Friday, June 6, 2014

VIDEO BLOG! The king eating dinner on a Friday evening....

Hey guys,

As I wrote yesterday (read) Kyle had a fever yesterday so we had to postpone his birthday and he missed school yesterday.

He didn't have a fever today, but we kept him home from school again.

I got home around 5:40pm and recorded this around 6:00pm.  A somewhat calm moment... but dont let this calm moment fool ya.  His majesty has us on our toes today.

Anyway check out the video to hear me babbling for 2 minutes...



  1. I admire your patience with Kyle. Many prayers sent the Kings way. I hope wifey is feeling better too. You guys are a great tag team.

  2. Exact same thing we are doing tonight watching Orange is New Black

  3. I have only followed your blog a short time but I have to say you seem like a wonderful father. My son is autistic and blind and I understand how frustrating it can get.

  4. days home and out of schedule are definitely rough, especially when they're not feeling good. <3 i have been so excited to see orange is the new black but hubby and i have been away until late at night both yesterday and today (today is hub's turn - he's working as a headliner in a double comedy show to benefit abused children). hopefully we can do some binge-watching tomorrow night! hope you all can get some rest and relaxation!



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