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Why Autism Awareness is No Longer Enough

by Jenn Mitschke-Ethirveerasingam

GUEST POST   Almost 10 years ago, my then 2 -year old son, Devin, was diagnosed with classic autism. He has made great progress. He is capable and able to...

Thinking About Career Day At My Son’s School

by Ellie Whetzel

GUEST POST -Ellie Whetzel is a Wife, Mom, and blogger who writes about the ups, the downs, and everything in between of life with her extraordinary son, Leo, who is...

New Autism Julia Content from Sesame Street!

by Frank Campagna

Howdy folks!  As many of you know I work at Sesame Street, and was proud to play a small part in the launch of Sesame's autism initiative back in 2015. So...

Autism Daddy 2.0 — The Reboot!

by Frank Campagna

  Howdy all!  I'm baaaack!  Ready to relaunch my site and ready to start blogging and Facebooking again! As you can imagine it's been a strange year.  Wifey and I...

Becoming a “Typical” Teen at Just the Right Time

by Frank Campagna

I'm starting to write this post at 9:30pm on a chilly Wednesday night.  I'm sitting on my couch in my underwear eating frozen pizza while watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and...