Now Reading: "This Just In: Being Alive Linked To Autism" a followup & a plagiarization

"This Just In: Being Alive Linked To Autism" a followup & a plagiarization

Ok, so you’ve probably heard this week’s version of things autism may be linked to…. 
And the internet is all abuzz about this.  Of course it makes some moms mad & makes other mom’s feel guilty. 
But look at that picture above.  That’s a google news search for the term “autism linked” and just in the past week or so, besides maternal obesity autism has also been linked to mom’s diabetes, inherited gene mutations from the dads, both parents age & weight, superior processing skills, and… wait for it…  High Fructose Corn Syrup.
When I read these articles it makes me CRAZY and it makes me think of this awesome blog post that I read and posted a few times, but whenever I go to find it again it I find it impossible to find. 
So today I found it!  And I am going to completely plagarize this blog post so that I have it FOREVER and never lose it again because it’s that good.  I’m still new to this blogging so if I’m breaking some blog code of ethics please let me know.  But I will give the original author lots of credits and links.
Here goes…
On a blog called The Biology Files an author named Emily (who also used to write an autism mom blog called A Life Less Ordinary) wrote an AMAZING Blog post called “This Just in:  Being alive linked to autism”
In it she lists all the things that have been linked to autism, old & new, along with some
sarcastic commentary, and along with links to news articles or other blog posts (some written by Emily) that talk about each of these links.   Reading it altogether makes the whole thing sound completely ridiculous and makes you realize how little they really know.  
So without further ado, here’s Emily’s post  “This Just in:  Being alive linked to autism” in its entirety…
This last week or so, every day seemed to bring a new finding about something linked to autism. I blogged one of them–diabetes–but who really would have the wherewithal to follow the growing list of factors linked to autism? I guess I would because below, I give you that very list, including current pop hits and some blasts from the past, with some brief commentary. Without further ado–The ever-changing face of autism–or, as some have wisely suggested we call it–the autisms:
Refrigerator mothers. Sooo coooold.
Parents just making shit up. Because we have nothing better to do w/ our time.
Vaccines. SHUT. UP.
Mercury. Sigh.
The Interwebz. Someone pointed to them. Then there was autism.
Older mothers. We can only be so old, you know.
Depressed or stressed mothers. Wouldn’t everyone have autism, then?
Sib with autism. Autism, family style.
Low birthweight. OK, but what about…
High birthweight. Confusing, isn’t it?
Growing a big head. My son has the biggest head I’ve ever seen…except for my own.
Growing a big baby. My oldest son is huge. He also has an uncle who is 6’6″.
Being a twin. Concordance confuses people.
Smoking during pregnancy. Is there anything smoking during pregnancy can’t fuck up?
Diabetes during pregnancy. Didn’t have it, so don’t know.
Any complication at birth. And I mean…ANY complication.
Being born in summer. Yep. Seasonal autism.
Being a second born. First borns, only borns…sorry.
Being a later born. As if it weren’t hard enough.
Being in a womb. When will we ever have extra utero development!
IVF. But we do have in vitro fertilization.
Lungs with symmetrical bronchiole bifurcations. For once, someone blames symmetry.
Genes AND the immune system gone awry–in the mother. I’m sure that’s what made us cold.
Genes. Lots and lots of genes. If I listed them all, this would be an epic post.
Neanderthals (not really; just more genes)
Hyperinuslinemia and diabetes. Hypothesis, not study.
Impaired brain connections. Ya think?
Impaired sugar metabolism. This goes on the assumption that GI problems in autistic people differ from those in non-autistic people.
Biomarkers. Lots and lots of biomarkers. This one’s the Jackson Pollock of studies.
Clomid. Mom’s fault for wanting you.
Terbutaline. This is related to prematurity.
Glycine, something about glycine. You know the modern art that you stare at, trying to figure out why it’s supposed to be art? This is the science version of that.
Regulation above the gene (epigenetics). Because no gene is an island or an unsullied, perfectly used code.
Living near a freeway. There goes the nation.
Specific facial features. Elves.
Specific finger features. My fingers tell me I’m male or a lesbian. I am neither.
Specific physical features.
Special brain differences. Ya think?
Too little oxytocin. Oh, oxytocin. You weird little hormone, you.
Too much androgen. Viva la…el…hormone!
Too much androgen…or too little estrogen? OK, so this one’s my own contribution. A gal’s gotta contribute.
Too much money. We wish.
Lyme disease. Tick, tock, not.
Antidepressants. See “stress, depression” above. If you’re an autism parent and this list didn’t do you in, congratulations on how well those anti-depressants are working.

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Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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10 People Replies to “"This Just In: Being Alive Linked To Autism" a followup & a plagiarization”

  1. Anonymous

    Don't forget, not breastfeeding… (AH)

  2. Anonymous

    Don't forget gluten allergies.

    I've had well-meaning people track me down to tell me that switching my son to a gluten-free diet would cure his autism.

  3. So glad I wasn't drinking a hot or fizzy beverage while reading this.

    You might be interested in this post by a "fat" activist who rips the media a new one for these latest proposed "causes" of autism and rips the so-called "study" apart for being flawed.

    Do Fat Moms Cause Autism?

    PS Do not drink a hot or fizzy beverage while reading the above.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I am one of those moms who beats herself up ALL the time b/c we have family style autism:( Maybe I did do something wrong. But, then again my cousin has two kids with autism. So its probably genetic (at least for us) and there is nothing we could have done about it. But either way the guilt can rip you apart.

    Thanks for making me smile.

  5. Anonymous

    I just have to say that I love your blog. I was just commenting the other day about the epidemic of utterly ridiculous things they are linking to autism. I am 49 and my 6 year old son has autism. I am not diabetic, obese, he was not premature. I am sure these idiotic causes being published are doing damage to some parents of autistic children via guilt for something they could have done differently. Put some of that energy into finding effective treatments people! Thanks Autism Daddy!!

  6. Crystal

    Lol I love's sooo true..everyday there is something new that causes autism

  7. Thanks for sharing the joy… Needed a reality check as I'm just waiting for some well meaning behind-chapeau to point out how I caused my son's autism. Never mind that I have it and he could have gotten it that way… Duh! 🙂

    And by the way, if we had a big head contest I think spouse, kid, and I might win. I prefer to think of us as people who are too awesome to cover it up with a hat. 🙂

    1. realizing now that the quip about son's head size was Emily's… oops.

  8. Chris K

    Thank you for the much-needed levity!

  9. Kristin

    This is awesome!!!! It's ridiculous & I love it!!!!