Now Reading: Kyle Didn't Get Into the School We Wanted for September :(

Kyle Didn't Get Into the School We Wanted for September :(

It’s been a bit of a rough week over at the AD household. 
Kyle is 12 and was scheduled to switch schools in September since his old school only went up to “6th grade” 
However we weren’t happy with the program that he was in so we didn’t want to move him up to their middle school so we decided to look at other schools.
(I talked about some of this in a blog post last month at Read that for more of a backstory on the school situation)
And the school that we LOVED and were hoping to send Kyle to in September and is only 7 miles from our house is mired in a boatload of bureaucratic red tape with the state and so even though they have 10 slots available they are being told that they can’t fill those 10 slots. 
It’s way too complicated to explain why, but let’s just say that it’s not our school districts fault and it’s not the schools fault and we’ve got lots of powerful people on our side…
And they all want him to attend there…but alas he can’t right now… 
And there’s nothing that can really be done right now. It’s out of our hands…
So we had to settle on his “safety school” which is a 30 mile, over a bridge, 30 minute drive away…
So for the first time EVER we’re going to have to put Kyle on the school bus each day.
And that is going to be a HUGE adjustment for all of us. And the king who likes to sleep late sometimes and sometimes has seizures in the mornings will have to get his butt up extra early to get on a school bus…
And don’t get me wrong, this safety school really is a great school too…  it’s just not as great as the other one and much further away and so much more of a life change and adjustment for all of us…
Big bummer!!
I guess there’s always the chance for a miracle, a Hail Mary that the slots at the great school close to our house will miraculously open up. So if you’re the praying kind please pray and if you’re the sending positive vibes kind (like I am) then please send positive vibes. 
However in the meantime we have to all prepare ourselves and wrap our heads around the idea that a few weeks from now Kyle will be taking a long bus ride each day…

Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your son didn't get into the school that you wanted for him. Sometimes one cannot see the blessing that's very well hidden, but there is always a better plan that will come along. It might not be obvious now, but I'm sure you’ll find one that can accommodate your son. But I am still hoping that there will be an open slot for the school near your house. Good luck!

    Brendon Hudgins @ MedCarePediatric

  2. Sending positive vibes!!!!

    And might I suggest start the early morning, new routine training now, with a preferred interest reward given at the end when/if he's ready for the bus to encourage positive involvement. ?

  3. prayers that the school is able to get ya'll in there. and prayers that if not that the bus driver and assistant are well trained and have the ability to handle difficult situations calmly…and for all of you that which ever way it goes the transition (because either way it is a change) goes as smoothly as possible…

  4. I thing this article about the reality.

  5. Anonymous

    Can't you just drive him to the new school instead of him taking the bus?

    Been there and done that. After awhile though, he started taking the bus and actually liked it. Good driver and bus aides help alot

  6. So frustrating. Sending lots of positive vibes that things will work out for Kyle this school year.

  7. Anonymous

    Just remember that Manhattan has some of the best autism schools in the country! 🙂

  8. I'm sorry to hear about this too – I know how rough it is, with those distances… and that's with having fewer things to worry about with my Monster.

    As others are saying – just get with the driver and the aide, make sure that you're friends with them and that they get to know your son. The Monster had a 45-60 minute each-way ride for pre-K and K, and what got us through it was having the number for the aide's cellphone so we could reach her (and she us) if there were problems.

    And, hopefully, the red-tape can get cleared away so that the preferred school's an option again. Good luck!

  9. Sorry to hear of the dilemma – hopefully he has an understanding driver too. I used to sit for 10 – 30 minutes waiting for an ASD/epileptic cutie while he tried to get his brain to tell his legs to walk to the bus. Somedays I had to leave, but I always got out and told him I was coming back after I took the other children in. I got in alot of trouble for the extras I did for him but seeing the change in his eyes when you told him you'd be back, getting a crayoned picture (he rarely drew) and the calmness that could come over him… was PRICELESS

    1. You are amazing – thank you for taking care of our kids.

  10. I won't put my son in a bus because he couldn't handle it It would be meltdown after meltdown and that's before we left the house. I wish you the absolute best of luck with this, I'll send all the positive vibes I can

  11. 🙁 Felt your pain on this one and I'm so sorry. TONS AND TONS of vibes!!!!

  12. I totally understand about putting a child on the bus. I do have a child with autism and it was hard to put him on the bus and he is high functioning. He has come a long way since he was diagnosed over 2 yrs ago. I wish you luck and that everything goes as planned. It may be a hassle, but it could be worth it in the long run. 🙂