Saturday, March 29, 2014

Working Like a Pit Crew -- Day 5 w/ a sick kid...

Sat 5:31am -- I just got Kyle back to sleep I think...

At exactly 5am I got up to pee and wifey said "check him. make sure he's dry."

Cuz lately when Kyle has a cold/fever he has a potty training regression and has lots of pee-pee accidents... especially at night. 

This is day 5 of this "cold". He's wet the bed every night so far. 

So when I checked at 5am, he had again soaked thru. 2 pull-ups, and a pair of underwear over them couldn't didn't do a thing...(when you're almost 11 you're bladder is pull-up proof). 

So he was

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday Chapter 1 -- A look back at December 2011

So I've had my Autism Daddy Facebook Page since April 2011...  and while I'm glad y'all enjoy it, and get something out of it, I sometimes use it for different purposes... Sometimes I use it like a diary or a journal.  Like I'll think "when did Kyle have his last ear infection?  I'll search thru the AD Page to find out..."

But the way Facebook works it makes it very hard for me to search that way.  So now, in honor of "Throwback Thursdays" every Thursday I'm going to take a different month and cut & paste all the great status updates and pics from that month into a long blog post for your reading pleasure and for my better documentation of our lives.

I kinda did this before.  I wrote recaps of April - July of 2011 (read), August 2011 (read), and Novemeber 2011 (read)

And today I present to you a look back at our lives in the grand old time of December 2011.  Kyle was 8 1/2 years old and had just been kicked out of school because of his breath holding (read)

Autism Daddy updated their status.
So supposedly Kyle will be allowed back in school on Monday. That is what we were told by our city's special ed district chairperson.

Supposedly all the doctors FINALLY conferred and FINALLY spoke to Kyle's pediatrician and they all agreed that Kyle's heavy breathing & breath holding spells pose no immediate threat to his health.

They still want us to continue to see this behavior specialist and want him to come up with a plan to curb this behavior. This means he may need to leave school early a few days a week to fit in these appointments with the behavior specialist.

So after missing 9 days of school SUPPOSEDLY he'll be allowed back on Monday. Forgive me if I'm still doubtful and waiting for the other shoe to drop. And as happy as the wife & I are, we are still LIVID at this whole situation, LIVID that it took 2 weeks to settle this and LIVID that he can't begin school tomorrow? Why can't he begin school tomorrow?

If you don't know the history of all this, just read the blog post that I will post in the comments below...

Autism Daddy updated their status.
Friday 6:21pm. I'm driving home from work and I'm thirsty. So I start fishing around in my bag trying to find my little pint sized water bottle. I feel something that feels like it. And I pull out an unused urine specimen cup

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cute Video Of The King With A Fever… :-)

I posted this on my Autism Daddy Facebook this morning…


Tues 7:12am -- The king woke up about an hour ago with what feels to the touch to be a high fever 

(we don't even bother attempting to take his temperature anymore)

He also wet the bed which he hasn't done in a few months 

This can go one of two ways. This could be some weird 24 hour thing...or he'll be sick and out of school all week. 

But it kinda makes sense that he has a fever since he was doing a lot of great stuff cognitively the past few days...

And you know what they say about autistic kids and fevers, right?

Well if you don't then read this...,8599,1889436,00.html


And then later this evening I put this pic up on Facebook of a text exchange between me & wifey…

And I wrote this on Facebook about that text exchange…


The king was home sick today with a fever and just general shmoopiness. 

With epilepsy fevers also sometimes mean extra seizure activity. 

So I wasn't surprised to get this text from wifey at 5:09pm. 

But he's fine... This cold (or whatever it is) isn't bugging me out like usual... cuz he hasn't really had a cold since November which is a great stretch for the king. 

He'll be sick for a few days, he'll sleep a lot, he'll probably have a few more seizures than usual, and most likely by the weekend or Monday at the latest he'll be back on track. 

That's the way I'm looking at it...


And y'all were concerned… I get it… Seizures can be a scary thing… and when a non-verbal kid has a fever it can mean any number of things…

So I just wanted to show you how the king is doing right now…

Check out this video of his majesty, post nap, post Tylenol in his system…

So that's what he's up to at 8:45pm.

He's doing fine  …He'll definitely be home from school again tomorrow…  Maybe even the rest of the week, who knows…

But all in all sometimes this kid makes being sick so easy breezy…

And the moral of the story…  when in doubt, make popcorn… Popcorn solves all problems and ailments in the AD household…  :-)

That's it…over and out…

Not much of a blog post, but I thought y'all would like that video… and I wanted to try it as a blog post this time to see how that works…




If you're gonna shop Amazon anyway, can I ask that you enter Amazon by using the link above?  This way I can make a little money.  This blogging thing has been awesome & life changing for me... but I must admit that it's taking up a lot more time than I ever thought... so if I can make a few bucks it'll make it easier for me to justify....Love you all! Thanks!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I'm Not Going To Move Across The Country To Help My Kid w/ Autism

(originally written & published on March 10, 2014)

This might not be a popular post and will probably look like a selfish jerk to many.

But this is something that's been rolling around in my head for about a year and now I just need to write it down. More to talk it over with I understand why we make certain decisions with regards to Kyle and his schooling and his activities...

And I've come to two realizations...

Ok here goes...

Friday, March 7, 2014

I Need To Stop Using My Autistic Kid As A Science Experiment

(originally written & published on March 7, 2014)

This might be a somewhat controversial post, but goes...

Sometimes I have to stop treating my non-verbal ASD kid as a science experiment.

A couple of times a year I fall into the same trap.

It happened again this week. Kyle has been a bit rough this past week or so. Mostly it has to do with the breath holding....which in my mind seems to have gotten worse the past few's more manic...and when he's doing it in that manic way, he's just not there, not present at all.

At my mom's house for my birthday dinner on Tuesday Kyle was sitting at the table reading a book for the whole dinner.  If it wasn't for the breath holding we'd be thrilled!  But the whole time he's sitting there

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Recap: I Need a Pack of Cigs & I Don't Even Smoke...

Sun 7:18pm -- Wifey's upstairs watching what she likes to call "The Oscars Pregame". The king & I are downstairs watching some Dora.

I'm not proud of it, but I gave him his evening meds & mel a bit earlier tonight cuz I just couldn't take it anymore.

His manic breath holding with the sounds was just out of control today...and I need to not hear it he better go to sleep soon or I may need to go out for a pack of cigarettes soon...and I don't even smoke... :-)

On paper, the day was


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