Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why Autism Only Birthday Parties Are All Right With Me...

(originally written & published on April 22, 2012)

Yesterday we went to another autism birthday party. We have a nice group of autism kids (and nice moms & dads) that we've picked up over the years some from preschool, some from music therapy, some from swim therapy, etc and we all invite each other to all our ASD kids birthday parties.

One might be in their home, another in a play gym, yesterday's at the YWCA pool, etc, etc.

What's making me write this post is how comfortable we all are with each other. The kids are all different functioning levels, (of course my Kyle is the lowest). The moms hang out socially sometimes doing mommy lunches and mommy nights out, the dads not so much.

But when we get together for one of these birthday parties it's just so GREAT to be around people who are going what you're going through, who get it, who are keeping an eye

Friday, April 20, 2012

Reason #3 that we call my son "King Sh-t" :-)

Another example of why we call my son "King Sh-t" :-)

So the king wakes up at 3:15am. I quickly give him some more melatonin and put him back in bed.

But he keeps coming out of his room into our room. He needs mom or dad in the room for him to fall back asleep.

So I get up and climb in his bed. And he nudges/kicks me in the leg like "you're in my way old man".

So I just sit at the edge of his bed and then he kicks me in the back.

So I say "so what do you want? for dad to just stand in the middle of your room?"

Yep. He wants me to not be on his bed at all...but he wants me standing close enough so that he can grab my hand to rub his back.

After that his majesty was back asleep in less than 15 minutes.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Kid w/ Autism Had a Tantrum, Not a Meltdown! Awesome! :-)

(originally written & published on April 19, 2012)

This quick story comes courtesy of my wife, Autism Mommy.

After picking up Kyle from school yesterday she dragged him to this store called "Amazing Savings" to shop for favors for his birthday party.

Kyle knows this store well and the wife says he usually pretty well behaved there. Walks the store with her, doesnt need to be put in the cart.

And there's one aisle with real cheapie small toys that he knows and loves and the wife reported that the king plopped himself on the floor and started playing with a few, which for him mainly means putting them in his mouth.... but whatever...

The wife lets him spend 5 minutes plopped on the floor and then picks the one toy that he seems to be liking he best and let's him "carry" it around the store for the rest of their shopping trip.

This keeps him occupied and happy and the wife can browse a bit easier...still saying "no mouth" like every 30 seconds, but still more manageable than without the toy.

They finish their shopping and head to the checkout, Kyle still clutching his new toy. After ringing everything up my wife takes the toy away from the king and says "ok buddy this has to stay here. we're all done with this one."

And Kyle proceeds to plop himself down in the checkout aisle and starts quickly getting

Kyle is "Mr. Short Term Memory" with food... :-)

(originally written & published on April 19, 2012)

 As you know by now my son has had some major eating issues in the in he doesn't eat nearly enough and has a history of losing weight. 

He often acts like every day your introducing a new food to him for the first time. 

For example, he LOVES cheerios but just this morning he picked up ONE cheerio and treated it like it was the first time he ever saw one and put it oh so carefully into his mouth. 

Then after that first bite he dug in to the bag with both hands and was wolfing them down. 

He does that often with other foods that he LOVES. 

It always makes me think of this great recurring SNL sketch called Mr. Short Term Memory with Tom Hanks. 

See sketch below...

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm Different Than Other Autism Bloggers -I don't like reading/talking about autism that much

(originally written & published on April 18, 2012)

So this week marks the first anniversary of my Autism Daddy Facebook Page and last week I had the honor of being listed as one of the Top 30 Autism Blogs on  Because of this my page has been getting a lot of attention lately and I'm picking up new followers every day, 6300+ on my FB page and rising.  So I feel this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and tell you something that I've been meaning to write for a long time. 

Here it is...

I don't like reading things about autism that much.  And I don't like talking about autism all that much.  I think I am very different than most people with autism FB pages and blogs.  Nothing against them, but I feel different than most of the other pages & blogs I read.

First let's dive into the other autism Facebook pages.  Many of them are

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Aren't You Worried About The Long Term Effects of ___?" -- "No Not Really..."

(Originally written & published on April 17, 2012)

Aren't you worried about the long term effects?" 

I get asked that question often on my Autism Daddy Facebook Page & blog.  I hear it when I talk about the meds that Kyle is on.  I hear it when I talk about our use of melatonin.  I even hear it a little when I talk about Kyle eating microwave popcorn every day. 

"Aren't you worried about the long term effects?"

And when I really think about it my honest answer is..."no, not really".  I talk a lot on here about trying as much as possible to live in the moment, live in the here & now.  And I can somewhat control the here & now.  I can't really control the future. 

You've read HERE what a nice stretch my son Kyle has been in lately.  Besides his lack of appetite (and we fear he is losing weight again), he's really been AWESOME lately. 

And I give his new school a lot of the credit.  I give the wife a lot of the credit.  I'll even pat myself on the back a bit. 

But you know what I also give a lot of the credit too this time? 

Friday, April 13, 2012

"This Just In: Being Alive Linked To Autism" a followup & a plagiarization

Ok, so you've probably heard this week's version of things autism may be linked to.... 

And the internet is all abuzz about this.  Of course it makes some moms mad & makes other mom's feel guilty. 

But look at that picture above.  That's a google news search for the term "autism linked" and just in the past week or so, besides maternal obesity autism has also been linked to mom's diabetes, inherited gene mutations from the dads, both parents age & weight, superior processing skills, and... wait for it...  High Fructose Corn Syrup.

When I read these articles it makes me CRAZY and it makes me think of this awesome blog post that I read and posted a few times, but whenever I go to find it again it I find it impossible to find. 

So today I found it!  And I am going to completely plagarize this blog post so that I have it FOREVER and never lose it again because it's that good.  I'm still new to this blogging so if I'm breaking some blog code of ethics please let me know.  But I will give the original author lots of credits and links.

Here goes...

On a blog called The Biology Files an author named Emily (who also used to write an autism mom blog called A Life Less Ordinary) wrote an AMAZING Blog post called "This Just in:  Being alive linked to autism"

In it she lists all the things that have been linked to autism, old & new, along with some

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another example of why we call my son "King" which is short for "KingSh-t" :-)

So the king gets up at 5am today. I take the 5-6:30 shift and the wife takes the 6:30-8am shift.

While he's up with me I let him do what he wants. Sesame Street & popcorn? Sure, no problem.

At 6:30 the wife takes over and I try to go back to sleep. She turns off Sesame and puts on the Today Show for herself. And the whole time I'm upstairs I hear Kyle being extremely loud & verbally stimmy & hyper & stressed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A quick post about how good things are on my Autism Avenue right now...

I've written recently on my Autism Daddy Facebook Page that I didn't want to jinx anything. Kyle has been AMAZING behaviorally recently. Really happy, really related, following directions better, etc, etc, etc. The list of positive things could go on & on. All really small things that if you know Kyle you'd know how HUGE they are.

And I know this won't last forever. I've written blog posts about how my grass may be greener now, but how I always seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But I'll admit that we've been coasting pretty darn good these past few weeks and really been enjoying him.

And yesterday I was waiting at the pharmacy for a prescription to be filled and it was taking a little longer than I thought.  And then it dawned on me.  I'm not stressed right now.


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