Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't Believe Your Ears...

Wed 7:31am -- I'm in the basement loading the washing machine.

The whole time I'm down there I can hear the king.

He's "eeeee-ing" loudly and he sounds really distressed and anxious.

This goes on for almost 5 minutes. And I'm about to yell up to the wife,

"Are you with him? What's bothering him?"

But I don't, and I go upstairs in a few minutes and my perspective totally changed.

He was sitting at the table happily watching a show on his iPad while eating pancakes & bananas & happily "eeee-ing" loudly.

No distress, no anxiousness, just happy.

Funny how your perspective can change so quickly.

The lesson here?

Don't believe your ears.


  1. Glad he was happy! Sorry it caused you anxiety!

  2. That's how my son showed his happiness...eee' at 22 its aaaahh'ing. The louder, the happier. :)

  3. Nice work with the self restraint. Expectations often throw me for a loop.

  4. We've gotten pretty good at determining what is a happy noise and what is NOT a happy noise, but this still happens at least once every other day in our house. I absolutely admire your restraint! :)

  5. have missed you and updates. hope all is well.



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