Now Reading: Another Perfect Example Of Why We Call My Son "King Sh-t" :-)

Another Perfect Example Of Why We Call My Son "King Sh-t" :-)

So as many of you know I call my son Kyle, the King.

That’s short for “King Shit”

I’ve written a few other blog posts with examples of why the name King Shit is fitting for him. Well tonight we came across another reason.

It was a Wednesday night a little after 8pm. Kyle was flopping around on the couch starting to settle down for the night.

I was about to bring him upstairs to start the bedtime routine, but the wife said that his feet were dry and she wanted to massage his feet & hands with lotion. The king usually loves to have his feet massaged…

So she gets the lotion and says to him “Lotion…” in a sing songy way… And the King sticks out his foot like “Massage my feet…” :-).

Kyle’s in a new habit of clapping his hands together 2 times, quickly & forcefully to get your attention. Almost the way a king would summon one of his servants…

So after several minutes of massaging his feet the King claps his hands two times and hands the wife his hands, as if to say “Now massage my hands”

Then while she’s rubbing his hands the wife is having a conversation with me about something…something unKyle related… and his majesty was trying to settle down but her talking must’ve been annoying him so he clapped his hands 2 times as if to say “Silence Woman!” and then rolled up into a ball and burrowed his face in the couch as if he was going to sleep.

Boy is that kid a spoiled King Shit or what?


Written by

Frank Campagna

I’m a 48 year old neurotypical dad with a 14 year old son with severe, non-verbal autism & epilepsy. I created this blog to rant about autism & epilepsy while celebrating my son who I affectionately call “the king” :-).

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10 People Replies to “Another Perfect Example Of Why We Call My Son "King Sh-t" :-)”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello. .I am new to your posts. I am an Instructional AIDE for special needs kids. I love my kids. When I am with them during the day, I love them as if they were "my" child. All my parents request me …I don't sugar coat anything…if the parent needs to know how was his day, I tell them. If they help or need something done a certain way…it gets done. I ask my supervisor not to put me with a typical child. Typical are okay..sometimes..but I get my Austin kids. I am 58 years old, my kids are out of the house…so I really love your child when I am with them during the day. My goal …to make sure, you as a mom or dad, know your child is being taken of when you are at work.

  2. Anonymous

    hahahha,, love your blog, I think I enjoy it so much because it is so incredibly familiar!! I totally get the King shit.. we have one here as well.. oh my,, so funny!

  3. hah! the 2 claps is hysterical!

  4. What a funny story! I had the perfect visual in mind too!

  5. Jennifer

    All Hail The King!

  6. You call him King Shit because he is the KING SHIT and just like with my nephew, you should KNOW IT! They are the most loving and wonderful kids, human beings in the world! When my nephew wants me or his Mom, he goes slap/slap with his hands then "Come here Aunnie/Mommy!" really causes notice in stores! HAHA We have him and they don't!!!! I am a lucky Aunnie even if we didn't plan it this way…you just have to love the laughs, crys, heartaches and triumphs!!! Cause ours are better than the run of the mill…they are SPECIAL!!! and they are ours…

  7. kellie in houston

    kellie in houston tx
    iv'e been reading your blogs and looking at your pics of Kyle(enjoy the reading and he's a cutie) and he reminds me of my ADHA and ASD 10yr old son. my son is high functioning but he has some of the same habits Kyle does. he is 5'3, 150, wears men shoes and pants but like the pics on little boys shirts, do you know there aren't many mens shirts like that? any way..when my son was younger he hated water in his he is laying in the tub(legs bent and butt sticking up)with his head under the waterand after an hour i have to force him out..everyone is his friend so if another child even looks at him they are his friend..right now he is so desperate for friends, that he thinks the kids at school who bully him are his friends(i fight almost everyday with the school…No Tolerance for Bullying..MY ##!). he eats certain food and it has to be cooked the same way all the time or he don't eat it..but i'm off track here sorry….I call him Drama short for Drama King…for everything he does and all the melydowns and the stares in public….i wouldn't change him for the me..he is everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hahahaha!!!!!! i can relate. my son wears bbds in school but not at home???? UH HELLO??? why should he when he has a personal maid????? he learned to shower in school ( partially because of toilet accidents. they turned showering with minimal prompts into a goal )……..but at home he stands there and waits and does nothing till the maid arrives……… day the maid is going on strike….but then again, i think he'll just follow me anyway. lmfao.

    btw: he's currently 5 ft 8 inch. and 187 lbs. totally non verbal and is quite a yeller. killed at least a dozen portable dvd players. killed two i touches. broke the ipad ( cracked screen ). kicked the car windshield ( had to have thaat replaced. he wasn't allowed in the car for two months after that ). two holes in the wall……. i need alcohol or i think imma steal some of his wellbutrin and abilify. LOL!

  9. Nancy Frankel

    That's freaking awesome!!! Long live the King and his humble servants : )