Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cute Video Of The King With A Fever… :-)

I posted this on my Autism Daddy Facebook this morning…


Tues 7:12am -- The king woke up about an hour ago with what feels to the touch to be a high fever 

(we don't even bother attempting to take his temperature anymore)

He also wet the bed which he hasn't done in a few months 

This can go one of two ways. This could be some weird 24 hour thing...or he'll be sick and out of school all week. 

But it kinda makes sense that he has a fever since he was doing a lot of great stuff cognitively the past few days...

And you know what they say about autistic kids and fevers, right?

Well if you don't then read this...



And then later this evening I put this pic up on Facebook of a text exchange between me & wifey…

And I wrote this on Facebook about that text exchange…


The king was home sick today with a fever and just general shmoopiness. 

With epilepsy fevers also sometimes mean extra seizure activity. 

So I wasn't surprised to get this text from wifey at 5:09pm. 

But he's fine... This cold (or whatever it is) isn't bugging me out like usual... cuz he hasn't really had a cold since November which is a great stretch for the king. 

He'll be sick for a few days, he'll sleep a lot, he'll probably have a few more seizures than usual, and most likely by the weekend or Monday at the latest he'll be back on track. 

That's the way I'm looking at it...


And y'all were concerned… I get it… Seizures can be a scary thing… and when a non-verbal kid has a fever it can mean any number of things…

So I just wanted to show you how the king is doing right now…

Check out this video of his majesty, post nap, post Tylenol in his system…

So that's what he's up to at 8:45pm.

He's doing fine  …He'll definitely be home from school again tomorrow…  Maybe even the rest of the week, who knows…

But all in all sometimes this kid makes being sick so easy breezy…

And the moral of the story…  when in doubt, make popcorn… Popcorn solves all problems and ailments in the AD household…  :-)

That's it…over and out…

Not much of a blog post, but I thought y'all would like that video… and I wanted to try it as a blog post this time to see how that works…




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  1. I love this video and am glad the king is feeling better. Also love your laid backness!

  2. Glad he is doing well, he sounds happy and content. I love how Paula waits for his popcorn leavings.
    I love your blog. So much great information and insight for us at the beginning of our ASD journey. Our little guy is 3 years old and non-verbal. Keep it up!

  3. i notice that when i'm sick...my asd kicks in overtime...much like Kyle's seizures. i usually just stay home and have the privacy to 'get it all out of my system'.

  4. My son doesn't get fevers - maybe now I know why. The article was fascinating, another look into the complexity of the brain.

    Glad the King is feeling better!

  5. I just found my way here, and have enjoyed reading. Cute video--I hope he keeps feeling better!

    It sometimes amazes me, the medical issues that we have just gotten used to.



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