Thursday, April 4, 2013

Famous Sofas From Great TV Shows



The sofa forms an integral part of any home and a large part of everyday life. So, it’s not surprising that it also has a starring role on the small screen too. There are loads of great TV shows set around the hub of the home that is the sofa. After all, that’s where so much of the action and conversation happens.

To celebrate the celebrity sofa, we’ve come up with a list of some of the most recognisable small screen sofas. See how many of these you know and try and think of any we might have missed.


OK, so this is not technically in someone’s home but the sofa in the Central Perk coffee house is the setting for so much of the witty dialogue that made the show so famous. Friends is the show that defines the 90s and is so popular it still runs virtually on a loop on one or other of the digital channels. The salmon pink/burnt orange (depending on the colour settings on your TV) sofa acts as the centrepiece around which so much of the show is based.

The Simpsons

Not just any old sofa, this cartoon couch is even the scene of the legendary Simpsons intro gag. At the start of each episode the principal characters run in and clamber on to the couch, each time with a different pay off. Whether it’s switched anatomy, a cultural reference or a dash of the surreal, the couch gag is
always worth watching. The sofa is also Homer’s favourite place. Just make sure you don’t ruin his ‘ass groove’, he’s been working on that for years.


As Dr. Crane himself would tell you, it’s an exact recreation of the one that Coco Chanel had in her Paris apartment. The snooty doctor is very proud of his couch, and to be fair it is beautiful, but we can’t help enjoy it when he gets brought down a peg or two. Especially when Niles has to use it as a sofa bed dressed as a pirate (you’ll have to watch the episode to find out why).


The archetypal blue-collar family sitcom, who can forget the Connor’s sofa? So old and chintzy it had to be covered with an even older and chintzier crocheted blanket. The ghastly black throw, complete with coloured circular patterns was, however, spot on and a marvellous bit of set design.

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  2. let's not forget one of the newer "famous sofas" - Big Bang Theory's - with Sheldon's spot that is set in such a way he gets the right amount of heat or breeze or can engage in conversation and still watch TV. ;)

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