Friday, May 8, 2015

Why So Many Seizures at School But Almost None at Home?

This week in "Things We Have To Figure Out"

Why is Kyle having so many seizures during the school day, but very few to none at home?

Is there something that's triggering it at school?  

Fluorescent lights maybe?  

Or is it just that when his majesty has demands put on him he gets stressed which could trigger seizures?

Or has he figured out a way to cause himself to have seizures to get out of doing his school work?  (if anybody could do that it would be the king)

All we know is that he had about 4-5 days over the past 2 weeks at school where he had multiple small seizures in a short period of time and then napped for 2+ hours each day. 

Today they said he had about 5 seizures in a 10 minute stretch and after 2 hours of him sleeping they called Wifey to pick him up. 

And after she picked him up, all afternoon at home...seizure free and generally happy to be home according to Wifey. 

And all last weekend... No seizures. 

When we were off on Monday at the beach... No seizures. 

We have to figure this out. But when Monday rolls around I think we have to send him to school and try to break the pattern or figure out the trigger. 

Boy, epilepsy sucks. And epilepsy with a non verbal kid who can't clue you in to what he's feeling or any potential triggers sucks even worse...


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