Saturday, January 3, 2015

Audio of Kyle "Talking" After Swim Today :-)

I took the king to open swim at the Y this afternoon.  He loves the pool but between his cold and the holidays he probably hasn't been swimming in about 3 weeks.

So I took him and went in the pool with him.  We were swimming for about 75 minutes.  He had a great time and was happily loud & stimmy throughout.

This is some audio I recorded of my very "talkative" nonverbal autistic son in the locker room at our local Y after 75 minutes in the pool. 




  1. Crack me up ----- we say that too! "so then what happened?"

  2. Awwww Seems like Kyle is trying to talk but the words aren't coming out!

  3. My son, (26 - classic autism,) is very verbal, but makes these vocalizing sounds too.

  4. I am Luba, a mother of 18 year old son with classic autism. He can say a lot of words (we had been learning them for years) and short phrases byt he prefers pinching me. My husband and me are both pshychiatrists. The God likes joking.

  5. He sounds Happy! DC is verbal but these same sounds come out often as well.



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