Monday, May 13, 2013

An Audio Blog From Autism Daddy — a recap of the king's bd weekend & more...

I'm trying something new. This is a long rambling audio blog post I recorded while driving home from work.

In it I recap my autistic son Kyle's birthday weekend.

Then I talk about our Mother's Day festivities.

I also look ahead at the EEG test Kyle has to get due to his seizures…

Let me know what you think…  :)

the king's 10th birthday pool party...

the party room all set up thanks to my wife's family waiting for 20+ kids to finish swimming  

the king's 3rd bd cake… on mom's day at our house...


  1. I liked it! The only thing that would make it better is if we could see that handsome face! :)

  2. I sort of like the audio format. Something different. Maybe it's because I am a stay at home autism mom so I can listen while I'm doing something else, or because I have very little adult interaction so another adult human voice is rare! Fantastic that his weekend went so well. Hopefully the next couple of days go better than anticipated and you get answers you need!

  3. Autism Daddy - you can save the long times YouTube takes to upload by dong a sound only version on :)

  4. Audio blog is good. So glad he had a good weekend!! Good luck today--I'll be thinking of all of you!

  5. Liked the audio blog. So glad he had a great weekend, and all went well. You will get through the testing. I hope you get some answers from the test. That will make it worth it. Yoga classes love it! Good job!

  6. I liked it too. Glad Kyle had a whole weekend of celebrations! You spoke clearly and that helped. Sometimes I prefer to read, because of the slang or poor pronunciation, but this was not the case. Tell King's mom I love yoga too. I try to teach some poses to my son, he remembers the ones with animal names because he's interested in animals... Vanessa

  7. i love this idea!! it sounds like he had an awesome weekend and that you have a great support system and that's what really matters. I love those weekends where you can just see your kid as a kid and enjoy him. Thinking of you guys today for the video EEG - those are a pain in the neck - one of those necessary evils. Do the video blog thing again it is a great way to get your thoughts across.

  8. Great job. So glad that Kyle seems happy it gives me hope. My son is just going through a time where he is miserable. We are taking him to the psychiatrist ope to get some answers. I pray everything works out with Kyle's test. Always happy to here from you.

  9. I liked it. It was a nice change. Love your voice! Sincerely,Karol Schmeelk

  10. I also have a son with autism....thanks for sharing such valuable information...



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