Wednesday, January 14, 2015

VIDEO: Kyle & I Reading His New Old Favorite Book... :)

Wed 7:58pm Quick Video of Kyle & I are reading an old favorite which he just rediscovered today, "The Berenstain's B Book"

I just bought 2 extra used copies on amazon as backup since he inevitably rips & destroys his favorites...




  If you're gonna shop Amazon anyway, can I ask that you enter Amazon by using the search box above?  This way I can make a little money.  This blogging thing has been awesome & life changing for me... but I must admit that it's taking up a lot more time than I ever thought... so if I can make a few bucks it'll make it easier for me to justify....Love you all! Thanks!!


  1. BAAAAAM!!! B-A-M!!! BAAAAM!!!!!!

    That's just awesome. What kid/adult could resist that?!?!? :)

  2. Hi my name is Hannah and I work with autistic children. I enjoyed watching this video of you reading with your son. It gave me some new ideas on how to read to autistic children. I also have a blog about autism you should check it out sometime when you have some free time.



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