Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Letter / Prayer To The Almighty...Coffee

Dear Coffee,

I bow down to You. I sing Your praises. Hallelujah. I love You. I love the way You taste and the way You make me feel after a night of less than 4 hours of sleep thanks to Mr. Kyle. I can always depend on You.

I go thru phases where I try to leave You or cut back. But then I think, why? Why smite Coffee? Coffee's done nothing but love me. If my stomach sometimes hurts after Coffee that's my stomach's fault not Coffee's fault.

So from here on out I will praise You and bow down to You and realize that I can't live without You in my life.


Love always,

Autism Daddy

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  1. lol awesome jaja love it. i feel the same about coffee. Autism mom here. bless your family.

  2. Amen to that! I am a coffee adict have been for years. Yes i made the first step and admitted it lol. As you can tell, i totally agree and feel the same way.

  3. Lol! I feel the same! My favorite part is "If my stomach sometimes hurts after Coffee that's my stomach's fault not Coffee's fault."

  4. Reading this as I sit here drinking my Venti quad shot iced mocha. Are you also a gold member? This mornings java was on Starbucks!

  5. I wouldn't make it without coffee! No really...I wouldn't.

  6. The ONLY thing that gets between me and MY coffee is my boys lol.

  7. I too have had tried to leave coffee and recently decided that we are simply meant to be together, sour stomach be damned!

  8. I feel exactly same, specially this morning after 2 hrs sleep, thanks for my "Prince";-)

  9. Can I get an "Amen". Now pass the sugar and milk!



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