Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video of Kyle showing off his new fine motor skills!

Here's a quick video from a tonight at 7:30pm of the king playing a game on his iPad.

What's AWESOME about this video is how he's rocking the pointing and the fine motor skills and I'm pretty sure he knows his left from his right.

These are all HUGE new accomplishments for his majesty. 

The name of the app is called "Toddler Marine Preschool"

Wifey thought he likes aquariums and he needs toddler apps so she found it by searching for "toddler aquarium"

Yay toddler apps!

Yay wifey!  Good job!

Yay Kyke!  Awesome job!!


That is all. The end. 

(boy his hands look big in that video!!  I couldn't tell a few times when it was my hand or his!)


  1. Gosh I was sat here willing him on to do them too. What a great job and achievement :-) x

  2. In the previous post, his point crops up. Maybe his brain got rejiggered somehow. That idea cropped up in a post about how good he was doing last spring There must be a brain region that handles fine motor skills.

  3. Dude... so I'm new here. And I hate for my first comment to be an a-holey snide remark about a typo. And it's really not. I just laughed my butt off about this. At the end of the post, you wrote "Yay Kyke!"



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