Now Reading: It’s Gonna Be a LONG Sunday…(and Monday?)

It’s Gonna Be a LONG Sunday…(and Monday?)

Sunday 8:46am — The king and I have been up since 6am.  He’s got strep throat so he’s been stuck in all weekend.  Day 3 of antibiotics so he’s probably not contagious anymore…but he’s still got a cough and is sleepier than usual so the strep is still kinda kicking his butt.

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Yesterday he stayed in all day and the wife and I “tag-team” parented.  She slept late and I took the first shift, then she got up and I ran some errands (pharmacy, food shopping, etc).  
Then in the afternoon I took over until the evening when I had to leave for my HIGH STAKES NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD “EM POKER TOURNAMENT that I played in last night at a friend of a friend’s house.
From 7pm-midnight I got to play poker and drink beer and bullshit with 29 other guys…and feel like a MAN… a real typical man…
It was glorious!  I didn’t win any money.  Only the top 5 players were “in the money” but I came in 8th place out of 30 guys which is damn respectable for me who plays but once a year!
I got home around 12:30am and the wife was already sleeping.  She woke up when I came in and was complaining of a massive sore throat.  She said Kyle was being so cuddly and affectionate towards her last night.  
That is kinda rare for my wife. Very often the king will be more affectionate with people he’s just met…and mommy gets the shaft.  And that makes her sad sometimes.  
Because he was being so affectionate with her, my wife said that she couldn’t help but to hang with him and soak it all up…but she said at one point,
“He literally coughed and sneezed in my mouth and face.  I could literally feel myself at that moment getting his strep.”
So I’m all wired up from getting home from an exciting poker tournament and she’s preparing me for the next day.
HER…”I’m feeling like crap.  If I feel like this tomorrow I’m probably gonna need to take to the bed for a big chunk of the day.  So prepare yourself for hanging with Kyle all day tomorrow.  And PLEASE have more patience with him than you’ve had lately.  If he feels anything like I feel now then he’s been in a GREAT mood considering.  Give him lots of water.  Let him watch as much tv as he wants.  Don’t let little things stress you out.”
And I’m already negotiating…
ME… “Just take some advil and you’ll feel fine.  Besides if you’re already sick than you should hang with him and I should just leave or ‘take to the bed’ so I don’t catch it.”
She just rolled her eyes at me and went back to sleep.
So here we are.  The king and I watching “Jack’s Big Music Show” on the couch at 9:08am.  Wait, how can it only be 9:08am!!  I’ve only been up with him for 3+ hours?!  How is that possible?!
Ugh, I kinda feel like a prisoner in my own home.  And I think Kyle’s kinda feeling that way too.  He’s getting “cabin fever”
In a few hours I’ll probably say to the wife, “Do you have any errands you need me to run?  Didn’t you need a lot of stuff from Trader Joe’s?  I’ll take Kyle with me.  He’s not contagious any more.  It’s not that cold out.  He just needs a change of atmosphere.  I’ll even keep him in the cart the whole time.  Please!  Pretty please!”
And she’ll be the voice of reason telling me no…
He’s really been good so far this morning.  I can’t complain.  He’s in a fairly happy mood.  But we are already both getting bored.  And we’ve got 11-12 hours to go!  
This is gonna be a LONG Sunday… And guess what?  Tomorrow is President’s Day so I’ve got no work so I have a feeling that Monday is gonna be a repeat of today.  
Oh well… I guess boring is good compared to a lot of other things.  I just need to heed my wife’s advice.  I just need to keep my patience.  I need to not stress all the little things and let him get away with a little bit more than usual since he’s not feeling well.
But the holding breath, and the saliva play, and the hands in the pants constantly, and the couch bouncing, and the climbing on the bathroom sink, and the tv hitting!
And now it’s only 9:31am!?!
“Honey, I think my throat’s kinda sore too.  I’m gonna need a nap for a few hours…”
THE END!  Just a quick, silly Sunday morning “slice of life post”…

Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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  1. Anonymous

    We are right there with you, AD. Thanks for sharing. Oldest daughter had strep throat this past week and gave it to me and fortunately my youngest (she's on the spectrum)has been the toughest out of all of us! She's just plugging right along. 🙂