. I have been putting my kid on a bus for 7 years. From the good to bad I have done it. The only time I truly worry about her day is the hour ride on the bus to and from school. So many things can happen on a bus that can't be controlled and if you told me to quit my job to drive her and take 4-5 hours out of my day to do it or i am selfish bitch I would tell you to go fuck yourself. I work. Would you like me to NOT work and go on welfare? sure because then I'll be ridiculed for that. Also it's called a Free and Appropriate education. Your local taxes are vital for quality schools. So overtime when you don't vote for school issues, it's not just the kids with special needs who suffer, it's all kids and you! Want the shittiest schools in the area? how does that work for resale value? It doesn't. Try selling a house with a crappy school district, it sucks. Makes your 800K house look pretty dumb.

    Best of luck and happy thoughts Autism Daddy. It's so much easier to judge parents when you will NEVER go through what you do.

  3. Anonymous

    You really expect tax payers to foot the bill for you to take your child to school ?, pay your toll this is why I will never pass another school's a inconvenience to drive your child to a school you want him in. And come with it.

  4. Anonymous

    I have read all the insults about this nurse the same kind of insults you do not want spoken of your children without knowing the facts. It's true not everyone in society can work with these children, not everyone can get over being kick scratch,spit on etc…because the parents can and the way some cry lawsuit it's easier to walk away why put themselves or families at risk ? Your child is due respect as a human being nothing else. Do attack people because they don't care to embrace your issues as theirs is rude, treat people as you want your children treated and talk to. It's clear why schools staff don't be honest with most parents they are rude. It seems some parents can't wait to have their children in school because it can be so hard but get upset when others can't deal with the behaviors…really !!! So you can insult, cuss people out threaten lawsuits everyday the fact is people have their own problems and issues in life and yours will never weight theirs.

  5. Anonymous

    I think you shouldn't waste so much energy on this woman, She obviously is adult enough to say that she is unable. Obviously she didn't understand fully what she got into. She could keep the job just for the "Money" and be irritated and treat him badly I commend her for being honest and think you should be grateful, like your wife said she didn't even want the woman riding home with him if she didn't want to be, she could have kept it to herself. Me, myself I would drive all day with my son if he needed and I was able I am not sure they would pay her as a nurse and give you money for millage and tolls and all that being he is your child. I really like following your page and hope you are just having a bad day and pray that he gets what he needs in a nurse.

  6. Anonymous

    If she can't do her job on the very first day, you are all better off without the worry. I am not a nurse, but I do work with kids like the King, and am fully trained on how to use a VNS. And I have patience and understanding. That nurse should find another line of work.

  7. JA

    This kind of thing is one of the most frustrating parts of being an ASD parent to me – feeling like people give up on your child & think he's too much to handle. I feel so exhausted by constantly having to fight for them to see the child that I know he is. I'm beat down as it is, and then having others underestimate and give up on him is just the last straw some days. But the people that make a positive remark about him and actually appreciate him for who he is make such a difference. Hoping that you find a good nurse next time. This one was a bad fit anyway.

  8. K8

    oh that's crappy! try not to take it as a slight against the King, its probably some other issue that has little to do with him.

  9. You mentioned a quality of life issue – it sounds like the between the lines issue for the Nurse was exactly that: she realized that she would be traveling every day 2 1/2 hours a day caring for your son and did not want to do that. It could be an issue with another student. It could be that she has car sickness issues and didnt know she would be in the bus that long. It could be so many things – none of them related to your son. I am so sorry you are frustrated – believe me I would be too! I would be ranting! But breathe – dont start from the assumption it was about your son, even if she implied it was, because that might hinder the finding of someone who DOES want to do the job and do it well. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!!

  10. We have had tons of experience with LPNs and the truth of the matter is that school districts amd home health agencies don't pay enough. I'm not justifying her quitting… What a terrible thing to put your family and the king through. My son seems (according to your blog posts) to be a "younger version" of the king. Stay positive that the right poison for the job will come along in time. In the mean time keep us posted. Your blog helps me so much!

  11. Denise W.

    that nurse gives nurses a bad name. Now that you know what kind of person she is it's best that she won't be around your child.

  12. We certainly know how frustrated you both must feel right now. Like others have expressed some people no matter how educated are just not cut out to work with special needs. We have interviewed aids for our adult son, and have them end the interview with how much they want to work with our son and help us, even hug me at the end, and never show up for the first day of work, never heard from them again. Eventually you find the perfect fit and then pray every night that they stay for a while!

  13. that sucks. and i don't blame you or wifey for not wanting her to have to take him everyday. it is a lot of time out of her day. and it is the schools responsibility to transport him there safely. good luck, hopefully the next nurse has a better understanding of what is expected of her/him.

  14. Pat

    She is not worth it and King deserves better! He is entitled to the best education he can receive and the district needs to better meet his needs. Hopefully the next nurse has had better training w/ both non-verbal autism and seizure disorders!

  15. Anonymous

    Sorry, the nurse is an idiot! She met him, I assume he is in a harness or something like my daughter so he isn't running around attacking her, I hope you get a resolution soon. But man reading and now watching you I feel like I should move, I work at a school and we had a child who would seize regularly and they homebound her, my daughter thankfully only has them a few times a year but they 911 her to the hospital – it's insane, let her have it and sleep and I'll come pick her up!

  16. He's not /that bad/ and there /are/ kids like him. Not everyone is awesome enough to work with kids like the king. She's missing out on the best experiences that she /could/ have by defining him based off of one experience. I'm kinda sad for her. Best of luck

  17. He's not /that bad/ and there /are/ kids like him. Not everyone is awesome enough to work with kids like the king. She's missing out on the best experiences that she /could/ have by defining him based off of one experience. I'm kinda sad for her. Best of luck