Saturday, June 14, 2014

Video of Kyle Eating a Plum... :-)

Earlier this morning I wrote this on my Autism Daddy Facebook page...

Every summer wifey reintroduces plums & peaches into Kyle's diet and every summer he goes thru a phase where he's goes gaga for summer fruit!  
He's in one of those phases right now and we love to watch it. Him devouring a peach with wild abandon is an awesome sight.   
In fact we take pics of it every summer.  We probably have a picture of the king eating a plumevery year going back to maybe 2006...

And here is the video proof!  The Summer 2014 version of Kyle eating a plum...

That's it!  Over & out!



  1. Maybe Kyle likes sweet foods because fruit is really sweet You should introduce Kyle to more sweet foods!

  2. I ate fruit as a kid, though not citrus or pears, at least after 4. He may have a sweet tooth, as the previous commenter said.

  3. You're an awesome father!



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