Now Reading: The Interesting / Funny / Scary Things People Search For When They Find Autism Daddy…

The Interesting / Funny / Scary Things People Search For When They Find Autism Daddy…

(originally written & published on February 5, 2012)

When you have a blog you get to see reports of all the different things people searched for to “find” your blog.  I always find this stuff fascinating to see how people stumble across the ol’ Autism Daddy blog.  So I thought I would write a blog post about the funniest/ the most interesting/ the scariest searches that people did to find this blog.  Under some of them I’ll add a comment and/ or put a link to the blog post I think they found. 

dirty dishes
filthy dishes
This I find HILARIOUS!  People are doing Internet searches for “filthy dishes” or “dirty dishes” or even “dirty dishes in sink” and finding my now INFAMOUS blog post, “Who Should Clean The Dirty Dishes??”  Some are actually trying to find a photo of “dirty dishes in sink” and finding my photo and using it on their own sites!  I couldn’t be MORE proud!

need help with my severely autistic son with an insatiable appetite
we have the exact opposite problem!  which you can read in my post “It’s getting crazy up in here… Eating / Feeding Issues 🙁 “

Can you get a handicap placard for an autistic child in Texas
Yes you can!  And you can read all about it in my post “I Can Get A Handicap Parking Permit For Autism? Yes You Can!!”

Holding breath.
Yep we got that too, but with autism on top of it!  You can read about it HERE and also HERE.

10 commandments broken
I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but I broke 5 autism blog commandments in 2011…  🙂

Your dad left because you are a loser
Nope, your dad was the LOSER.  Read how he was a loser HERE

I need a miracle for my autistic child
Don’t we all.  But you won’t find any miracles on this site…  sorry.  If I find one I will report back and write about it right away!

Dave Grohl autism
Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters has autism??  I never heard that one before.  Don’t think it’s true…  But this autism daddy & mommy love the foo fighters and I’ve written about them often and once me writing about them got me in a lot of trouble on this blog which you can read about HERE  🙂

My child broke a window with his head autism
Been there, done that!  Look at THIS.

Put it in me daddy
Oooh your searching for something sexual not autistic…  You probably won’t find it here!  🙂

Running is my happy pill.
Running marathons is one of my happy pills.  My other happy pill is an actual happy pill which I write about HERE

Are we abandoning families with autism
Not on my watch!  LOL

Why do families have multiple kids with autism
Good question.  The wife and I debated having a 2nd child for a long time and I wrote about it HERE.

Autism never goes away?
From my experience… no…  sorry to be the bearer of bad news…  🙂

Autism poop suppository
Yes, been there, done that.  What do you want to know exactly?

Autistic nephew only eats white foods and throws tantrum when mom and dad try to take him away from the televisions.
Don’t know about this one…

What should Kyle get for lunch
My Kyle?  Your Kyle?  How would I know what your Kyle should eat for lunch?  🙂

Why is autism so controversial?
How much time do you have?

What can I do about my dad spilling his urine at nite?
Um…  Uh…  Maybe try an incontinence website?

And the rest of these are alot more serious / scary.  These are actual things that people searched the Internet for and then stumbled across my site.  If you are one of these people and want to chat feel free to email me at

Ok, hang on to your hats…. Here goes…

How to leave husband with no job, small autistic child

How to write a letter about quit job to look after my sick daughter

I think my wife is autistic

I won’t lose my son to autism

Is my son autistic because of me

And these last two really got to me…

I can’t quit hating my autistic child

autism is devil want to get rid of my kid

Wow!  I’m speechless.  If you did those searches are are still reading / following this blog please talk to someone… anyone… ASAP…

The end….


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Let’s not be too quick to judge those who searched for some scary stuff. They did it from the privacy of their own computers. My wife was telling me that I shouldn’t write this post for that reason. That I was kinda invading people’s privacy. But I thought that maybe we could all help a person or two so I decided to write it.

But I’ve been guilty of doing some bizarre Internet searches over the years that out of context could seem scary or get me in some trouble.

So not too much judgement please.


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Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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7 People Replies to “The Interesting / Funny / Scary Things People Search For When They Find Autism Daddy…”

  1. Anonymous

    Love u r blog it's good to know we r not alone

  2. Hi! I watch you on Facebook 🙂 I like to check your stuff out so I can learn more. I nearly guffawed at "Put it in me daddy"! They all made me giggle until I got towards the end. Those last two made me shiver. I will admit that I've probably made an assumption or been curious enough to type something in the search that would come up here. As I said, still learning! I have not been around many Autistic people. I briefly lived with two boys who are on opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm somewhat afraid to post one thing I really remember saying because I don't want to be flamed :S But I do enjoy your blog and your facebook. 🙂

  3. definitely not a piece of cake…well, really dry and crumbly cake maybe, lol….that was a great list…i feel for those who searched the last few… and i agree with what anon feb 5th said…"you will never be harder on me than i have been on myself." how true…

  4. Amused Dad

    I think my wife has Autism HAHAHAHA best search EVER!

  5. Anonymous

    Yes! Finally something about dog.
    My webpagedog supplies cheap

  6. Anonymous

    I will admit that it has crossed my mind to walk away from my ASD kid and start over like my ex did. I felt horrible for thinking it and I would never do it but I understand how someone can feel that way. This single ASD parent stuff is hard business and I have a real hard time with people who act like it's a piece of cake….I just don't understand that. So judge me all you want but honestly you will never be harder on me than I have been on myself.

  7. Man Oh man, LOL on the funny ones and very much shame shame on those last few for those out there, Dont know how someone can hate their child period! I hate the Autism and LOVE my son to no ends!