Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Quick Audio Clip of the King Laughing in the Dark at Bedtime...

Tues 9:23pm -- So as many of you know Kyle's been stuck in the house since Friday suffering from strep throat.  The wife's been feeling like crap all weekend too.  They're both feeling better today.  

When I got home from work I posted this on Facebook.

So at around 7:30pm I woke him up to give him his meds.

And of course that threw off the whole bedtime routine for his majesty.  He was still kinda tired, but he was a little loopy.  I let him stay up a little while longer and at around 8:45pm turned off the lights and tried to coax him to sleep.  

I recorded this at around 9pm.

It's audio of the king laughing hysterically, while holding his breath, while playing with his youknowwhat, while hitting me in the back once in awhile...

And after all of this I thought he'd be up for hours.  But he giggled himself to sleep by about 9:25pm.

That's it!

That's all he wrote...



  1. Is it bad I'm laughing along with him?

    When I am exhausted/not feeling well, I will giggle like a loon ... no apparent reason. Usually, I'm working/typing away, giggling like a loon. My emotions get cross-wired like that. Some people yawn. I giggle. I'm 30 going on 31 O.o

    I got into this habit of alternating between 24 hours up/20 hours of sleep, then 15 hours of sleep. Is it head trauma? Seizures? Autism? Or all the above? Laughing with him made me feel a little less depressed about sleeping until 5 PM. Thank you posting!

  2. Love his laughing makes me smile!

  3. Ah yes... I go through this with Elijah often. LOL

  4. Love this !! Josh gets to laughing and giggle and loud when he's trying to fight off sleep, he hates bedtime. It's infectious , I end up laughing too ! :)

  5. I love your patience! Isn't it awesome to hear him laughing, even if he's supposed to NOT be laughing. Any sounds my 4yo makes gives me smiles, even when they're at the wrong time.

  6. I think all of us parents can appreciate this! My son will laugh like this and get very silly, too. That is when I wish I could into his head and find out what is so funny. I WANT TO LAUGH, TOO!!!!☺
    ps-i love his little laugh...made me smile!!

  7. Kyles laugh sounds sooooo sweet.............My hubby has to lay with my son too. When I do, its both of us laughing. Lol.....

  8. Good Lord I'm glad this doesn't only happen at my house. Invariably my guy will wake up and do this - usually standing next to my bed. The last time it happened my husband and I were laying there in the dark listening to my son giggle maniacally and my husband's only response was "well, at least he isn't saying redrum too." So, I guess there's that.



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