Thursday, June 26, 2014

VIDEO: Popcorn Can Get Kyle Thru Anything!

Thursday 8:38pm -- Kyle is doing great so far with his EEG. I guess popcorn & Laurie Berkner music videos on the iPad can get him thru anything!

Check out the video proof!

Monday, June 23, 2014

How My Autism Life Is Like The Movie "Groundhog Day"

(originally written & published on June 23, 2014)

I've said many times before that raising Kyle is often like living the movie Groundhog Day...that Bill Murray comedy classic where he relives the exact same day over & over & over.  

I say that mainly because it sometimes feels like we've been kinda raising a toddler for 10+ years now. 

Here's a perfect concrete example of what I mean.  See if you feel the Groundhog Day connection...

Mon 8:37pm -- Kyle is watching this old HBO special called Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales  that we TiVo'd way back in 2004 when he was actually a wee toddler. 

It's got animated versions of some classic books interspersed with interviews with kids taking about their dreams. 

The wife and I know every line of it by heart and can even imitate most of the voices and facial expressions of the kids being interviewed. 

We should know it by heart. It's been helping Kyle fall asleep for basically his entire life. 

I'd say he watches it at least 4 times a week which means we've seen it probably over 2000 times over the years. 

And the wife and I are obsessed with trying to find out what these kids are up to today. 

That's my "Groundhog Day" moment of the day...

It dawned on us a few months back that even though our king is still kinda like a toddler...most of the kids in this video (which was produced in 2000) are probably in college right now. 

Now that right there is a real mind screw, ya know?

Y'all got any "Groundhog Day" examples in your autism households? Or is it only my mind that goes there?


That's it.  The end.  I'll leave you with the trailer of the movie Groundhog Day.  I need to see this movie again soon.  It's one of the classics...


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How an "Emergency" Evolves Over the Course of 2 Weeks

This isn't a scary post... I swear. 

This is a post about how something that felt like an emergency situation in our lives one week changes over the course of 13 days to become something else...something more manageable... 

It has less to do with autism and more to do with epilepsy/seizures but i think y'all will still enjoy it. 

So anyway I wrote back on Mothers Day (read) how Kyle had his biggest / longest seizure ever. 

And then for the next few weeks after he had a lot more seizures than usual.  

We adjusted some meds...

But a few weeks back on June 10th I wrote about (read) how the school called us cuz he was having small clusters of seizures and they were very concerned and we went in and the whole thing felt like an urgent emergency situation. 

So as I wrote back then (read) we saw Kyle's new neurologist who calmed us a bit but he wanted to get Kyle in for an overnight EEG in a hospital as soon as possible. 

So we got home from that appointment on June 10th and wifey called the Pediatric Epilepsy Center at the busy Manhattan NYC hospital we'll be going to this time. She spoke to the EEG scheduling guy and the first available overnight appointment they had was Monday June 23 into Tues June 24 which was almost  2 weeks away. 

WIFEY "There's nothing closer available? This is an emergency situation"

EEG GUY "No ma'am we are all booked up but I can put you on the cancellation/no show list and we'll call you if we have a last minute cancellation"

WIFEY "That's great. Yes we can be down there in less than an hour. Please the earlier you can get us in there the better"

And that's truly the way we felt. 

And since most of these little seizure clusters happened in the early part of his school day for the rest of that school week we let him sleep late, sleep in and wifey brought him to school for the second half of the day... 1145am one day, 1115 the next, etc. Our thinking was maybe he needed the extra sleep (?) and maybe he'd sleep thru the time of day when he'd have the clusters at school (?)

And it kinda sorta worked. Maybe?  We slowly saw a few less seizures. 

And the early part of last week things were close to back to "normal". She brought him in around 10am last Monday, 9am Tuesday and Wed thru Fri he was back to full school days... And he had a GREAT week behaviorally and seizureally. (that's a word I invented) 

A truly great week all around. His best in a few months?!

So last Tuesday the guy from the EEG place left a message to say that he had great news and could move us up to Fri June 20 - Sat June 21 and wifey called me to talk it thru. 

ME:  "Well that's better cuz he'll only miss one day of school. But on Saturday he'll miss music therapy and he likes that."

HER:  "Yeah. And that's paid for and that's expensive. So maybe we should leave it for Monday. Plus the dr's not gonna see it over the weekend so it's only really moving it up one day."

So she called the EEG guy to say that we wanted to leave it as is and she said that he sounded genuinely shocked and disappointed that we didn't want the earlier appointment since she stressed how much of an emergency this is. 

But wait it gets better.  :)

So then last Wed we get a note home from school in Kyle's backpack saying that this Mon & Tues (June 23 & 24) are the last two full days of school with parents invited Tues afternoon for an end of the year slide show. 

Wed & Thur are half days and Fri is no school. And then summer school starts the following week on Wed July 2nd (same bundling, same classroom, diff teacher & aides). 

So we realized if he has the EEG on Monday & Tuesday then he'll miss his last 2 full days of school and wifey will miss the end of the year slide show. 

So wifey and I start talking it thru...

HER:  "Should we shift the EEG by a few days so he won't miss the last few days of school?"

ME:  "Yeah I was thinking the same thing. It would be good to try to schedule it for during the half days and days off"

HER:  "Yeah that way it'll be the least disruptive to his schedule and ours"

So on Friday wifey called the EEG guy and she was able to shift the EEG to this Thursday and Friday (6/26 & 6/27).   (she fibbed and said Kyle wasn't feeling well so shifting it would give him a few extra days to get over his "cold").

So now he'll be able to attend the last 2 full days of school and the half day on Wednesday.

And we're not due at the hospital until 11:30am on Thursday so wifey and I will probably drop him off at school, then she and I will go out to a nice romantic breakfast ;) near the school and pick him up 90 minutes later. Say our goodbyes to the staff and give them all their end of the year gifts. And then head to the hospital and put our kid thru the torture that is a 24 hour overnight EEG. 

Actually as I've written before the hard part, the torture part for Kyle is putting the EEG leads on his head. Once they're on he usually does pretty ok. 

But anyway that's my LONG story showing what was an emergency 13 days ago has now settled into "we gotta get this done but let's get it done in the way that affects his life & our lives the least"

And let me say that shifting the EEG test to Thur & Fri completely changed my outlook on this past weekend and the week ahead.  I was dreading the weekend knowing that we had a hospital stay on Monday, and knowing that wifey would still want to fill the weekend with all sorts of summer activities...  :)  And I was sad at the thought of Kyle missing has last few days of school with the regular teacher and "crew" Kyle

But shifting it to Thur & Fri just made the whole thing so much more manageable in my brain... and the weekend and the week ahead had a whole different outlook.  In fact I didn't freak out when wifey wanted to take a day trip to the beach yesterday... :-) and we all had a pretty good time...

But let me take a step back and say that he is still having way too many seizures for our taste...not many of the scary long kind, but way too many of the short 10 seconds, drunk smile looking ones... he must've had a dozen today...  but as crazy as this may sound, that is not an emergency situation...

So I don't regret for a second pushing the eeg back.

First of all the EEG is a test.  It is not a procedure.

And we've been thru these before so we know that it's not like we're gonna come out of this eeg test with some concrete answers and a new course of action that's gonna miraculously make his seizures go away immediately...  They'll probably call us with the "official" results a few days later...tweak a med... and see what happens...

So if that's the case, why not shift things for a few days so that he can go to his last few days of school?... and wifey can go to the end of the year slideshow... and give all the teachers and aides their gifts... and say a proper goodbye...

Plus Kyle likes the routine of school and I must admit, that so do we.  So wifey has always been great about trying to schedule Kyle's "medical" things during his off times so they'd be the least disruptive to his school schedule (for him & for us).

Like last year when he needed the VNS Surgery, his summer school year ended on a Friday in mid-August.  We went away to our annual upstate NY Lake vacation on Saturday for a week.  Kyle and we love going up there so we didn't want to deny ourselves that.   But then wifey purposefully scheduled the surgery for the Monday after we got back so that he'd recuperate at home during his off days and be ready for when school started after Labor Day.  And it all pretty much worked out according to her master plan.  :)

And that little note above about us going out to breakfast during the 90 minutes Kyle is in school... I'm totally serious about that.   That's the kind of stuff that gets me thru these rough days... finding a few normal moments with the wife in a local bagel shop before we have to go thru the EEG torture. And don't get me wrong... I was kidding about it being romantic... We'll probably be stressing about our upcoming day...and reciting lists of things "did you remember to bring ___?" "yes, but did you remember to bring ____?"

But that 90 minutes will probably be our last bit of respite before a very stressful few days...maybe wifey's last bit of respite until summer school starts on July we are gonna savor those bagels...

Anyway, that's all I got.  Just wanted to update y'all because I know I wrote on Facebook last week that the EEG would be Mon-Tues.  So this is the LONG explanation as to why we shifted it by 3 days...

Basically more important things (like school & bagels) took precedent over the "emergency" situation...


Sunday, June 22, 2014

VIDEO -- Kyle eating breakfast, bouncing, & fending off doggie Paula :-)

Here's a quickie video from today...9:05am on a Sunday morning...of Kyle eating a breakfast of popcorn, cheerios, and water while bouncing on his ball while watching Sesame Street while pushing doggie Paula out of his way when she's trying to pick up the scraps off the floor...

Happy Sunday everyone!  On our agenda today is the last week of "Spectrum Baseball" at 10:30am and then we are gonna take a day trip to the beach...  the Ocean!!

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a "Typical" Tuesday Feels Like in the AD Household

Tues 7:33pm -- it sounds like it's been a pretty "typical" Tuesday in the King's World today and in the Autism Daddy household. 

And by "typical" I mean typical for us...and typical for Tuesdays... 

It's just dawned on me that every day has its own feeling around here. 

So here's how a typical Tuesday plays out around here. 

He had a pretty good day at school with no naps and only a few "small, short seizures" 

(yep that's a good school day around these parts lately)

Like most Tuesdays after school wifey took Kyle to his Occupational Therapy / Swim session. 

And as usual he did pretty good there during the "lesson" part...but as usual he started playing with his saliva near (on?) some of the other kids after his lesson so wifey had to get him out of the pool even though he would've loved to hang out more. 

Like most Tuesdays wifey made dinner. 

And like most Tuesdays wifey was exhausted and excused herself and went upstairs shortly after I got home from work. 

Why was she exhausted?

Cuz like most Tuesdays the locker room after the pool is extremely exhausting even when Kyle is being good and cooperating...and the older/bigger he gets the harder it gets. 

So shortly after I got home she went upstairs to unwind which lately means watching "30 Rock" on the iPad til she passes out 18 minutes later. 

And like most Tuesdays I'm currently eating the yummy dinner wifey made (sausage & potatoes!) while keeping one eye on Kyle and getting up and playing goalie every 48 seconds. 

I'm on the lookout for seizures, breath holding, saliva play, hands in pants play with the occasional pulling him off of the furniture. 

In a few minutes I'll give him his evening round of seizure meds plus melatonin and hopefully by 8:45pm he'll be asleep. 

Then I'll put the leftovers away, maybe do a few dishes. 

And then at about 9:30pm I'll have my most important decision of most Tuesday nights. 

Do I wake up wifey and try to convince her to watch "Orange is the New Black" (or whatever is our current mutual tv obsession of the moment) with me... Or do I dare watch it without her?...Or do I watch something else and save that show to watch with wifey on Wednesday night. 

Yes, she'll be less exhausted on Wednesday night. 

Wednesdays have a whole different feel around here. 


That's it.   That's all I got for tonight. A little slice of life of what a typical Tuesday feels like in the ol' AD household. 

Hope y'all enjoyed it...


Maybe I'll watch last night's episode of "24" tonight (wifey doesn't watch 24) and save "Orange is the New Black" for wifey.  Yeah that's what I'll do. 


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Video of Kyle Eating a Plum... :-)

Earlier this morning I wrote this on my Autism Daddy Facebook page...

Every summer wifey reintroduces plums & peaches into Kyle's diet and every summer he goes thru a phase where he's goes gaga for summer fruit!  
He's in one of those phases right now and we love to watch it. Him devouring a peach with wild abandon is an awesome sight.   
In fact we take pics of it every summer.  We probably have a picture of the king eating a plumevery year going back to maybe 2006...

And here is the video proof!  The Summer 2014 version of Kyle eating a plum...

That's it!  Over & out!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today's neurologist appointment & other "jerky" events

So because of Kyle's seizure clusters at school yesterday & today (read my previous blog post for more info) we went to the neurologist appointment at 2:15pm. This is a well regarded NYC neurologist that we saw last year to get a second opinion before we decided to get the VNS surgery.

We are thinking of him being our regular neurologist.

And just as I expected before we do anything he wants Kyle to go in for a new 24-48 hour EEG at the hospital that he is affiliated with.

But within 10 minutes of being in his office our morning that felt like such an emergency started to feel like "ok, well let's do this & that & then try this"

Kyle will go in for a 24-48 hour EEG on June 23rd in a hospital in Manhattan (unless they have a cancellation or a no-show...then we are on the standby list).

After the EEG we'll decide what kind of seizures he's having and adjust meds accordingly or try new ones.

Really the scariest part about all this (at least for me & the wife) is the fact that we'll be leaving the great children's hospital where we've done all his eegs the last 2 years and where we feel so comfortable and where they get Kyle and instead we'll be going to an older smaller hospital in manhattan with all the hustle and bustle that comes along with that.

Will they know how to glue the EEG leads on the head of our 90 pound scrappy kid? At the other place they knew how to handle him. The neurologist said we'll be fine at the new place.

But that's the big unknown. In the past getting the eeg leads on was the hardest part. It's absolute torture for the king. The smell of the glue. The sound of the machine. A strange person gluing 20-30 wires to his scalp. Once we get them on the rest of the 24-48 hours, while definitely not a picnic by any means, have gone ok.

So as long as we can get the leads on his head without anyone getting slapped by Kyle and without Kyle popping blood vessels from crying so hard (it happened once) we should be ok.

But for now we are in a complete holding pattern until the EEG. So he goes back to school and we roll the dice and hope for less seizures.

And so how was Kyle for the rest of the day?

Well at the doctors office he was a jerk, lots of hitting between watching his iPad.

We brought my wife's sis with us as backup and she took the brunt of the hitting.

After the appointment we came home and he was fine. Totally his usual jerky self. Watching tv while bouncing on his ball while holding his breath while eating potato chips while playing with his saliva.

After being home for a few hours the wife said let's go to the supermarket.

There's this big, kid friendly supermarket that Kyle sometimes likes when he's in a mood where he likes it...if that makes any sense.


I thought she was crazy to want to go food shopping after the day we had, but before I could object she was like "c'mon he'll be awake for another couple of hours. we need milk and his waffles. and maybe he'll like it and if not you guys can wait in the car and ill race thru the store."

So we all put on our shoes and headed out.

And he kinda LOVED it! He had a real nice time there between some hitting. He had an ice cream cone and pushed all the buttons on the animatronic singing characters placed throughout the store.

And after we finished shopping they have actual real farm animals outside the store so we went to check them out but instead of enjoying seeing the real live animals my son instead fell in love with one of the ugliest animatronic displays 

playing one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life. LOL.

He just wanted to stand there and watch it over and over. 

He even bopped to the music a little.

We got some food from the outdoor food court and we sat at a picnic table right near that ugly, hideous animatronic display and he ate a decent dinner right there.

On the way home he was back to being jerky. Hitting me in the passengers seat and purposefully spilling his bottle of water on the floor.

But jerkiness is better than sleeping and seizures, right?

Anyway it's now 8:21pm and he's asleep on the couch next to the wife.

And tomorrow we pick ourselves up and go back to our normal routine and hope for the best.

That's all I got. I figured I wrote a post about the first half of our day and that first half was a bit scary. So I figured I'd give you the 2nd half of our day to show that when he's not having his small seizures everything is still "normal" around here.

The king is still his jerky self.

Anyway that's it. Time for wifey & I to watch Episode 7 of "Orange is the New Black" Season 2.

Goodnight all!


More seizures at school = dr visit this afternoon

Tues 12:57pm -- I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks down the street from Kyle's school. He had a small cluster of seizures yesterday morning at school, but was "fine" the rest of the day. 

However, as I was getting ready to leave for work today the wife called just before 9am to say that the school already called that he had another cluster, but these were a bit longer and there was more seizures in the cluster.

HER: "I'm going to the school now. Can you please call both neurologists and ask what should we do. Can we move up our appointment with Dr ____ to today?  Or should we just check ourselves in to the ER so we can get another EEG and eval done?"

ME:  "I'm on it."

So I called both docs. Our regular neurologist and our 2nd opinion neurologist who may become our regular. 

But of course it was 9am when I called so I knew it could be hours before I got a call back. 

So at about 9:20am sitting alone in my house I texted the wife and said "I'm gonna come up to the school now cuz I'm feeling helpless here"

To which she replied "ok. I'm here now and he's sleeping peacefully"

I raced up there and that's where i found them. Kyle asleep in a little nook in the classroom with wifey sitting next to him. 

Thankfully the rest of the kids were at gym so it was nice & quiet in there. 

And I pulled up a chair and that's where i sat for 30 minutes or so. 

The school nurse & psychologist stopped by to ask some questions and see what our next steps are. 

"We try to get in to see a doctor today...maybe an overnight EEG in a hospital very soon but in the meantime he's gonna come to school each morning and we'll see what happens"

I left the classroom and sat in my car to make a few calls. 

A few minutes later wifey texted me "he's up and lying on me" and a few minutes later "he's sitting at the table asking for popcorn"

To which I replied "cool. let's go down the hill and sit in the bagel store and wait for the doctors callbacks"

So at about 11am we left him and scarfed down bagels. 

And I said "unless we get marching orders to do something today like dr appointment or an EEG hospital visit, I'm gonna to work this afternoon cuz i anticipate a lot of days off in my future."

At about 11:45am the 2nd opinion doctor called and we've got a 2:15pm appointment this afternoon.  So no work for me today. 

So then we realized weve got almost 2 hours to kill and we've got 2 cars with us. So wifey went to run a few errands and I'm sitting in Starbucks down the hill from his school so one of us is close to him just in case. 

So I'm sitting here slowly drinking a clementine soda so I can justify sitting in their comfy chairs for 2 hours. 


I'll pick him up at 1:45 PM and I'll meet wifey at the doc's office. 

What am I expecting out of this doc visit?

Well because this doc isn't our regular neurologist I'm anticipating that he is gonna second guess some of the med decisions that our regular doc recently put into place. 

And because he's not our regular neurologist I'm expecting that he's gonna want to do his own EEG at his affiliated hospital with his people reading the results. 

So I'm expecting an overnight stay in an unfamiliar hospital will be in our near future. 

But unless it's tomorrow then we've just got to live our lives, keep our routine, and send him off to school and hope for the best. 

Sucks but what else can we do?

And just to put things in perspective these are not the scary 3 minute long "grand mal" seizures that we are seeing. 

They are these tiny 15 seconds max jobbies that he has sometimes. And usually he has them and they don't phase him and he continues on with his day. 

What was different this week was that they were coming in clusters, sometimes 3 of them in a 5 minute period....and they were making him sleep. 

So we need to figure out what the f--k is going on. 

But just like autism there's no easy answers with epilepsy. 

Maybe puberty is wreaking major havoc. Maybe it's something else. We tweak this med and see what happens. We tweak the VNS. 

All I know is that it feels like we can't make it a year without an overnight stay in a hospital and that just may be our lives from now on. 

(He was in the hospital in August for the VNS surgery)

That's all I got. A little shitty slice of life post for you. 



Friday, June 6, 2014

VIDEO BLOG! The king eating dinner on a Friday evening....

Hey guys,

As I wrote yesterday (read) Kyle had a fever yesterday so we had to postpone his birthday and he missed school yesterday.

He didn't have a fever today, but we kept him home from school again.

I got home around 5:40pm and recorded this around 6:00pm.  A somewhat calm moment... but dont let this calm moment fool ya.  His majesty has us on our toes today.

Anyway check out the video to hear me babbling for 2 minutes...


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why My Son's Birthday Party Will Be 7 Weeks Late! Mostly My Fault...

I feel so guilty!

Kyle's birthday was on May 12th.  We usually have his pool & pizza party at the Y the weekend before or the weekend after his BD.

We invite about 15-20 "special" friends and their parents and sibs.  And for us it is a true tag-team family effort.  Wifey's sis, niece, bro, and sis-in-law come every year to help out and "serve" everyone so that the wife and I can tend to Kyle and just enjoy ourselves.

This year I was selfish and did that overnight running relay race on Fri May 9 - Sat May 10.  So May 10th was out.  May 11th was Mother's Day so that wouldn't work.

And every Sat or Sun since then either didn't work for one of our family helpers or the Y didn't have the date available...until this Saturday.

This Saturday, June 7th was FINALLY gonna be the king's long awaited 11th birthday party.

The party means a lot to my wife.  It definitely means more to her than it does to Kyle.  She LOVES throwing parties and she is good at it and takes pride in it.  All month she's been making lists and slowly stocking up on supplies and making the arrangements and planning out the goodie bags.  And all week this week she had our home office set up as a staging area with goodie bags and chips and cups all lined up and ready to go.  

And it's not just pizza for the kids.  She makes a big salad and we get an Italian hero for the adults.

She throws a real good party.

And then today, Thursday June 5th.  2 days before the party.  Kyle woke up with what felt like a pretty high fever.  He's been fighting a small cold for a week...but today was the first sign of a fever.  She took him to the doctor today and they didn't find any strep or anything...

...but we can't wait til the last minute to postpone, and we probably won't put Kyle in the pool 2 days removed from a high fever anyway.

So she called the Y to cancel and see when the next date they had available was.

Sunday June 29th.

So almost 7 weeks later Kyle will finally get his 11th birthday party... and we have to go another 3 weeks without eating all the "fun size" chips & Doritos we bought for the party.

I feel so guilty.  If I didn't run that race his party would've been in the books already.  Who knows what he'll be like on June 29th?  Healthy?  Raging?  Who knows?

But I did have a great time doing that race!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Seizures at School: "There's Nothing I Can Do"

 Kyle went to school today. At about 11:40am the wife and I had the following text exchange. 

She's grey and I'm blue. 

When I got home from work I heard the whole story. 

The teacher called wifey while she was clothing shopping for Kyle in Old Navy. 

The teacher said "he's had a few seizures this morning" 

Wifey runs out of the store and says "a few?  how many?" as she's heading towards her car about to race over to the school. 

Teacher: "well he had one small seizure then took a short nap shortly after he came in . then he just had another small one and is napping again now"

And wifey stopped, thought about it for a minute and said to the teacher, "you know what?  there's really nothing I can do"

And that's the thing with this evil bitch known as epilepsy. If he's not having a huge long seizure that's worthy of a hospital visit or a cluster of medium size / length seizures that warrant some emergency med there really is nothing we can do. 

He is just as safe if not safer at school.

Wifey: "there's really nothing I can do"

Teacher: "I know. I just thought you should know"

Wifey: "thanks. just watch him closely in his sleep and call me if he has another one and I'll come get him."

She didn't hear from the school the rest of the day. 

And when she picked him up they said he had a fine, pleasant, happy, seizure free rest of the day. 

At 2:53pm after school we had this text exchange. 

And that indicated to me that all was back to normal... Or whatever passes for normal around our house this week.  :)

That's all I got...just a little slice of life about our other ugly nemesis epilepsy. 

Am I allowed to say that I hate epilepsy? Or is that insulting my child?  :)


By the way let me state right away that Kyle's school and his teacher did absolutely nothing wrong in this scenario. That's not what this post was about. We got no beef with them. They are ACES!



Sunday, June 1, 2014

Here's Our Tag-team Schedule Today

The king has been rough the past few days. Lots of old stims are back. Spitting, playing with saliva, throwing anything he can get his hands on, climbing on the bathroom sink...just general jerkiness...almost all with a big smile on his face. 

Plus he's been taking afternoon naps all week.

All of this the behaviors and naps maybe partially due to allergies, partially due to a seizure med increase, and again partially due to just general jerkiness...  :)

Anyway today we were invited to a BBQ at my inlaws house at 2pm (mostly outdoors with a lot of people).  This would be after his usual Sunday schedule of special needs baseball at 10:30am & swimming at 1pm. 

He's usually not great at my inlaws house under normal circumstances so today we were really scared. 

So wifey and I split up the day like this. 

She took him to baseball since I kinda hate going there. They drove home. And I changed him into his bathing suit and took him to swim. 

That's where we are now. 

After I shower him we'll eat lunch in the cafeteria here since he always eats better here. 

In the meantime wifey will go to the BBQ on time at 2pm (on time?  yeah right! lol)  and enjoy some food in peace & quiet. 


After lunch in the cafeteria I'll come home and give his majesty the opportunity to nap. 

When he wakes up I'll take him to the BBQ and tag wifey in, and put her back on duty...

And then I'll eat some cold, leftover burgers and dogs. 


Whew I'm exhausted just writing about it.  Hopefully it all goes smoothly and according to plan. (what are the odds of that?  lol)

Oops gotta go. The king's swim lesson is over. 

Happy Sunday everyone!


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