Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An update after Kyle's hernia surgery today

The king chillaxing in his playroom at home after surgery

Wed 2:52pm -- We are home from the hospital after successful hernia surgery this morning. The king really made things easy on us. He pretty much always does well in these stressful for mom & dad situations. He's home watching tv and acting all cuddly. And the scar is so tiny. Lathroscipic! The surgery was nothing!

And as we left I had a moment that really put things in perspective. We were at a children's hospital. And as we were walking to the car with the king and 2 bags of supplies for the 7 hours we were there (iPad, books, clothes, water, etc) there was a mom & dad walking near us in the parking lot.

The dad was carrying 2 small plastic bags and his wife said to him "I can't believe that's all we have for 7 weeks here.". And he said, "7 weeks?". And she said "Yep we were here 7 weeks to the day..."

And all I could think is...Wow...A hernia surgery is nothing compared to whatever those folks had to deal with with their kid.

And autism and seizures are probably nothing compared to whatever caused your kid to be in the hospital for 7 weeks.

Really feel thankful and lucky right now.

I'm sure that will go away in a day or two when Kyle acts dizzy or has what might be another silent / absence seizure. And then I'll be stressed and back to my usual "woe is me..."

But for right now I feel thankful & lucky....



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