Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One of the Perks of Autism: Kyle's Favorite Christmas Gifts

Tues 9:16pm --The king used to be OBSESSED with this globe. 

Then, like with most things, he lost interest. 

So wifey had taken it out of rotation for a long time. 

Today, while cleaning up a bit for our Christmas Eve dinner I stumbled across it and said "I wonder if Kyle would be into this again..."

Well he's been carrying it with him from room to room since about 6pm. 

Not playing with it appropriately, per se, but not destroying it either. 

He even wanted to bring it up to his room at bedtime tonight. 

He might've slept with it if I let him...but I put it on his dresser across the room from his bed. 

"this way you can see it as your drifting off to sleep and play with it as soon as you wake up in the morning"

Is this kid easy to shop for, or what?  


I've said it before and I'll say it again...

This is one of the few "perks" of autism in my mind. 

In fact in my old blog post about the "11 Benefits of Autism" I wrote 

BENEFIT #8I DON’T HAVE TO BUY THE LATEST TOY / VIDEO GAME…My kid isn’t superficial.  He doesn’t whine that he doesn’t have the latest Wii system.  He doesn’t sit on Santa’s lap at Christmas time with a laundry list of things he has to have.  He is extremely happy with the same books & toys he’s had for years.  He rips / destroys his copy of ”Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and he gets a new one as a gift from an old friend.   His toddler cash register gets lost and his Grandma buys him a new one.   In fact, the wife will rotate old toys in & out of his room and he is thrilled when an old favorite is brought back into the mix. (Toddler toys are still HUGE in my house.) 

So this year his two favorite Christmas toys so far are...a globe that's been sitting in his closet for 7 years.... and the box that the sesame Christmas outdoor ornaments came in. 

That's his second favorite. 


It's a good thing too cuz I don't think we bought him anything else. He might have nothing else to open from mom & dad on Christmas morning. 

I bought him a new mattress earlier this month. Does that count?  He seems to love it. 


Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I think a new mattress definitely counts. My son loves maps and right now anything soccer related - he's pretty easy to buy for except that when he is obsessed with something he's super picky and wants everything perfect

    1. Shower curtain MAP... bought it for my teenager.... great idea for you... and it's great to ponder over while sitting on the pot. Maybe someday... I'll get out of my house and be able to travel again. (nah....lol)....

  2. Awesome! My sons favorites are plushies. (Stuffed animals)
    3 years ago, a bunch of angry birds
    Last year, the mario characters
    This year, mine craft characters
    Enjoy, King!

  3. Cars, cars, and of course cars. That's it for my little guy.

  4. my grandson is getting kinetic sand and red beans for Christmas this year. His favorites !

  5. DVD's are the thing in this house this year.Along with his favorites that he gets every year. Wiggle snakes and Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story. :)

  6. My daughter is all about cars and crayons this year! Easy....and cheap Christmas for her this year! :)



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