Friday, April 20, 2012

Reason #3 that we call my son "King Sh-t" :-)

Another example of why we call my son "King Sh-t" :-)

So the king wakes up at 3:15am. I quickly give him some more melatonin and put him back in bed.

But he keeps coming out of his room into our room. He needs mom or dad in the room for him to fall back asleep.

So I get up and climb in his bed. And he nudges/kicks me in the leg like "you're in my way old man".

So I just sit at the edge of his bed and then he kicks me in the back.

So I say "so what do you want? for dad to just stand in the middle of your room?"

Yep. He wants me to not be on his bed at all...but he wants me standing close enough so that he can grab my hand to rub his back.

After that his majesty was back asleep in less than 15 minutes.


  1. awe... the little ones ~they sure can tug at your heart strings, can't they?!

    The way I see it is they are only young once and what a wonderful feeling for them to feel and know that they are safe and secure. Great story thanks for sharing.

  2. Ha! This sounds so much like my youngest. Ah, they're manipulative things sometimes, aren't they?



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