Monday, August 1, 2011

50 Things Overheard At My Autism Household On A Typical Weekend :-)

(originally written & published on August 1, 2011)

50 things the wife and I say to each other on a typical weekend...

We are parents of an 8 year old boy (only child) with severe / classic non-verbal autism, add & adhd...

"he's up"
"what time is it?"
"where is he?"
"he's in the bathroom"
"I got him"
"he's in the kitchen"
"did he eat breakfast?"
"is he with you?"
"block off the dining room"
"he's playing with the lamp"
"turn off the lamp"
"where are his socks?"
"he's in the office"
"he's with me"
"he's heading upstairs"
"he's heading downstairs"
"he's heading your way"
"you got him?"
"he climbed over the gate"
"did you give him his pills?"

"when was the last time you took him to the potty?"
"I think he's wet"
"are we out of pull-ups?"
"he wants to go upstairs"
"he wants to go downstairs"
"it's my turn to nap"
"he wants to go out"
"I'm brining him in the backyard"
"I gave him his pills"
"did he have lunch?"
"how many nuggets should i make?"
"where are his sneakers?"
"any idea where the remote is?"
"he wants to watch tv"
"I think he's hungry"
"he wants popcorn"
"he wants cheerios"
"did he poop today?"
"I think his stomach might be bothering him"
"what were his poops like?"
"should he get a senokot tonight?"
"maybe I'll give him a suppository"
"is it melatonin time?"
"I'm brining him upstairs"
"he's finally asleep"
"did you eat dinner yet?"
"what's in the dvr for us to watch?"
"love you"

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  1. this is my house too!!!!

  2. Yep!! That sounds about par for the course!

  3. Well said. In fact the last 3 comments drove out a tear. I'm so glad were not alone.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. yup... deff NOT alone... same here.. specially the melatonin part :-p Is it me or is anyone else totally crushing on Autism Daddy??? do you have a brother??? lol :-p

  5. Wow. Yep, very familiar even though my son is 18 now. Two major differences I noticed. On how many chicken nuggets, anyone who lived in our house or had ever BEEN in our house KNOWS that there have to be five. Five of everything. Five nuggets, five waves goodbye, five steps to the sofa, five sips of milk - it is all five. The other thing was sneakers. I think my son was probably about the age of yours before he would wear shoes. He would wear cloth booties with non skid soles and snow boots. Period. When the school complained, I invited them to come shoe him in the morning. Love the memories. Thank you for that, and the good news is that a lot of this will get way better before it kills you, which was generally my biggest question. Hugs to you and your bride. Hold hands. Stick together.

  6. DITTO! You speak our language! :)

  7. couldn't have said it better

  8. Somehow you make it sound 'ALL FUN'! Congrats!

  9. There are several of these phrases that are repeated in my house!

  10. :) Sounds somewhat like my house. :)

  11. You could move, "is it melatonin time" up on the list...a bit higher:)



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