Saturday, September 21, 2013

Itinerary of a getting back to normal Saturday afternoon.

Sat 3:26pm -- Just got home from 5 hours of being out & about. Kyle's energy level is pretty much getting back to normal...

Here was our itinerary...

1) Diner for breakfast for me and wifey. Kyle barely ate, but was pretty good in the restaurant.

2) a quick trip to Costco to get one item. Wifey & Kyle waited in the car.

3) Saturday music therapy! 1st session of the fall. Kyle enjoyed it and me & wifey are just glad to have the Saturday routine back!

4) Radiologist appointment. The king had to have an ultrasound on his bladder & kidneys cuz he's had a small amount of blood in his urine the past few days. The dr's don't seem overly concerned. He's acting fine...but we've spent the past few days checking urine & blood and all has been fine. Look for a blog post talking more about this in the next day or two and file this under, "it never f&$king ends"...but he did GREAT at the appointment.

5) Supermarket shopping at Trader Joe's. He helped push the cart, he helped pick out the fruit, he helped pick out the bacon :) and he ate a half bag of veggie chips while shopping. And I had 2 samples of some new cheese with bacon in it!! OMFG!! A good trip to TJs

That was our 5+ hour outing. Now the king & I are sitting on the couch watching Jack's Big Music Show and wifey is taking a nap.

A nice mellow, getting back to normal Saturday afternoon.



  1. Just thought i d say how brillant your blog is AD! glad ur little big man is getting his mojo back,go kyle!!!!!!!!!!

  2. See..he only needed some TIME!So happy for you guys!

  3. I just started reading your blog. My son, age 4 was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am trying to learn all I can and your blog has been very helpful! :) thank you so much!



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