Saturday, February 1, 2014

3 random observations during a Sat lunch out...

Sat 12:25pm -- The king is currently in music therapy til 1pm. We just had lunch here downstairs before his class...

Some random observations from his lunch...

1) he for the first time ate a pretzel rod with Laughing Cow cheese on it. He likes both but never had them together. Two different textures. First he sucked the cheese off. Then he took a bite of pretzel with mushy cheese on it. Don't think he liked it. But he tried it!

2) why do I get so crazy sometimes?  I was following him around trying to get him to eat the last bite of banana. And I found myself getting stressed out. And then I thought "what am I doing? he ate enough for lunch already. let it go jerky...calm down" and I did and I ate the last bite of banana. 

3) it's amazing how much easier the after lunch cleanup is on mom & dad when there's no popcorn involved. Usually we're on our hands and knees here picking up popcorn kernels off the floor for 5 minutes. Today he had his popcorn in the minivan before we got here. And today's lunch consisted of pretzels, laughing cow cheese, chocolate pudding, and 7/8ths of a banana... EZ BREEZY CLEANUP!


  1. I'm afraid to comment.

  2. This gave me quite the laugh today. It's amazing how sometimes we as parents can focus or obsess over eating and forget to stop and think about the milestones - like eating two different textures or 7/8's of a banner.

  3. I love the way you talk, haha! My son (PDD-NOS) is SO picky too... Popcorn however is a big hit in our home. I can relate. The stuff gets EVERYWHERE!

  4. LOL! Every autism blog I have read today has been about food!
    Bizarre. My kid lives on rice crackers. Sometimes he eats real food too :P

  5. Popcorn solution....get a dog. Best vacuum cleaner ever! Our white Miniature Schnauzer is a HUGE fan of popcorn.



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