Sunday, February 8, 2015

Autism Research: The Difference Between "a Link To" VS. "the Cause Of"

So in the past month there's been two new "links" to autism.

And every time these research articles linking autism to other things come out many in the autism community come out to ridicule the studies.  I've been guilty of it myself over the years.  I once posted a humorous blog post about all the autism links that you can read HERE.

So many people assume that I am anti-research and/or against all these studies.  

In fact, a few years back there was research linking older dads to an increased risk of autism, and many asked my opinion, and at that time I said that it didn't bother me because being an older dad might be one of 10 links that might've cause a kid to have autism.  

That's because I get the HUGE difference between a "link" to autism vs a "cause" of autism. 

Many moms & dads get offended or frustrated with research like this because it makes them feel guilty about something they may have done to cause their kid's autism, during pregnancy for example.  

There was 2 different studies a few years back, one linking antidepressants during pregnancy to an increased risk of autism and one linking obesity during pregnancy to an increased risk of autism.  But if you were on antidepressants or obese while pregnant and had an autistic kid that's probably not the sole cause.  No one is saying that.  They are saying that your kid probably may have had a predisposition to being autistic and obesity, antidepressants, or any number of other things or a combo of all those things came together to unfortunately make your kid autistic.  

It's kinda like what I mean when I wrote in a previous blog post (READ) that

Autism Is Like A Cough....
What I mean by that is, there's probably 20 things that make you cough (cold, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc).  And each of those 20 things have a different treatment, a different way to make that cough disappear.
In the same vein I think there may be 20+ things that bring on autism, or autistic symptoms or whatever you want to call it.  And there may be 20 different ways of treating that autism.  

So even though I've joked about some of the research over the years, especially the more ludicrous studies, I'm not bothered by it. I'm glad they're doing lots of research to find links and causes. I appreciate the research on causation & links mostly because it will work towards a cure for future generations.  It might not help my son, but if they figure out what the links or causes are it may help future parents.  And also sometimes the research finds similarities between autism and other neurological disorders (like Parkinson's or cerebral palsy) which may lead to possible medicine advancements for autism.  So I'm not bothered by most of the research.

What I am bothered by is them releasing the findings from these studies prematurely and/or the mainstream media picking up on them and simplifying them and scaring people. Every week there's a new link. Mothers weight, father's age, living near a highway, etc, etc, etc. If you read that every other week it just seems ludicrous.

That's it.  A short blog post to clarify the difference between "a link to" and " the cause of"



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