Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Sights & Sounds of Sunday 2:21am... :-)

Kyle woke up extremely happy at 2am this morning. This is what it sounded like as I tried to herd him back to his bed and back to sleep.



  1. I often notice you apologizing for sounding insensitive and wonder if you realize how sweet you actually do sound? You have an entire blog about your life as the father of a severely autistic child. It's refreshing to get that dose of reality every day. A lot of people assume it takes this wildly special kind of person to be a "special needs" parent. But honestly, I think while it definitely comes with more obstacles (and more surprising or odd obstacles at that) it's just us, being parents. And parents are people too. Kudos to you sir for being real about the whole things and sharing your story with us, you've been a big help on several occasions to us(Myself, my husband and both our ASD sons). Have an excellent weekend!

    Julie W.

  2. These are the sounds that at the moment we don't appreciate because we are so tired but once we get back into bed are was sure happy. I love that sound!



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