Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'll Never Doubt The Wife Again... :-)

I'll never doubt my wife again.... 

Kyle is STILL not in a school. (This is a LONG story that maybe I'll tell you about when the dust settles). 

Anyway we had 2 school tours today. 

And this morning as we are getting dressed the wife said "put him in the new light blue shirt. That brings out the blue in his eyes. And put his blue Converse sneakers on, people LOVE a little kid in Converse."

 Now I think she's out of her mind and it takes FOREVER to put those Converse on him. 

But her theory is if the teachers think your kid is cute they may overlook his behaviors.  All things being equal "being cute goes a long way in this world..."

So anyway we toured the two schools and wouldn't you know it at least 5 people commented on how he's got big beautiful blue eyes and 4 people said "love your Converse. You are the coolest."

I will never doubt the wife again...
(when it comes to fashion :-)

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