Now Reading: No Good News, But I've Got a Yummy Dinner Waiting For Me: A Wednesday Update

No Good News, But I've Got a Yummy Dinner Waiting For Me: A Wednesday Update

Wed 8:33pm — I’m sitting in the
dark in the rocking chair in Kyle’s bedroom. 

He just feel asleep, hopefully for the night…

Today was an even worse day at school than yesterday which was worse than Monday. 

Lots of hitting others. Plus wifey even got a call from the school psychologist today asking if there was any changes to Kyle’s meds…or if we had any clue what brought this on…

He was pretty ok for the 2 hours I was with him this evening… It’s funny, but all is right with the world when he’s eating a bag of popcorn. 

We made him one at about 7:45pm because he didn’t eat much for lunch or dinner…

I know, I know… then why are we rewarding him with popcorn?

Because I’m an enabler…and because I thought that if I didn’t do it now he’d be up at 2am starving and wanting…a bag of popcorn. 

Anyway while eating the popcorn all is right with the world. 

No aggression, very little breath holding… If only they can develop a med that can bring on the benefits of a low grade fever and the benefits of popcorn consumption. 


Tomorrow morning should be interesting. We have to take Kyle to get some blood work done before school…

He usually handles that pretty well…but with the way he’s been this week…all bets are off…

Anyway, he’s asleep and wifey is summoning me that dinner is ready. 

She made pork loin and broccolini. 

And then she’ll fall asleep on the couch by 9:30pm and I’ll watch episode 2 of my new fav show, “Fargo”

Love it… But it’s way to violent for wifey!

Goodnight all!


Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. I am French and Autist.
    I am discovering your blog.

  2. Anonymous

    My daughter is severely autistic, too. Her younger years were incredibly stressful. Her very worst years were 9-1/2 (when she started her period) to 12. She is now 13 and the easiest kid you can imagine! An absolute pleasure to be around! I remember when she was very little and did fecal smearing and I thought "OMG, I will never live through this!" and I saw a blog where a mom said that it is just a phase and it ends. I remember feeling so relieved — I could live through this if it will end!! Well, I am not sure where your son is in puberty — the hormonal challenges start before we see anything big physically — but it could DEFINITELY be this. I wish I could do it all over and know that that was what my daughter was really going through (and that it would end). Maybe I could have been much more patient with her. I know it is SO TOUGH. Wishing you strength… and patience, patience, patience… and the ability to be as loving and understanding as you can be.

  3. The regressions always seem to happen before the breakthroughs. Not just with special needs kiddos, but think about your own life. I know I've seen it time and time again in my own. And that popcorn was not a reward. It's called routine and that's ok! (Plus I am a nut about popcorn, too!!)

  4. Hi there! Can I simply say what a reduction to search out somebody who truly is aware of what theyre talking about on the autism. special needs kids Are you want to ensure your child future for special educational then it is high time joined with us . We are ready to help you for any kind of educational needs. Presently our aims for student success by uniting parents, student and school management and all of the care.

  5. Anonymous

    I have a 9 year old who weights about 200lbs and tall for his age he have start falling to the floor in school the staff will only give him verbal demand to get up and of course he refuse. They refuse to touch him so of course they call me an I have to go up to the school well one day I told them to deal with it.My child stay on the floor with his coat and backpack on the whole school day no lunch the bus refuse to wait over 3 minutes and left him so of course I had to go pick him up. The teacher an aide just walk out and left me to deal with him they were off the clock I check and they didn't break any laws. Verbal demands only are require no touching. When I Voice concern about home they as good as say the iep expires @ the end of the school day and home is not their concern 🙁

    1. This is not okay. I have a son the same age with severe ASD. We have had aggressive and self injurious behavior. I'm not sure if any laws were broken, as I'm not sure what state you live in. But every child is required a free and appropriate education by law. Laying on the floor all day is not being educated. Go to the school board and complain, laws may not have been violated but teachers are held to standards. I have complained to the school board three times, every time my complaint was taken seriously. Now the low incidence coordinator from the school board helps write my sons IEP. We have to fight for our kiddos. Complain. Demand change. Good Luck!

  6. You have to do whatever works! Whatever will save your sanity!

  7. Oh man I agree on the popcorn statement! My daughter Madasun loves her popcorn! These phases can be so frustrating, Madasun went through a pretty long one recently, it was horrid. Lots of popcorn, baked lays and beef a roni bribes Haha. It is exhausting at times and so mind boggling how things can come out of no where. But at the same time our non verbal ASD kids are kids, they are human and have their funks just like you or I…if not worse because they aren't able to express it. This is their way through it some times. All you can do is try to figure it out and help and sometimes helping is sitting with them eating some popcorn:-)

    PS… Fargo…. Amaaaazing! I can't get enough of that show!

  8. Anonymous

    Giving him popcorn to calm him and get some food into him sounds like a good idea. Besides, if that behavior is out of his control it probably makes him feel awful and he deserves the comfort.

    1. Maybe his behavior comes from frustration about his limited communication ability. I saw where an autistic person called Tracy typed about frustration over limited communication ability coming out in behavior, I saw on an autism conference blog post

  9. Hey, that's our fave new show, too! These health mysteries really, really suck. Sorry it's been a bad week.

  10. This is a strange comment or question but I wonder if he's about to have a breakthrough. Maybe he's pissed off and looking for validation. I honestly just noticed how I miss the very tiny little things my asd non verbal does. I don't expect much out of her and I know that's my way of coping. I hope it all works out. I'm having a hard time with my daughter hitting other kids on the bus. It's happened twice as she just recently started riding the bus.

    1. I saw in another autistic blog, a comment that said her kid regresses before he progresses. He could be PO'ed too and aggression's his way of letting it out. Since he can't really talk, he's limited in his expression means. Maybe you're right. There's no way to know. Maybe it's a combo. He could be aware of something he can't do quite yet but will soon be able to do and is frustrated. Wait and see. Maybe in a not too distant future post, Autism Daddy will tell us