Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No Good News, But I've Got a Yummy Dinner Waiting For Me: A Wednesday Update

Wed 8:33pm -- I'm sitting in the

dark in the rocking chair in Kyle's bedroom. 

He just feel asleep, hopefully for the night...

Today was an even worse day at school than yesterday which was worse than Monday. 

Lots of hitting others. Plus wifey even got a call from the school psychologist today asking if there was any changes to Kyle's meds...or if we had any clue what brought this on...

He was pretty ok for the 2 hours I was with him this evening... It's funny, but all is right with the world when he's eating a bag of popcorn. 

We made him one at about 7:45pm because he didn't eat much for lunch or dinner...

I know, I know... then why are we rewarding him with popcorn?

Because I'm an enabler...and because I thought that if I didn't do it now he'd be up at 2am starving and wanting...a bag of popcorn. 

Anyway while eating the popcorn all is right with the world. 

No aggression, very little breath holding... If only they can develop a med that can bring on the benefits of a low grade fever and the benefits of popcorn consumption. 


Tomorrow morning should be interesting. We have to take Kyle to get some blood work done before school...

He usually handles that pretty well...but with the way he's been this week...all bets are off...

Anyway, he's asleep and wifey is summoning me that dinner is ready. 

She made pork loin and broccolini. 

And then she'll fall asleep on the couch by 9:30pm and I'll watch episode 2 of my new fav show, "Fargo"

Love it... But it's way to violent for wifey!

Goodnight all!



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